The Great Fusion: Walkthrough

The Great Fusion
By: Loading Home



1. Open the drawer and take the piece of gum.

2. Use your mobile phone to make a call. Your friend will tell you to meet him in a bar. Pick up your mobile phone to add it to your inventory.

3. Leave your apartment. Talk to Gladys. She won’t let you leave the building without paying your rent first.

4. Take a business card from the desk.

5. Open your inventory (slide the white tab on the left to the right) and drag the business card to your phone to add Gladys’ phone number to it.

6. Go back to your apartment and call Gladys. Tell her she won a prize for being a horrible landlord. Then choose pizza as the prize. She’ll leave to pick it up, so you can exit the building.

7. Leave your apartment. Take the mop, then exit the building.

8. Walk past the policeman and continue on to the next screen. Enter the bar.

9. Talk to your Mate. He tells you he found a rewritable CD and you agree to meet back at your place to check it out.

10. Talk to the Barkeeper. You owe him money. He’ll take you to the kitchen so you can wash dishes to pay off part of your debt.

11. Take the rat.

12. Take the pot from the stove.

13. Open the fridge and take the cheese.

14. Open the “cupboard” below the sink. Take the soap and a teabag.

15. You need a stopper for the sink. Leave the kitchen. The Barkeep doesn’t know where it is. Talk to the guy with the laptop and convince him to let you take an olive. Take one and go back to the kitchen.

16. Use the olive as a cork to plug up the sink. Then turn on the tap to fill the sink. Add soap.

17. Put the cheese on the dishes. Wash the rat in the sink, then put the rat on the dishes to clean them.

18. Exit through the back door (to the left of the fridge).

19. Use the mop to get the cable that’s hanging next to the door.

20. Talk to your mate. After the cutscenes, you’ll be back in front of your apartment building.

21. Go back to the bar and past it to the right. Enter the next screen. Keep going, until you find yourself by a dock. Pick up the rubber gloves.


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311 thoughts on “The Great Fusion: Walkthrough

  1. beni

    I give to CD who was fat person
    Now I’m in a strange place.
    He does not go by with guns because of the security guard.
    I’m stuck.
    Please help me

  2. CQ

    I still cannot get the fishbowl.. He left but when I grab it he tells me I can only look??? How the hell do I get it? Oh and I’ve already cut the power btw

  3. kavin

    Guys please help me. i have the pit with holes, fish with fake nose, but whenever i give it to billy he says its not enough. what to do?

    1. CQ

      Get glue buy the butcher in boxes combine the glue & bowl put the nose on then draw on it with the marker.

  4. Charmaine

    Please help me How can I go to the gangster room in the sewer I need a camera in the car but how can I get it? please help me …

  5. Charmaine

    PLease help me.. Im super stucked in how can I used the ID for me to passed in the sewer guard. PLease anyone care to help me??

  6. kavin

    Thanks a ton cq. But now I am stuck on the beach. I made a wrong cocktail and the waiter won’t give me another one.i trieddrinking it but it says that it’s too strong. What to do guys?

  7. kavin

    Kh89 first drink the cocktail from the waitress,then go and complain to her. Then go to the movie director and ask for job. Hell give you the poem. Give flowers and poem to larry. Then speak to waiter about the job.

  8. christ

    i gave the wrong cocktail. grog plum mixed with laxative pills, i gave it to the takashi guy in cinema, now i cant get turd from the poo artist. is anyone knows how to fix it??

  9. Bruce A. Jones

    Great game…!!!
    Just finished it…!!!
    I wish it had been longer… any chance of a sequel…???

  10. Cakejuuuh_x

    Hi, can someone help me please? Im stuck at starting to work. How do i make a cocktail and where do i get the pills to put in the cocktail? Because there’s no option to start working. Can someone help? :s

    1. Goathead

      Im stuck in the office. Ive talked to the boss and checked my computer, but am totally lost as what to do next.

      1. Goathead

        Got past that, how do i get the robot arm. I knocked him over but all i can do is look at him or “not” talk to him.

    1. Goathead

      Talk to the guard and tell him theres a person demanding rights or something like that. Then quickly take the authorization card from the executive. Then give it to the guard. If you find the laxatives please tell me where you got them.

  11. Goathead

    Alright, ive done my best to make a complete guide so here we go

    Act One: Intro

    1. Answer your mobile on the desk, take your mobile. Open the drawer of the desk and take the gum.
    2. Inspect the rubbish bin(garbage), take the subway ticket and leave your room.
    3. Take the business card off the table and combine it in your inventory. Then re enter your room and call the landlady/lord.
    4. Select the option where they’ve won being the worst landlord, then select the pizza option.
    5. Leave your room and take the mop, then leave the building.

