Escape Game: The Phoenix: Walkthrough

Escape Game: The Phoenix
By: WaveA (IDAC)


Here’s a walkthrough from reader Sierra Taylor:

Start game
Go Right click on the desk and then on the top drawer the code is 8766 take the allen wrench
Click on middle drawer the code for this is 8315 open the box and take the tweezers
Go Right click on the metal plate on wall near the lamp use the allen wrench on it open the box and take key
Go Right see hole in floor click it then use tweezers to get ring out
Go Right click on closet door nxt to clock use key to open click on the ladders code is 4627 once you have ladders click on them twice to open fully
Go left click on the drawers under the pictures click the top right drawer to get the crowbar
Click on the holes again and place ladder here click ladder and go up it theres 3 boxes click on the middle one use crowbar to open it take the ring
Use crowbar on right box to see an item you need scissors for
Go right click on the safe then turn the dial as follows right twice, left 5 times then right 6 times open it take the rusty key
Come back down the ladders Go left click on bookshelf then again on the shelf above the bottom one click on the little sun box use crowbar to open it and get the last ring
Now click on the bottom shelf until the books move and you see the places where the rings go put rings in and take the gear
Go left twice click on the clock then the side of it put the gear in it starts working click on the front of it to get a key
Now go back to ladders and up them to where the safe is click on the grey cabinet above stool use the key you just got to open it and hey, some scissors. Take them.
Go left to 3 boxes and the right one use the scissors to open it up then take the wooden flower
Click on the bookshelf to the right then on the middle of it and again to move books put the flower in place and click on it 3 times till the whole thing moves aside
Click on the red curtains a few times till you get the pendant click on the pendant a few times untill you get the key from it
Come back down ladders click on the bottom middle drawer under the pictures click box and use key to open it take dial
Go left click on bookshelf then top shelf 3 times place the dial on it and move it to point to open Go up the ladders to the safe again Click the floor area left of the safe use the rusty key to open door then click on stairs and escape!

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  1. Niki


    I’m so stuck, I need the code numbers, on the desk draw and the foot lock box. Can’t figure them out!!! THNAK’S

    1. Cait

      For those who would prefer hints instead of just the codes:

      On the desk combination, you should have two sets of clues. One is the key to determine what the different direction cones’ values are (located in the orange book on the second shelf). Start with the answer they gave you -4 – and work backwards from there. Once you have the cones’ values, use the card pinned to the corkboard that says “desk” to compute the combination.

      On the foot box, the key is located behind the ladder in the closet, so you will have to reach that first. Once you do, though, filling in the blank numbers is easy…it is a Fibonacci sequence.

  2. Elegibo

    Desk is 8766

  3. d3m1s

    I think small right arrow is 1, down long arrow is 3 and long up arrow is 2… So the code for the DESK may be 8765… but it’s wrong…

  4. Katusha

    The code for the desk is 8766

    1. d3m1s

      Yes… Now it works, the code is 8766 indeed

  5. d3m1s

    And now the code for the ladder…

  6. Katusha

    Ladder – 4627

    1. Niki

      Thank’s that help, Now I need help with the foot locker number

    2. Teresa

      How do you come up with 4627? I have the coloured birds and the equation

      1. Teresa

        Now I get it.they are parts of letters. Thanks for the help, I’d never have figured that out

        1. alessio

          I font understand show you get that number

        2. Ellen

          Please!! How you get the number 4627??
          I can’t figure it out!!

        3. Vincent

          Still don’t get it… :-/

    3. alessio

      How di you get this number?

  7. Katusha

    The clue for the foot locker was behind the ladder and it was pretty easy to figure out:
    A – 1 (5-4)
    B – 4
    C – 5
    D – 9
    E – 14 (5+9)
    F – 23
    G – 37
    H – 60 (23+37)
    I – 97
    Than just do the math F+H=83, E+A=15 (8315)

  8. Diego

    What about the safe?

  9. Tittle

    Stuck at the end- turned the knob and nothing happened- and I have a key that does not unlock the door…

    1. Mo

      Same here :/
      no idea what to do with the key

      1. Mo

        If you look closer at the key, you Cannabis See Thatcher it’s a litten rosty,
        I guess thats why you can’t open the door with it.
        :/ I don’t know how to solf the problem thouhg

  10. Adriano

    What do I do with the tweezers?

    1. Niki

      There is two holes in the floor there is a ring in there

  11. Adriano

    Ok thanks , i’m now with a wood flower only, i don’t use help ;p

    1. Niki

      Go upstairs. To the bookcase and move the books I’m stuck on that right now u will find a phoenix don’t know what to do next yet

      1. niki

        Holy cow just got it hit item button phoenix will turn into key

  12. Adriano

    Click the phoenix appeared a key, open the box, catch the knob and use in gear behind the books to open, i’m stop here :S

    1. niki

      Me too!!!

  13. Adriano

    Now i need open the blue safe, I think it has to do with the picture or no?

    1. niki

      I don’t know , it is getting late here need to go to bed if u figure it post it!!!!

  14. Adriano

    I’m also going, tomorrow i try again

  15. Adriano

    Haha i got.. rotate the button 2x left, 5 right, 6 left.. i get a key but don’t use it

  16. Aflu

    Same here got da rusty key bt cnt use it on DA door so am stuck.. N da code for safe is on da pic (code in da drawer) 2right-5left-6right

    1. Niki

      We r missing something, But what?????

    2. Ellen

      How you come up with this??
      Any hints?

  17. Katusha

    There is another door upstairs. Go to the right screen, click left lower corner and use the key. You escaped…

    1. Tittle


  18. Niki

    Omg I finally got it, it took me awhile to find it , it is by the safe!!!!

  19. Amanda

    Where does the ladder go?

    1. Niki

      There is two small holes in the floor by the group of pictures that lead upstairs make sure y cut the rope that wrap around the ladder

  20. Amanda

    What do I do with the Phoenix

    1. Niki

      Hit the item bottun and that will bring up the Phoenix tap it and that will make it into a key now u can open the box that is the dresser drawer

      1. Peter

        where is the dresser drawer??

  21. Amanda

    Iv done it 🙂

  22. Mari

    How do I open the blue safe ?

    1. Kat89

      Mari: 2right-5left-6right

      1. Ellen

        2R, 5L, 6R?
        How can you get this??
        Any hints?

        1. Josephine

          refer to the painting. Circle=2, Triangle=5, Square=6

  23. Connor

    How do u use the ladder

  24. Connor

    Where is the rope

  25. hashir

    I got the key but its not working what to do

  26. dimitra

    Hey guys!! I need help :/ i have the ladder and i know where to put it but it doesnt work 🙁 plzz tell me what to do!!! o.o

  27. dimitra

    Ok.. No need i got it 😐

  28. nino

    Hey guys i put the ring under the bookshelves downstairs… Theresa sound, what to do next?

  29. Josephine

    Combination for ladder: 4627
    Count number of the bird according to the colour:
    Blue:4, Green:7, Red:6, Pink:6, Yellow:2.
    Then how u write the letter(by stroke)for B,G,R,P & Y
    B=D+D=4, G=C+T=7, R=D+|\=6, P=D+|=6, and Y=V+|=2.

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