The Great Fusion: Walkthrough

The Great Fusion
By: Loading Home

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1. Open the drawer and take the piece of gum.

2. Use your mobile phone to make a call. Your friend will tell you to meet him in a bar. Pick up your mobile phone to add it to your inventory.

3. Leave your apartment. Talk to Gladys. She won’t let you leave the building without paying your rent first.

4. Take a business card from the desk.

5. Open your inventory (slide the white tab on the left to the right) and drag the business card to your phone to add Gladys’ phone number to it.

6. Go back to your apartment and call Gladys. Tell her she won a prize for being a horrible landlord. Then choose pizza as the prize. She’ll leave to pick it up, so you can exit the building.

7. Leave your apartment. Take the mop, then exit the building.

8. Walk past the policeman and continue on to the next screen. Enter the bar.

9. Talk to your Mate. He tells you he found a rewritable CD and you agree to meet back at your place to check it out.

10. Talk to the Barkeeper. You owe him money. He’ll take you to the kitchen so you can wash dishes to pay off part of your debt.

11. Take the rat.

12. Take the pot from the stove.

13. Open the fridge and take the cheese.

14. Open the “cupboard” below the sink. Take the soap and a teabag.

15. You need a stopper for the sink. Leave the kitchen. The Barkeep doesn’t know where it is. Talk to the guy with the laptop and convince him to let you take an olive. Take one and go back to the kitchen.

16. Use the olive as a cork to plug up the sink. Then turn on the tap to fill the sink. Add soap.

17. Put the cheese on the dishes. Wash the rat in the sink, then put the rat on the dishes to clean them.

18. Exit through the back door (to the left of the fridge).

19. Use the mop to get the cable that’s hanging next to the door.

20. Talk to your mate. After the cutscenes, you’ll be back in front of your apartment building.

21. Go back to the bar and past it to the right. Enter the next screen. Keep going, until you find yourself by a dock. Pick up the rubber gloves.


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  1. G

    whats after step 20?

    1. ahmed

      did you find out yet??????

  2. Peetah

    Do you know how to get a costume for the bank job
    I gave 1 to my accomplice but can’t get a second disguise
    I I think i have to change the pot but don’t know how

    1. kristof

      give the pot to the man working in subway, he’ll make two hole in it.

      1. bc

        Where do I find the rubber nose?

    2. Muffin

      U need fish bowl and permanent marker and fake nose and glue. Combine first the glue and fish bowl then add the fake nose to the fish bowl with glue and then add the marker to it

  3. Kyle

    Please upload the last sections, I don’t know how to make that guy poo! Explosive grog doesn’t work?!

  4. Peter

    Give camera to repairman at subway then ask him to make holes in pot.

  5. Zoe

    Where can I find a costume for Bill? I just found a fake nose and glue.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Donrosalino

      Where is the glue?

      1. bubba

        In one of the boxes between the stands in the black market.

    2. bc

      Where did u find the fake nose?

  6. Peetah

    Cheers Peter good man

  7. Rob

    Zoe, fishbowl from the pet stall then combine with marker and fake nose. Anyone got off the beach yet? I’m well stuck!

  8. Zoe

    i can’t get the fishbowl, the guy stopped me every time, even when he was turned around and looking at the computer. is there any way i can cut his electricity?

    1. Rob

      get a cup of water from the office and tip it on the electricity point!

      1. Jose

        how do u distract him sobu can pour the water on the socket

        1. Jdub333

          Just ask for something really exotic.. (I can’t remember what it was, some mythical creature), and he’ll have to go search for it. Then you can grab the fish bowl.

          1. dreaaaa

            how will i get weapons?

  9. Zoe

    You’re really a life-saver! Thank you!

    1. Rob

      No worries, perhaps you can return the favour when/if you get past the next level!

      1. Julie

        How do I gate another costume for myself with the pot?

        1. Julie

          Sorry it’s get not gate

  10. Audi

    Go talk to Johnny or whoever the big guy in the bar is after you give the dude at the black market the fish bowl used with the glue, marker, and mask. Make sure you have the robot arm and that the mechanic at the subway has already cut holes in the metal pot. Boom, you’re at the bank.

  11. Amy

    Ho do I get the id? I’m stuck!

  12. Zoe

    Amy, do you mean the one in sewer? You need a photo, a broom, a cable and a hook.

    First go to the subway and talk to the mechanic for his jimmy, then go to the bar and talk to the barman, he will ask you for a decoder in exchange for a sandwich. Talk to Johnny and he will give you alcohol, use it to bribe the detective in front of your apartment, then get the decoder from junk and go back to the bar to install it in the telly. If you do not have the tea bag, get one from the kitchen. After getting the sandwich, go to the subway and give it to the mechanic. Take the jimmy to break in the car in front of the police station, you will get a camera, then go to the office and make tea with the coffee machine. Use the camera on Bill, then give him tea and the camera again. Cut the photo with the scissor next to Bill.

    The broom is right outside your apartment, and you can buy a hook with the money you get from boss’s wallet in the dock. Get the plastic gloves in the dock and take the cable next to the back door of the bar. Combine three of them and throw it on the guard. Stick your photo with the chewing gum on the ID, done!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sorry all, I haven’t had the chance to continue playing yet. But if anyone wants to continue the walkthrough until I have time to do it, I’ll post it.

      1. Alex

        Did you manage to make the other 2 people from the queue move?
        Cant see what am missing?

        Help please!

      2. Clare

        Can u get the walkthrough completed pls?! It’s been ages now since u began the walkthrough but haven’t finished it. I desperately need help n this appears to be the only real walkthrough for this game.

    2. donnie

      What 3 items do i combine? The stick hook and wire right? Then what do i do with it? And what do i do with the gum?! So confused

    3. himanshu

      i cnt find sewer guy who is he …i have collected all items for id

      1. bix75

        Sewer in front of the bar. The circle shape on the street

  13. Audi

    Alright…stuck on the beach area. Have the projectionist a drink and cleared out the crowd, but am clueless now. Help?