    Act 2: Your Mate and his Game

    6. Transition screen in the top right, go right a screen then up one. Take the rubber gloves next to the pirate then go back two screens.
    7. Enter the bar.
    8. Talk to your mate, then the bartender.
    9. Take the rat, open the fridge and take the cheese, take the pot, open cupboard and take the tea and the soap.
    10. Exit the kitchen into the main bar area and inspect the plate of olives. Talk to the focused guy and ask for an olive, keep asking till he caves, then take an olive and return to the kitchen.
    11. Plug the sink with the olive and turn on the tap. Combine the soap with the water then the rat. Combine the cheese with the dirty dishes then the clean rat.
    12. Exit the kitchen via the back door, combine the rubber gloves and the cable on your right, then combine the mop and cable.
    13. Talk to Catalina.
    14. Go to the Underground(subway), combine ticket with the terminal.
    15. Take the marker off your desk and check your computer.
    16. Take a cup and use it with the coffee machine, comhine tea with the machine and take a new cup and use it with the machine. Finally take one more cup and get some water.
    17. Transition to the next screen, and take the scissors, then give Bill your coffee(not nessecary, just getting rid of it). Talk to kate and ask for help and then ask if she’s enjoying it.
    18. Enter the boss’s office, and talk to him
    19. Return to your computer and check your assbook.

    Act 3: Oh S#!t!

    20. Talk to your boss and then talk to kate and tell her how crazy he is. Then bring the report to your boss and take his wallet while he is distracted.
    21. Use the wallet in your invetory then exit via the lift, then use VIP tube ticket with the terminal.
    22. Go home and talk to the detective.
    23. Go back to the dock and buy the hook from the salesman using the monopoly money then combine it with your mop/cable.
    24. Go to the bar and talk to Johnny and tell him about the no dropoff point, then grab the bottle of tequila off the bar.
    25. Go home and use the tequila on the detective, and enter your room then leave the building.
    26. Go to The Underground and inspect the toolbox then talk to the mechanic about his jimmy.
    27. Go to the bar and ask the bartender about food. Go to the back alley and talk to Catalina.
    28. Go home and inspect the Junk in your room, go to work and then the boss’s office and inspect his books, and take the physics book.
    29. Use the RST (what you just grabbed from the junk) and use it on the television in the bar, grab your sandwich from the bartender. Then give Catalina her book.
    30. Go to the sewer (in front of the bar) and use the improvised fishing rod on the sleeping guard and grab the gangster ID.
    31. Return to The Underground and give the sandwich to the mechanic, take the jimmy from his toolbox and return to Your Street via the stairs.
    32. Use the jimmy on the car and tell the cop you’ll split the profit.
    33. Go to work and give Bill your tea, then the camera. Use the scissors on the self portrait then the gum, finally use that on the ID.
    34. Go back to The Underground and ask the mechanic about the sandwhich, gihe him the camera then the pot.
    35. Return to the sewer and use the fake ID with the guard.
    36. Inspect the sofa cushion and take the nose off the sofa arm ( if it’s not there it will be after the next scene) and use the key with the locked door amd talk to your mate.

    Act 4: What a Prick!

    37. Go to the bar and talk to Johnny, tell him about your mate and robbing a bank
    38. Go to the black market via the tube(subway), talk to the pet salesman and ask to buy a pet then a griffin, quickly use the water on the dangerous socket to the right of the stall. Repeat the process, when he leaves take the fishbowl.
    39. Inspect the box in between the body seller stall and the stall on the right, take the glue then transition screens on the right.
    40. Push the box in front of the armoury two times then push the robot, take his broken arm (not part of the robot anymore).
    41. Use the marker and glue on the fishbowl then the fake nose, now talk to billy.
    42. Return to the bar and talk to Johnny.
    43. Rob the bank…. then exit
    44. Return to the Body Seller in the black market and select on second thought option.
    45. Go home and test the game on your computer.

    1. Goathead

      46. Take the game to the pirate at the dock

      Act 5: How!?!? It doesn’t make sense!

      47. Tell the guard about the citizen, quickly take the authorization card from the dead executive, then transition to the, you guessed it! THE RIGHT!
      48. Get a cocktail from the waitress and use it! your inventory (select it then the gears), tell her how awful it was. Grab another cocktail.
      49. Go to the city then the cinema.
      50. Go to the projectionist’s room via the stairs, give Takeshi the cocktail.
      51. Return downstairs and grab the flowers from the counter, then talk to Woody, ask for advice then comment on the waitress.
      52. Return to the beach and give Larry the flowers and poem.
      53. Inspect the sign on the counter and apply for a job from the bar man.
      54. Talk to George and comment on his drink, then ask if he’d like for you to get him another then explain that you work there.
      55. Order a grog with plum from the bar man using the card.
      *I have not attempted giving any drinks to George but if there’s a correct combination for his cocktail id like to know.
      56. Return to the cinema and order popcorn with extra butter paying with the card.
      57. Leave and enter the area with the pantless man and the lady. Use the popcorn on the railing and push the guy off.
      58. Combine the laxatives and the cocktail.
      59. Go to the museum and turn off the music, talk to the artist, and eventually ask about the lack of smell. Give him the cocktail.
      60. Present your piece of art to the cinema crowd, inspect the screens to your left then talk to the wizard and archer. Then enter the door and go right.

      Act 6: Conclusion?

      Thats it. Thanks all Previous posters this wouldnt have happened without you.

      I see people didnt like the end, i for one enjoyed it.

  12. Clare

    Where do u get more tea if you already gave it to bill before you knew you needed him to take your picture? Do I have to start all over?


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