Escape Game: “Old Promise”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Old Promise”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Empty

    Gotmail forum someone said 9 8 3 10, is code for puzzle on wall. It doesn’t work. Anyone figured it out yet?

  2. anna

    I believe its 9 3 8 10. Im stuck on the russian doll order now.

  3. kuafong

    What mean of the arrow that show on screen when I open the projector.

  4. gayles

    I have found the Matroyska dolls but don’t know what to do with them. Any help would be very welcome

  5. Brandy Terrio

    This is what I got so far…

    Click on the right side of steps to see a symbol and letter reference. Another is on the wall under the blue curtain, and right handing pot underneath. In behind the table left white bean bag chair has another. Look at the wall to see a chart for the puzzle below. I couldn’t find the other clue but by process of elimination and knowing how to spell the clue go as follows heart=9 diamond=3 spade=8 and club=10. Open and you get a screwdriver. Use this on the right hand side table drawer where you will pick a camera. Look under red beanbag chair and find a red coin.

    Open up glass doors on cupboard and click on red book with color clues for doll buttons. Lift table cloth on table beside doll and see two hearts and a hole. Place red coin in hole open drawer and get a battery and another clue to help with doll buttons.

    Change the doll button colors until she drops a yellow coin beside her. Color code is green, blue, red.

    Place yellow coin in the machine behind table and receive a memory card. Combine memory card battery in camera and look at the pictures. U will see a pic of the projector and pic of the door from the first room on the right. Go to the door with all the yellow dots and press the buttons according to the clue from the camera.

    Top row press 2,3,5,8 and bottom row press 1,4,6,7,9 the door will unlock. Enter room and get packing tape in box to the left on the shelf by the phone. Click on cactus and get a needle from it. There is another box in here to unlock but I am still working on it.

    Leave room and head to the clock and use the cactus piece to activate the clock and see the colors and numbers light up. Use tape to secure latch on orange machine. Click above it and remove the glass to get on doll and the rest will show up. Click on yellow doll to get blue coin. Insert blue coin and pick it back up out if small door on the right. Back up and click on the front if the cupboard to reveal a box that is locked.

    Use the dolls in the correct order to open the box. Color are as follows…. Yellow, blue, pink, green,Lt blue. U will receive a remote. That’s as far as I got for now I will post more later once I finish.

  6. Brandy Terrio

    Alright I have finished and will continue the rest of my walk through. Use the remote on the left drawer on table with barcode and get a ring. Use remote on projector door to this rn it on.

    Go to screen and see clue for top safe box in last room. Go to glass cabinet and wee clue for Nestler dolls click on the page to turn it over and see the clue mirror plus one. This is your clue for the arrows on that safe. Go to safe and hit buttons as follows…top, left, top, bottom, right, left, bottom, top, and left. It gives you a doll and a clue to the safe below it. Although u won’t see the other symbol clue u can basically figure it out the code is 6,5,2. You get a doll.

    Back to first room enter side door and click on safe to the bottom left. Click on ring and press button to light it up. Use the light on the bottom left side of the safe o. The shelf record clue then on safe enter 6 on the left and 7 on the right. U will receive a telephone card.

    Put card in phone and remove it again. Look at the card u will see 4 letters and at the end of each line is a number equal to the number of dots. Got to keypad and find four letters that if drawn in the same way would have the same number of dots as on the card. The side is SEAL. Open hatch and get mistletoe.

    Go to music box on green cabinet place both dolls and mistletoe on music box and the bottom doors will unlock. Click on red button. Also click on the bottom left front corner to remove bottom of cupboard and get a green coin. The window opened in last room. For bad ending exit through the window.

    Good ending put coins in bottom cupboard in last room and get a key. Look in the room with the projector screen its gone and a door sits in its place. Use the key to open the door. Read the letter on the chair then pick up a pen and drawn a picture on the letter then exit through the windows in the last room.

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