  14. Rob

    Audi, Been stuck on the same bit all night!

    1. Julie

      How to get on the beach? So confusing!!

  15. Peter

    Also stuck on the beach after clearing the line up in cinema. On another site I’ve read that you ll have to give larry the flowers and a poem to seduce the waitress and get a job as a waiter. But i can’t find the poem.

  16. Rob

    Apparently you have to drink the cocktail and complain to the waitress then talk to woody about a job and you’ll get an option to talk about the waitress, but all I’m getting is the option to say “Thanks for the advice, but I’ve got different priorities right now” ?!

    1. Aakash

      what to do after bank job I am stuck help me 🙁

      1. Rob

        Sell a kidney at the market and you’ll get a disc, go back to your apartment to check it, then give it to the pirate at the dock

        1. Aakash

          not able to clear the crowd :/ 2 persons are still there in queue and woody is not talking about waitress :/

  17. Peter

    @Rob tnx. After complaint at the waitress i went to woody and got the poem from him. Then i gave the poem to Larry.

  18. Peter

    Now after speaking with the coctail owner got the job as a waitress. Then I spoke with George and told him im working at the bar. Then got card en ordered grog coctail with plum. Then you’ll go to the cinema and order popcorn with butter. Pay with card. Go to suicide man and use Popcorn with butter on rail. Just below the suicide man. You get laxing pills of dog. Now combine pills with coctail and give this to poo artist.

  19. Rob

    I still can’t get woody to talk about the waitress, think there’s a problem with my game. Are you on android Peter?

    1. Nao

      I cant get the poema:(

  20. Peter

    @ rob Android. Today i updated the game. Perhaps that will help.
    I just finished the game.

    1. James

      What I do before rob the bank?

  21. Rob

    Yeah there was a problem with the game, just updated and now it’s sorted. Cheers Peter

  22. Timo

    Does anyone know what to do after removing a part of the line up? In can’t figure out how to get the other 2 away… Thx

  23. Tony

    What you have to do after you use the gift of the artist in the line of the theater?

  24. Peter

    @ rob Great! Good luck with ending the game.

  25. Peetah

    Hi guys does anyone know how to clear the last
    2 in the cinema line

  26. Peetah

    Hi guys does anyone know how to get rid of the last
    2 in the cinema line

  27. Rob

    Cheers Peter, finished it now.

    Peetah, show them the turd!

    1. raff

      hi rob,
      how do you get the turd? im also stuck on the beach.

      1. Rob

        Just drink the cocktail kiki

      2. Rob

        Leon, there’s a ticket in your bedroom at the start. Have you tried looking in the bin?

  28. Peetah

    I showed the turd but 2 wizards won’t leave and do I have to give Takeshit anything to use the projector thanks mate

  29. Rob

    Give the projectionist a cocktail, then check the screens are showing only the end of the movies, then talk to the people in the queue again.

  30. Zoe

    Did you guys update to 1.3.1 to get rid of that poem bug?

  31. Peter

    @Zoe i updated this morning on marketplace and have Android.
    I cant see what version i have right now.

    1. Rob

      Yeah I updated to 1.3.1 earlier after being stuck in the cinema for 2 days. Quite gutted now I’ve finished it, suppose this forum is the next best thing!

      1. Flo

        Hey . Could you help me with the boss ? I took his wallet but still can’t ride the subway. I don’t know what to do. Noone talk to me and I don’t find anything more to take… Thx

  32. Peetah

    Cheer rob I’m gonna try now do u know which cocktail it is

  33. Rob

    I just used the first cocktail the waitress gives you

  34. leon

    i cant even ride the subway how do i get a ticket to go to work ??

  35. KiKi

    I made the wrong cocktail n now the barman wont gimme another one.. how do i throw it away? HELPPPPP PLEASEEEE

  36. Peter

    @ leon look at trashbin in your room. Then grab the ticket.

  37. Peter

    @kiki or u use the cocktail. So you can drink it yourself.
    If it’s a stronger cocktail then you can give the “wrong”cocktail to the poo artist on the toilet.

  38. KiKi

    He’s not Drinking it.. the poo guy drinks it n says it’s not working but i still have it.. is it a bug.then?

    1. raff

      kiki, its not a again to the rest of the people in the museum.then to the artis again.

  39. Rob

    Kiki, can you not drink the cocktail yourself? there were a few bugs in the game, have you updated to the newest version?

  40. mojtaba

    guys where can i find fake nose and glue ?

  41. Simon

    what happens after i get the poo from the poo artist??

  42. Simon

    i used the poo and theres only 2 person left in the queue which i can’t get rid of. the wizard n archer. whats the next step to proceed? im so lost. :s

  43. Bryan

    How can I get the robot arm >.< Help…

  44. Rob

    Bryan, move the box until it’s behind the robot then push him over it

  45. Bryan

    I ald got robot arm, pot and the fish bowl ald give to billy why cant i go to bank??

    1. Mojtaba

      U have to talk to the johny first

  46. Kate

    What shoul i do after i robbed the bank?

  47. Rob

    did you put the holes in the pot?

    1. donnie

      What 3 items do i combine? The stick hook and wire right? Then what do i do with it? And what do i do with the gum?! So confused. It says i neeed to use the gum to get an id? Thanks all

  48. Rob

    You combine the items to make a fishing rod, then use it on the guard in the sewer to get his i.d. You use the gum to stick your own picture to it

    1. donnie

      I guess i don’t know where to find this guard thats in thr sewer. I dont even see a sewer. I have the 3 items combined. I havr the gum but i dont know where to go or what to do next. I retalked to everyone mulitple times and revisited everywhere i can go

  49. Rob

    Donnie, talk to the hooker and she’ll tell you about a book, go to your boss’ office and look at the bookcase then pick up the book. give it to the hooker and she’ll tell you about the sewer

  50. Bryan

    I got the Uniform for the bar what to do next? I talk to everyone and nothing happened >.<

    1. Rob

      talk to George, and offer to get him a cocktail and he’ll give you his credit card

  51. Mojtaba

    i gave the drink to the projectionist.should that 2 remaining guys leave.right? but they r still their 🙁 is this some sort of bug ?

