Escape: The Distance Between Us: Walkthrough

Escape: The Distance Between Us
By: WaveA (IDAC)


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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I cannot figure out how to place 4 colored balls onto table! Please help! Thx


Please help me solve ? -CK=FLOWER I am stuck


It’s ROSE.




I also can’t figure out the placement of the four balls on the table. I think I’ve tried every possible combination.


What is the code for the water cooler


What is the code for the water cooler a


What to do with the cutter and slingshot? Also found a clue behind the cooler 7-3+5=•. Can’t figure out what to do with it…


I finally escaped!!!


Katusha, can you help with the placement of the 4 balls on the table?


How did you get the balls?


Can somebody help me, please. I have a coin, a cutter and a slingshot. What’s next?


Get the stick above the door to get the marble under the sofa & the screwdriver from the overhead kitchen shelf.


The code for the cooler 270, attached the tape to the pole and got a key from the cooking pot, it opens the drower underneath it. Under the green rug, there is a pin. used the mug to get another key from the cooler. Used tape on the button for the blinds.


39K7 is the code for the little box with colored buttons


RLRRL for the safe inside the closet


The number for the grey box 7823… Did somebody find the third coin?


There’s a coin in the mattress & also on the ground next to the water cooler.


I got those, I can’t find the last one


I don’t remember where I got the third… Maybe it was in the balloon? Did you pop that yet?


Yes, I think there was a key inside. What did you do with the cutter?


I only remember using it to cut the side of the mattress open.


I put the 3 coins in the drawer from the table with the candle. Got a picture, turned it around and held in front of the candle. A map appeared. There is a little door in the floor from the right side of the table. There was a button.


Took out the drawer from the table, pushed the button inside. The picture on the wall appeared. This is the clue for placing the colored balls.
Red. green
White Blue
The box on the table is now open. Pushed the lever and escaped, but with a bad end…


Escape through the window for a good end


How do you solve the box with the different icons?


Attached the pin to the marble and then used them on the slingshot toburst the balloon. Got a key. Also placed the snowman at the bottom of the wardrobe to open it.


I have the display on the TV, and have the picture/letters displayed on the wall in the dining room, but don’t know what to do with either of them. Also, I’ve tried the safe solution and grey box code mentioned above, but they don’t work. I think something needs to be done before they are activated. Any help appreciated.


try to combine the picture from the wall and in the book (below the horse ornament). it will be use latter to place the colored balls on the table. notice that there’s two picture in the wall above the beds. one with colors, others black and white. when you open the color box, use the colors pic. notice the card design on the edge, so it will be like 56789jqk1234, work with this and you’ll get 39k7. so for the safe, it work the same way. push the snowman on the cupboard door, it will make colors pattern. see the… Read more »


I tried to push the picture with the sequence but it didn’t work… Did I miss something?

Elaine Brian

I am using that to work the long box, but I’m still doing it wrong. The clue on the panel is (if you go by numbers, not colours), 3,6,3,6,1,9.6,7. I have tried selecting the long box buttons in that order. I’ve also tried pushing the long box buttons by the symbols that order represents on the tv.


What is the right code for the gray box?


And the fourth ball?


inside the gray box


Pls help
stuck gray box
end different signes thk


I can’t figure out the clue of colors pictures
If anyone knows plz help

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