The Great Fusion: Walkthrough

The Great Fusion
By: Loading Home

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1. Open the drawer and take the piece of gum.

2. Use your mobile phone to make a call. Your friend will tell you to meet him in a bar. Pick up your mobile phone to add it to your inventory.

3. Leave your apartment. Talk to Gladys. She won’t let you leave the building without paying your rent first.

4. Take a business card from the desk.

5. Open your inventory (slide the white tab on the left to the right) and drag the business card to your phone to add Gladys’ phone number to it.

6. Go back to your apartment and call Gladys. Tell her she won a prize for being a horrible landlord. Then choose pizza as the prize. She’ll leave to pick it up, so you can exit the building.

7. Leave your apartment. Take the mop, then exit the building.

8. Walk past the policeman and continue on to the next screen. Enter the bar.

9. Talk to your Mate. He tells you he found a rewritable CD and you agree to meet back at your place to check it out.

10. Talk to the Barkeeper. You owe him money. He’ll take you to the kitchen so you can wash dishes to pay off part of your debt.

11. Take the rat.

12. Take the pot from the stove.

13. Open the fridge and take the cheese.

14. Open the “cupboard” below the sink. Take the soap and a teabag.

15. You need a stopper for the sink. Leave the kitchen. The Barkeep doesn’t know where it is. Talk to the guy with the laptop and convince him to let you take an olive. Take one and go back to the kitchen.

16. Use the olive as a cork to plug up the sink. Then turn on the tap to fill the sink. Add soap.

17. Put the cheese on the dishes. Wash the rat in the sink, then put the rat on the dishes to clean them.

18. Exit through the back door (to the left of the fridge).

19. Use the mop to get the cable that’s hanging next to the door.

20. Talk to your mate. After the cutscenes, you’ll be back in front of your apartment building.

21. Go back to the bar and past it to the right. Enter the next screen. Keep going, until you find yourself by a dock. Pick up the rubber gloves.


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whats after step 20?


did you find out yet??????


Do you know how to get a costume for the bank job
I gave 1 to my accomplice but can’t get a second disguise
I I think i have to change the pot but don’t know how


give the pot to the man working in subway, he’ll make two hole in it.


Where do I find the rubber nose?


U need fish bowl and permanent marker and fake nose and glue. Combine first the glue and fish bowl then add the fake nose to the fish bowl with glue and then add the marker to it


Please upload the last sections, I don’t know how to make that guy poo! Explosive grog doesn’t work?!


Give camera to repairman at subway then ask him to make holes in pot.


Where can I find a costume for Bill? I just found a fake nose and glue.
Thanks in advance!


Where is the glue?


In one of the boxes between the stands in the black market.


Where did u find the fake nose?


Cheers Peter good man


Zoe, fishbowl from the pet stall then combine with marker and fake nose. Anyone got off the beach yet? I’m well stuck!


i can’t get the fishbowl, the guy stopped me every time, even when he was turned around and looking at the computer. is there any way i can cut his electricity?


get a cup of water from the office and tip it on the electricity point!


how do u distract him sobu can pour the water on the socket


Just ask for something really exotic.. (I can’t remember what it was, some mythical creature), and he’ll have to go search for it. Then you can grab the fish bowl.


how will i get weapons?


You’re really a life-saver! Thank you!


No worries, perhaps you can return the favour when/if you get past the next level!


How do I gate another costume for myself with the pot?


Sorry it’s get not gate


Go talk to Johnny or whoever the big guy in the bar is after you give the dude at the black market the fish bowl used with the glue, marker, and mask. Make sure you have the robot arm and that the mechanic at the subway has already cut holes in the metal pot. Boom, you’re at the bank.


Ho do I get the id? I’m stuck!


Amy, do you mean the one in sewer? You need a photo, a broom, a cable and a hook. First go to the subway and talk to the mechanic for his jimmy, then go to the bar and talk to the barman, he will ask you for a decoder in exchange for a sandwich. Talk to Johnny and he will give you alcohol, use it to bribe the detective in front of your apartment, then get the decoder from junk and go back to the bar to install it in the telly. If you do not have the tea bag,… Read more »


What 3 items do i combine? The stick hook and wire right? Then what do i do with it? And what do i do with the gum?! So confused


i cnt find sewer guy who is he …i have collected all items for id


Sewer in front of the bar. The circle shape on the street


Alright…stuck on the beach area. Have the projectionist a drink and cleared out the crowd, but am clueless now. Help?


Audi, Been stuck on the same bit all night!


How to get on the beach? So confusing!!


Also stuck on the beach after clearing the line up in cinema. On another site I’ve read that you ll have to give larry the flowers and a poem to seduce the waitress and get a job as a waiter. But i can’t find the poem.


Apparently you have to drink the cocktail and complain to the waitress then talk to woody about a job and you’ll get an option to talk about the waitress, but all I’m getting is the option to say “Thanks for the advice, but I’ve got different priorities right now” ?!


what to do after bank job I am stuck help me 🙁


Sell a kidney at the market and you’ll get a disc, go back to your apartment to check it, then give it to the pirate at the dock


not able to clear the crowd :/ 2 persons are still there in queue and woody is not talking about waitress :/


@Rob tnx. After complaint at the waitress i went to woody and got the poem from him. Then i gave the poem to Larry.


Now after speaking with the coctail owner got the job as a waitress. Then I spoke with George and told him im working at the bar. Then got card en ordered grog coctail with plum. Then you’ll go to the cinema and order popcorn with butter. Pay with card. Go to suicide man and use Popcorn with butter on rail. Just below the suicide man. You get laxing pills of dog. Now combine pills with coctail and give this to poo artist.


I still can’t get woody to talk about the waitress, think there’s a problem with my game. Are you on android Peter?


I cant get the poema:(


@ rob Android. Today i updated the game. Perhaps that will help.
I just finished the game.


What I do before rob the bank?


Yeah there was a problem with the game, just updated and now it’s sorted. Cheers Peter


Does anyone know what to do after removing a part of the line up? In can’t figure out how to get the other 2 away… Thx


What you have to do after you use the gift of the artist in the line of the theater?


@ rob Great! Good luck with ending the game.


Hi guys does anyone know how to clear the last
2 in the cinema line