    1. Jdub333

      I did the same thing. I gave the drink to the projectionist, but now it just says his door is locked, and the other people won’t leave… Anybody got any help?

  52. ashak

    I gave the cocktail mixed with laxatives to the projectionist and the poo artist isn’t taking any other drink…….. Help
    How to get new laxatives…….?

  53. Dani

    I can’t make the bank rob. The repairman always thanks the camera. Billy told me “meet at the bank”. I have to robot arm, but I don’t know what I can do now?.

    1. gogO

      @Dani: go talk to johnny, then you’ll be able to rob the bank

  54. Peter

    @mojtaba. It’s not a bug. The two people still standing doesn’t like a specific odour.

  55. Booji

    Hi everyone,
    I’m having the same issue as @Kiki…I mixed the wrong cocktail with the laxatives and offered to the poo artist. He drinks it and it doesn’t do the trick, but its still in my inventory and I can’t drink it either. I’ve tried talking to everyone in the museum, the cinema, the beach, even the lady whose dog I lost. But when I offer the drink to the poo artist, it’s still in my inventory. Any ideas how to get rid of it? No updates are currently available for my iOS.

  56. Palmate

    How do I get to the island? Many thank for any help

  57. mazlum

    hey guys . i talkd billy . taked costume . talkd to jhonny again he said get move on mate . wht should i do now . i tlkd to mechanic bu he dont anwer me .

  58. Utkarsh

    What to do after getting the fake game CD? It says that I must go as far as possible but where to go.

  59. mazlum

    okey i got it 🙂

  60. quibler

    Wat to do after robbing bank. I talkd to barman about jony he says he has gone somewhere without telling. And my mobile dosent gives hint anymore the page dosnt clear pls help

  61. kosh

    Utkarsh – you need to go back your room and play it on the computer to start the next sequence… You will need to give the CD to someone at the port after you have checked it out.

  62. Rob

    Give the fake game to the pirate at the dock

  63. mazlum

    yes i did . but i have problem again . in new city i visit evrywhere. gived coctail to dat toilet man. i have rose and she dont accept . .what should make right now .

  64. quibler

    But, Where do I get the fake game CD?

  65. quibler

    Also I have Only 6 places, my place, my work, bkack market, area near bear shop, bank area and port. I have completed till bank robbery. Don’t know wat to do now. Can’t find any CD. Pls help. U guys r talking about places I dont know.

    1. koolid

      Go to the black market and sell ur kidney. After play the CD at home then give the cd to the pirate

      1. teo

        Where is black market ???

  66. Rob

    mazlum, give another cocktail to the protectionist and the rose to the man at the bar.

    quibler, you have to talk to the body part stall holder and sell something valuable.

    1. mazlum

      thnx dude

    2. diana

      I already gave the coktail to the projectionist and now the door it is closed. I took the flowers and gave to the boy at the bar but when i speak to larry i dont have the option about waitress so i can go on… im stuck over here.. what should i do??? It has a bug or something?? I just made the update and still not have new ones… sorry for my english im romanian. And thanks if you could help me…

  67. Rob


  68. Prakash

    Mix the tablets(you will get this from posh lady,after throw her husband in the river) in cocktail give that to poo artist! TADA! YOU HAVE SOME TURD WITH YOU LOL!

  69. Prakash

    then Use that Turd with People they will escape , only two person remain there a wizard and a robinhood type guy , take some cocktail and give it to the Projectionist , now look at the screen(which is beside ticket counter) then go near wizard and try talk to him , TADA ! enter to the cinema hall , you will find your old mate .. Go watch cinema with him! and game Over :O

  70. Quibler

    thanks al of u. Just completed d game. I wish i the game would hav been longer. Maybe ending at, ‘d 2 of dem defeat fusion and bcum d president.’ but stil nyc game.

    1. Holly

      Learn English please.

  71. GS

    Finished the game..such a crap ending

    once on the island…grab the dead mans id tag, show the officer standing the tag from your inventory..go ahead to the bar, grab a drink and drink it from the to the attractive bartender and tell her the drinks are crap..grab another drink before you go into the city..goto the cinema and talk to woody..he will give you some advice and a poem..grab the flowers from the popcorn stand and head upstairs to the projectionists room..offer him a drink and go back to the people in line and they will disperse..go back to the bar..hand over poem and flowers to Larry..he will talk to the bartender girl and she will leave…talk to male bartender and get the job..go to George and get him a drink, he will give you his credit card…go back to the bar and order a grog with kiwi…head over back to the city…stop by the cinema and order pop corn with extra butter and pay with the card…head over to the suicidal man and grease the railing with the popcorn butter and push him…he will fall and the dog will leave back some laxatives..mix the laxatives with the drink and go to the museum…talk to the hipsters and then turn of the to the artist and once done that offer him the drink..he will give you a gift and go back to the cinema and present the gift to the people in line…now you can walkthrough the cinema doors…find your mate and your done…

    1. Reston

      Thanks for the well-written and helpful explanation; you obviously could do an excellent job of writing an entire walk through for this game. -Cheers!

    2. rach

      when i talk to woody he doesn’t give me a poem… please help

    3. Michie

      How do I make him drink the cocktail

      1. Marie

        Have the same problem here. I cannot drink the first cocktail? How can we do that? Put the cocktail on my “personnage” but nothing is apening… Is it a bug? I’m on iPad version.

  72. Oliver

    Wehre do i get the glue?

  73. Shadow_Blade

    how do I get off suicide over the railing? and if it does not do anything, how can I get laxatives? Sorry for my english if I Made mistakes, I’m italian xD

    1. Sravs

      After u get the card from george take that and go to the cinema hall and buy butter popcorn from the ticket clerck and pay by card….
      Take the popcorn with extra butter and use it on the railing and push the suicidal guy and the posh lady will give u the laxatives

      1. diana

        I already made the update but i still not can talk with larry about the waitress so then he can give me the poem. I gave too the coktail to the cinema director and now the door it is closed.what should i do???? Thanks

  74. Hohoho

    Thanks for the help so far. I have a question that I haven’t seen answered.
    How do I push suicide guy? I have the option to push but my guy doesn’t want to.
    also can’t interact with the rail, guy just says something about rope. Maybe buttered popcorn but where do I get money?

    1. Hohoho

      Oops, saw the answer above after reading all comments closely. I’ll try again

    2. Sravs

      After u get the card from george take that and go to the cinema hall and buy butter popcorn from the ticket clerck and pay by card….
      Take the popcorn with extra butter and use it on the railing and push the suicidal guy and the posh lady will give u the laxatives

  75. Clare

    How do I get the cd? Pls help!

  76. hello

    how to go to the bank..?
    if i talk to the mechanic he says he can do his job, but i can’t go to the bank

  77. hello

    i can’t talk to the witch or the archer. tell me how to do that..??

    1. Sravs

      First show them the turd they wont accept it and then see the screens besides the ticket counter and then talk to them they will leave and u can enter that door

  78. pepe

    where i can find the fake nose pls help

    1. Holly

      It’s in the gangsters cell down in the sewer.

  79. pepe

    hi ican`t find fake nose plz help where is it?????????

  80. eidieldenourmalaysia

    Just finish the game…:)

  81. Sravs

    Hi thanks to all with ur comments i finished the game and thanx a lot again bcoz without ur comments i wud not go further and finish the game………..

  82. caca

    i stuck in office n subway ,,, dont have money too buy ticket n cant back to town so wat should i do ,,,,, stuck i want take money from my boss wallet then wat …
    already give coffee to co work not use clothes

    1. Jdub333

      I’m stuck there too. I can only go back and forth between the office and the subway. I have the wallet, but I can’t buy a ticket… Anybody got a solution or a hint to help a brother out? lol

  83. Shell

    Hi I’m stuck pretty early In the game I’ve done the rat thing in the kitchen of the bar, been home with my friend to look at the disc then said im late for work but how do I get to work and where do I work?

    1. Jiyoung

      Go down the stairs.. beside the police station

      1. adi

        and what am i doing after that?

  84. odek

    why I cant use the mob to get the cable? it said “I should grab that thing before doing it”

    1. Jdub333

      You need the rubber gloves from the dock beside the pirate.

  85. Jiyoung

    I’m stuck in the office.. just got the wallet.. what to do next??.. i need help

  86. Laurent

    I’m looking for fake nose. Where is it please ?

    1. Holly

      The fake nose is in the sewer in the gangsters cell.

  87. Shell

    What do you do down there though because I try giving the guy the ticket but nothing happens and he won’t buy a ticket either :s

    1. Rob

      use the ticket in the machine next to the lift

      1. Ray

        Wheres the ticket it keeps saying the slot is empty

  88. Carlota

    There are only two people left on the queu I have red recent comments telling I should give a cocktel to takesit upstairs but the door is closed please I need help

  89. Shell

    Ok I’ve done that bit got the money etc but now I’m stuck how do I get to the black market? Also how do I get in the car to get the camera?

  90. Shell

    Also I’ve been into my apartment to look for the disc but can’t find it I don’t what I’m supposed to do I’ve spoke to the prostitute and been down the sewer and got the I’d card that bit was pretty easy

  91. Holly

    I could use some help please! I got the I.d. And I already talked to the gangsters. Now what?

  92. Flo

    what to do after I took the boss’ wallet and give relaxing tea to the naked guy ? go to subway ? I can’t pay I need to find 10 extra bucks. …

  93. Cheryl

    Can someone please tell me where the glue is? A few people have asked but I can’t see that anyone has answered. Thanks

    1. qwerty

      The glue is in a box next to the body-seller.

  94. Karl

    Please guys I’m stuck I give bill costume ie glue and fish bowl now I need 1 where do I get it and weapons pleaseee I’m stuck thanks

  95. caca

    Pls stuck in office n subway …. need take money from boss wallet but how
    Then i cant go upstair ….

  96. Fayded

    How do I clear the cinema line? How do I get the turd from the artist? Everytime I give him a drink the drink does nothing

    1. farhanredza

      Grog coctail with plum. Then youΓÇÖll go to the cinema and order popcorn with butter. Pay with card. Go to suicide man and use Popcorn with butter on rail. Just below the suicide man. You get laxing pills of dog. Now combine pills with coctail and give this to poo artist.

      1. Alex

        How did you manage to move the last 2 people from the queue?

  97. janny

    How do I make hot tea for Bill? I stuck in this step.Anyone knows? Thank you!

    1. Slyen

      First make a coffee to empty the machine, then put the tea bags in it. After it you can make a tea just like the coffee before.

  98. Slyen

    Hi, I can’t get the fishbowl and i can’t use the cup of water to tip it on the electricity point (if it’s the “Dangerous looking socket” ). Can you help me pls?

    1. Slyen

      Nevermind, i got the fishbowl

  99. tom

    When i talk to the people in line i can not get any to disperse. i gave the poem and flowers to larry and he left with the waitress and i gave the drink to the projectionist but when i try to talk to the people in line it says i cant be bothered to talk to them. I dont think i can get the job from the waiter until i get that done. thx for any help

  100. amy

    Please help, I am stuck! I cannot get Bill to be my accomplice no matter how much tea I give him. I have the pot with holes and the fishbowl decorated as a helmet/disguise. And when I go to the black market, I can only talk to the organ guy, who I don’t want to sell to.

    1. amy

      Never mind! Solved it. I just wasn’t seeing the exit to the second part of the black market, with Billy. 🙂 Thanks for all the other tips!

      1. Elijah

        did the same thing

  101. Jdub333

    OK, someone please help me! I can’t get back to the office to the book. I go down the stairs to the subway and then I go back up and I’m back on the street. Before, I couldn’t get back to my apartment. I would go down the stairs to the subway and when I went back up the stairs, I was back in the office. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong…

  102. crsrwalton

    There is a cop by the car who won’t let me use the jimmy, how do I get rid of him? Thanks

  103. Simon

    Tell the cop you want to selk the camera and he’ll help you

    Anyone know how I get the robot arm?

    1. crsrwalton

      There is a box on the right hand side of the robots, push it toward the robot then push the robot over the box, the arm will break off

  104. Jdub333

    OK, for anyone else who is trying to figure this out… Once you ride the subway and (or tube), you can always go back and forth between work and home with it. Hope that helps….

  105. Blacklist1226

    I’m lost. Where can I find the cable to complete the fishing rod thing to get the id from the guard? help!

    1. Jdub333

      Go behind the bar. Go past Catalina and go as far as you can to the right.

      1. Blacklist1226

        Thanks a lot.

  106. DanielR

    I cannot see after 21st walk through advise, why? i’m in the office, just got the news that my colleague has been kidnapped, what should i do now?

    1. V

      go back to your apartment, talk to the officer infront of your door.

  107. Alexandra

    Can someone please tell me where to get the tea for the coffee machine…i got confused

    1. Blacklist1226

      You can find it in the kitchen at the bar.

  108. V

    How do i get the camera out of the car infront of my apartment?

    1. Blacklist1226

      You need jimmy from the mechanic in the subway near the police station but he’ll ask you to give him some sandwich before he lends jimmy to you. The sandwich is available at the bar. Talk to the barman and you’ll need to fix the tv. Your reward will be the sandwich after you finish operating the tv.

  109. adi

    I can’t buy a hook. I follow the tutorial but i’m stuck after dishes. What now? i put glove and i have mob with the cable. and i don’t know the next steps. help me.

    1. Blacklist1226

      You need the fake money to buy the hook. You can get it from the wallet you steal.

  110. sofia

    hi guys i’m kinda stuck .. After i handed the bol to Catalina , i didn’t read waht she said .. CAN SOMEONE PLEEEEEEASE HELP ME ? i don’t know what she saod so i van’t go any further on the game :s

  111. Allan

    after the cutscene of mate betraying u, where do I go. The last thing I got is the nose

  112. sofia


  113. Simen

    I have jumped over the fishing whit the man thing and the game wan’t me to take the card as i already has taken! What to do??

  114. Ashley

    Wher is the market and how do u get into the bank

  115. Ashley

    I’m having the same problem Allan is

  116. Ashley

    The two gys in the cinema help

  117. Ann

    Okay, I am at the same point as Allan & Ashley. I have the fake nose, fake ID, pot with holes, gloves, marker, pair of scissors, cellphone, water in cup and I took another tea….I can only go in the subway to my work or to my street (for the ones who don’t know how: use the terminal). I AM STUCK……PLEASE HELP!!!
    Already been to the sewer and now have the assignement to get the CD (or something)????

    1. Ann

      To comment on my own comment: I cannot go to the cinema’s (don’t know where they are), I cannot go inside the bank because it says I don’t have any money, there is no market……CONFUSED

      1. Ashley

        Talk to johnny

  118. Ann

    Okay, met Billy, gave him his costume! Now I can not enter the bank! Talked to everybody, but stuck…..agian. What to do next?

    1. afiq

      how to search costume for bili

  119. Ashley

    Talk to Johnny again

  120. sepehr

    hi every body
    i just dont now how to steel id card from that guy
    imean i cant find broomstick and cuple
    can you help me?

  121. Him

    plz help me after viewing the cd in the start of game wat to do

    1. camryn

      give the cd to the pirate at the dock so he’ll bring you to the island.

  122. laura

    How do i open the bosses walet to get vip ticket out?????

  123. Ros

    I can’t get max I drink the cocktail at the beach. I put the drink on him and nothing. I’ve been stuck for hours.please help

  124. d.k

    Hey there, i have the same problem as Kiki and i have not seen a reply on how to get the problem sorted out. i got the cocktail from the bar but i made the wrong cocktail. i added the pills to it so in my inventory i have a martini glass with a lethal mix and i still have pills. if i give the cocktail to the artist he says it is not enough. i cant get rid of the cocktail i have now to get a new one.

    i have done everything els but the artist part. can anbody please inform me on how to get rid of my wrong cocktail mix that i have? i cant drink it either. i even tried eating buttery popcorn and then drinking the drink but does not work. so right now that is my problem.

    thank you in advance

    1. camryn

      get a cocktail of gorg with kiwi mixed with the pills. bring the cocktail to the artist and he will give you a turd. use the turd to get the people in line at the cinema to move. hope this helps.

      1. dk

        i made the wrong cocktail and now i cant get rid of the one i have in my inventory. I cant drink it, cant give it away, when giving it to the artist he says its string but not enough, so i then still sit with the cocktain in my inventory. I also still have the pills that i should mix with it.

        So my main problem is, i cant get rid of the cocktail mix to get the rifht one.

  125. d.k

    @ Laura and Ross, when you want to use something, click on the item in the inventory list, like the walet and the cocktail and then you can look at it and also you ca use it.

  126. Jia Yi

    why i can’t get the cable in step 19 ? help !

  127. Jia Yi

    what is the step after 21 … can you e-mail to me ?

    1. stopshootinme

      You need the gloves. Get them at the docks/next to the pirate.

  128. stopshootinme

    How do i get the fish bowl? I have the glue pot/with whole, nose. How do I put water on the socket? Thanks for the help

    1. camryn

      ask the pet store owner for a griffin. he will leave. then tip the bowl to get the fish out then you can get the bowl.

  129. yik

    I cantΓö£Γöén get the poem, even after drinking the coctail and talking to the giro. Es this a bugΓö¼ΓöÉ

    1. camryn

      talk to Woody at the cinema, he’ll give you the poem.

      1. yik

        But i talk to him, and nothing. Like if there is still something missing

  130. Kiki

    Help, where can i get the costume for Billy?? Pls Help

  131. ABC

    where i found a kidney?

  132. serena

    how do i find the cd and then leave in city of the rich?

  133. serena

    where is the black market????

    1. camryn

      talk to jhonny. he’ll send you to the black market. you can access it at the underground after.

  134. Kathy

    where do u find the game for the gangster dudes?

    1. camryn

      sell your kidney at the black market. he’ll give you the cd after the cutscene where he takes your kidney

  135. bahar

    what should i do after playin the video game with mate????plz help me i’m stuck””!!!!!!

  136. smokehizzle

    Im basically completely lost not. I have the pile and the cable. And pot but cannot do anything. I’ve talked to everybody more than once. Touched everything as well. But I cannot do nothing. I CanT go in the subway. Cannot buy the hook. The prosti won’t say anything more than retiring early. So anyone can give hints or something on what to do???

    1. bahar

      me too!!!! I cant understand what to do!!!!!

  137. smokehizzle

    Then to get the bosses wallet do I have to go through the substation?? I can’t even get tickets. Don’t know were the repair guy at the station is

  138. gg

    Hey I am stuck..please help me.I have the fishbowl with the glued nose and the pot with the holes. Why does Billy keep saying that this isn’t enough? What else can I do? Pleeease help. I really tried everything. Johnny also sais that I am not finished with the costumes.

  139. camryn

    can someone help me? I can’t get through to the cinema, there’s two people in line that won’t move. I’ve done everything: pushed the suicide man, helped Larry with the waitress, got the job at the bar, helped the artist, got the turd. I talk to the 2 waiting in line but all they say is that they’re not moving until they get to see the movie. What should I do?

    1. camryn

      nevermind…i just finished the game

      1. DAZ

        How did you clear the last two people in line that wonΓÇÖt move?

        1. DAZ

          I have completed the game now. To get rid of the last 2 people in the line, offer them the turd and the refuse this then check the screen behind the ticket desk, then go back and talk to the 2 people in the queue again. They will now go and you can go through the door and find your mate.

          Great game, hope they make 2nd one

    2. Del

      Me too. 🙁 the projection room is closed. How can i open it?

  140. afiq

    how to get fishbowl

  141. Newbie

    I’m new and I am supposed to be going to work but how do I get a ticket it no money?

  142. bahar

    hey guys i’m asking againnnnn!”!!!!what should i do after playing that video game with mate?????!!! i can’t even buy the ticket….the game says go to your work????what is my job????plz answeeeeerrrrrrrr….

  143. hilal hayat khan

    can anyone help me with the CD.i cant find it does anyone knows where to find the CD..

  144. hilal hayat khan

    where to find the book for the prostitute??

  145. Ramon Neves

    Where is the office??? I really can’t find it

  146. Topu

    Hello, Can anyone help me? I have got the rubber gloves and with it got the cable and joined the cable with the mob stick. Now what to do? i cant go through the subway coz it requires a ticket. How do i get a ticket.
    Can anyone help me?

  147. Lala

    Anyone know where i get the laxative pills for the artist? can’t find them anywhere…. 🙁
    thx in advance <3

  148. eric

    can someone help me? I canΓÇÖt get through to the cinema, thereΓÇÖs two people in line that wonΓÇÖt move.

  149. Jdub333

    I’ve already finished this game, thanks to the aid of this community. I Does anybody know of any similar games? Please comment if you do! Thanks!

    1. Ian Hamilton

      Broken sword is the best on mobile

  150. renz

    Cant get out ofvthe office help me how to get the wallet from the boss

  151. gg

    hey can someone help me please? I am stuck…I have the fishbowl with the glued nose and the pot with the holes. Why does Billy keep saying that this isnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t enough? What else can I do? Pleeease help. I really tried everything. Johnny also sais that I am not finished with the costumes.
    pleeease i am so desperate, i tried everything

    1. crsrwalton

      You need the marker from the corner of your desk. Then draw on the fish bowl.

      1. gg

        thank you very much!!!

  152. gizmo

    im stuck how can i get the ID? any1 help me pls

  153. Julie

    I tried giving him the cocktail but it doesnt work.

    1. Julie

      George *

      1. Julie

        Where do you get the poem and how do i get a job at the bar

  154. Tavis

    How do I get the wallet from the boss?

  155. Chantal

    I cant get the poem from woody i already gave the cocktail to the progectionist wat do i do is this a bug?

  156. amy

    How do I get the wallet from the boss ..
    i’ve looked into all the comments and none of it
    were telling me how to get out of there T.T

    plz im beggin u

  157. Amy

    hi Im stuck in the office trying to get on the subway.
    how do i get the wallet? Ive looked into all of the comments but none of them wwas telling me plz help

    1. Loris

      hello I am Italian
      you have to talk KATE and bring the sales ledger to the Head

  158. red

    woody didnt give me a poem

  159. Angie

    The main character want take the drink. I think it something wrong with the game

    1. Angie

      Nevermind I got it

  160. Maurice

    Hey guys, i finished washing the dishes for the bear man and im supposed to go to my job now. anyone know where thagt job is?

  161. ali

    how do i get through d metro guys??n whr is my workplace?help me

  162. Bea

    I want to give Tea to Bill, but the coffeemachine is empty, so I can’t do the tea into a cup of coffee ?!

  163. pika

    You can find the ticket for the subway in the bin in your house(you have to click the eyes icon )

  164. monica

    I’m stuck in the gangsters room. What do i do and how do I get out?

    1. brook

      I am also stuck in the gangsters room. What do I need to do?

  165. Kirsty Leigh

    Where is the fake nose? And what do i do next

  166. amy

    Ok I took the wallet but I dont know what to do next. Can u help me?? T.T

    1. jim

      go to ur inventory press on the wallet icon……..n then press the eyes….u will get Vip tube ticket n Bills…….

    2. Jdub333

      There’s a subway pass in the wallet.

  167. Boingbums

    Hay where i can find the pot, which i have to give to the mechanic.

    1. Boonie

      it’s on the kitchen under the skin

  168. Jon

    made the poison cocktail twice .. is there any way to drop items ? 🙁

  169. chloe

    how to make him drink the cocktail so he can complain to the waitress and get a job? ive updated the game but still no poem!

  170. bonnie

    Hi… I don’t know what to do, i get to the beach, talk with the waitress and i can’t give the drink to him self… Can anyone help me?

    1. diana

      So did you find the way to take the poem?? Please help me i am stuck too in this problem. I can not talk with larry about waitress i already gave one coktail to the proj director and now the door it is close. I gave the flowers to the man at the bar, andeven after the update i still can not solve that part with the poem.what should i do??

      1. Anark

        open inventory,one tap on house cocktail,press the gear(use) button that pop up,talk to waitress there will be complaining option now,then talk to woody about what to do….–>job->waitress then you get the poem

        Don’t skip any step

  171. diana

    F***ing game it has bugs or something, its about one week and i still not can pass it from the part with the poem!!!

  172. Jon

    need to rid myself of this poison cocktail … as there any way to drop it ?

    1. Anark

      on poo artist (to get a poo art)

  173. fahad

    After giving the book to cataline i dont knoq where to go…. the have written this in mobile take the advantage of sewer guy…. but i dont knpw where the hell is sewer guy

  174. amgad

    what do i do after i rescue my friend ??

  175. Dani

    Unable to get the job from bartender even though larry and waitress left plz help!!!!!

    1. Alvin

      I think you have to read the recruitment stand which on the bar table?

  176. Monica

    What is the cocktail recipe for George’s drink?

  177. beni

    I give to CD who was fat person
    Now I’m in a strange place.
    He does not go by with guns because of the security guard.
    I’m stuck.
    Please help me

  178. Alvin

    Dear all,

    You guys can try a similar game, City of Secrets. I finished it and quite funny also

    1. Bridgewidge

      Oh, cool– thanks!??

  179. himanshu

    i din read what catline said the prostitue abt sewer plz help me where is he

  180. CQ

    I still cannot get the fishbowl.. He left but when I grab it he tells me I can only look??? How the hell do I get it? Oh and I’ve already cut the power btw

  181. kavin

    Guys please help me. i have the pit with holes, fish with fake nose, but whenever i give it to billy he says its not enough. what to do?

    1. CQ

      Get glue buy the butcher in boxes combine the glue & bowl put the nose on then draw on it with the marker.

  182. Charmaine

    Please help me How can I go to the gangster room in the sewer I need a camera in the car but how can I get it? please help me …

  183. Charmaine

    PLease help me.. Im super stucked in how can I used the ID for me to passed in the sewer guard. PLease anyone care to help me??

  184. kavin

    Thanks a ton cq. But now I am stuck on the beach. I made a wrong cocktail and the waiter won’t give me another one.i trieddrinking it but it says that it’s too strong. What to do guys?

  185. Kh89

    I can’t get the poem and job any help please

  186. kavin

    Kh89 first drink the cocktail from the waitress,then go and complain to her. Then go to the movie director and ask for job. Hell give you the poem. Give flowers and poem to larry. Then speak to waiter about the job.

  187. christ

    i gave the wrong cocktail. grog plum mixed with laxative pills, i gave it to the takashi guy in cinema, now i cant get turd from the poo artist. is anyone knows how to fix it??

  188. Bruce A. Jones

    Great game…!!!
    Just finished it…!!!
    I wish it had been longer… any chance of a sequel…???

  189. Cakejuuuh_x

    Hi, can someone help me please? Im stuck at starting to work. How do i make a cocktail and where do i get the pills to put in the cocktail? Because there’s no option to start working. Can someone help? :s

  190. Jonaz

    i have just finished this game 🙂 who wants help?

    1. Masha

      I need help)

    2. Goathead

      Im stuck in the office. Ive talked to the boss and checked my computer, but am totally lost as what to do next.

      1. Goathead

        Got past that, how do i get the robot arm. I knocked him over but all i can do is look at him or “not” talk to him.

  191. Jonaz

    just feel free to ask 🙂

    1. Masha

      How make coctail for George?

  192. user

    help im stuck at the beach after the executive being shot. What do i do next to pass the security guard?

    1. Goathead

      Talk to the guard and tell him theres a person demanding rights or something like that. Then quickly take the authorization card from the executive. Then give it to the guard. If you find the laxatives please tell me where you got them.

      1. user

        U can get the laxatives pills from the dog once you push the suicidal man.

  193. Goathead

    Alright, ive done my best to make a complete guide so here we go

    Act One: Intro

    1. Answer your mobile on the desk, take your mobile. Open the drawer of the desk and take the gum.
    2. Inspect the rubbish bin(garbage), take the subway ticket and leave your room.
    3. Take the business card off the table and combine it in your inventory. Then re enter your room and call the landlady/lord.
    4. Select the option where they’ve won being the worst landlord, then select the pizza option.
    5. Leave your room and take the mop, then leave the building.

    Act 2: Your Mate and his Game

    6. Transition screen in the top right, go right a screen then up one. Take the rubber gloves next to the pirate then go back two screens.
    7. Enter the bar.
    8. Talk to your mate, then the bartender.
    9. Take the rat, open the fridge and take the cheese, take the pot, open cupboard and take the tea and the soap.
    10. Exit the kitchen into the main bar area and inspect the plate of olives. Talk to the focused guy and ask for an olive, keep asking till he caves, then take an olive and return to the kitchen.
    11. Plug the sink with the olive and turn on the tap. Combine the soap with the water then the rat. Combine the cheese with the dirty dishes then the clean rat.
    12. Exit the kitchen via the back door, combine the rubber gloves and the cable on your right, then combine the mop and cable.
    13. Talk to Catalina.
    14. Go to the Underground(subway), combine ticket with the terminal.
    15. Take the marker off your desk and check your computer.
    16. Take a cup and use it with the coffee machine, comhine tea with the machine and take a new cup and use it with the machine. Finally take one more cup and get some water.
    17. Transition to the next screen, and take the scissors, then give Bill your coffee(not nessecary, just getting rid of it). Talk to kate and ask for help and then ask if she’s enjoying it.
    18. Enter the boss’s office, and talk to him
    19. Return to your computer and check your assbook.

    Act 3: Oh S#!t!

    20. Talk to your boss and then talk to kate and tell her how crazy he is. Then bring the report to your boss and take his wallet while he is distracted.
    21. Use the wallet in your invetory then exit via the lift, then use VIP tube ticket with the terminal.
    22. Go home and talk to the detective.
    23. Go back to the dock and buy the hook from the salesman using the monopoly money then combine it with your mop/cable.
    24. Go to the bar and talk to Johnny and tell him about the no dropoff point, then grab the bottle of tequila off the bar.
    25. Go home and use the tequila on the detective, and enter your room then leave the building.
    26. Go to The Underground and inspect the toolbox then talk to the mechanic about his jimmy.
    27. Go to the bar and ask the bartender about food. Go to the back alley and talk to Catalina.
    28. Go home and inspect the Junk in your room, go to work and then the boss’s office and inspect his books, and take the physics book.
    29. Use the RST (what you just grabbed from the junk) and use it on the television in the bar, grab your sandwich from the bartender. Then give Catalina her book.
    30. Go to the sewer (in front of the bar) and use the improvised fishing rod on the sleeping guard and grab the gangster ID.
    31. Return to The Underground and give the sandwich to the mechanic, take the jimmy from his toolbox and return to Your Street via the stairs.
    32. Use the jimmy on the car and tell the cop you’ll split the profit.
    33. Go to work and give Bill your tea, then the camera. Use the scissors on the self portrait then the gum, finally use that on the ID.
    34. Go back to The Underground and ask the mechanic about the sandwhich, gihe him the camera then the pot.
    35. Return to the sewer and use the fake ID with the guard.
    36. Inspect the sofa cushion and take the nose off the sofa arm ( if it’s not there it will be after the next scene) and use the key with the locked door amd talk to your mate.

    Act 4: What a Prick!

    37. Go to the bar and talk to Johnny, tell him about your mate and robbing a bank
    38. Go to the black market via the tube(subway), talk to the pet salesman and ask to buy a pet then a griffin, quickly use the water on the dangerous socket to the right of the stall. Repeat the process, when he leaves take the fishbowl.
    39. Inspect the box in between the body seller stall and the stall on the right, take the glue then transition screens on the right.
    40. Push the box in front of the armoury two times then push the robot, take his broken arm (not part of the robot anymore).
    41. Use the marker and glue on the fishbowl then the fake nose, now talk to billy.
    42. Return to the bar and talk to Johnny.
    43. Rob the bank…. then exit
    44. Return to the Body Seller in the black market and select on second thought option.
    45. Go home and test the game on your computer.

    1. Goathead

      46. Take the game to the pirate at the dock

      Act 5: How!?!? It doesn’t make sense!

      47. Tell the guard about the citizen, quickly take the authorization card from the dead executive, then transition to the, you guessed it! THE RIGHT!
      48. Get a cocktail from the waitress and use it! your inventory (select it then the gears), tell her how awful it was. Grab another cocktail.
      49. Go to the city then the cinema.
      50. Go to the projectionist’s room via the stairs, give Takeshi the cocktail.
      51. Return downstairs and grab the flowers from the counter, then talk to Woody, ask for advice then comment on the waitress.
      52. Return to the beach and give Larry the flowers and poem.
      53. Inspect the sign on the counter and apply for a job from the bar man.
      54. Talk to George and comment on his drink, then ask if he’d like for you to get him another then explain that you work there.
      55. Order a grog with plum from the bar man using the card.
      *I have not attempted giving any drinks to George but if there’s a correct combination for his cocktail id like to know.
      56. Return to the cinema and order popcorn with extra butter paying with the card.
      57. Leave and enter the area with the pantless man and the lady. Use the popcorn on the railing and push the guy off.
      58. Combine the laxatives and the cocktail.
      59. Go to the museum and turn off the music, talk to the artist, and eventually ask about the lack of smell. Give him the cocktail.
      60. Present your piece of art to the cinema crowd, inspect the screens to your left then talk to the wizard and archer. Then enter the door and go right.

      Act 6: Conclusion?

      Thats it. Thanks all Previous posters this wouldnt have happened without you.

      I see people didnt like the end, i for one enjoyed it.

  194. sarisafari

    I can’t found the fu**ng underground ticket -.- pls help me .

    1. Clare

      I had trouble with this too…it’s in the trash can in his apartment

  195. Clare

    Where do u get more tea if you already gave it to bill before you knew you needed him to take your picture? Do I have to start all over?

  196. Jeff

    So where’s the rest??

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