The Lost Tomb: The Adventures of Veronica Wright: Walkthrough

The Lost Tomb: The Adventures of Veronica Wright
By: Playtinum


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Revital

    Need help. I can’t get the frog , I’ve tried every combination with the candles and with the test tubes but nothing works. With regards to the lion picture I just tried to remake the picture and succeeded , I also have a key but it won’t fit the ketyhole in the third picture

  2. SueM

    Any luck with the frog yet? Have you found the 4 books in the library and placed them on the book stands? Each book shows a flower, a background color and the correct order to tap them for the puzzle on the left side of the round table in the library foreground. Good luck!

    1. Empty

      Hey Sue M,

      What’s the order of gems 4 the lion? I followed what was on part of the page the company had and it doesn’t work.I put the blue top left,grn right up,red bttm left and purple bttm right and had lions face and it won’t do anything. Help….

      1. SueM

        I had trouble with the lion for a while. Sounds like you have the gems in the right positions around the lion face. Maybe a couple of the other shadowy squares are in the wrong place?

  3. Revital

    I agree with sue , you need to try and change the background because the gems are correct. I’ve put the books on the shelves but still can’t figure out the frog puzzle. Can’t figure the tents drawing either.
    I tried using clues from the books to solve the weight/candles puzzle outside but nothing worked. I also tried using these clues on the puzzle in the machine inside the left room with no success…
    I have 2 keys , a small one and a long one and neither one fits the key hole in the picture above the right room …

  4. Revital

    I’ve got the frog, don’t know where to use it….

  5. Revital

    Used the froth, got the key to 3rd door released a boat and stuck again. Candles and vials puzzles are killing me I am sure they are connected to the books no combination works . I need to find something to open the gate to the river and I think I’ll have to solve the candels puzzle in order to get the key for the gate…

    1. SueM

      The weights/candle puzzle is based on matching the weight colors to the candle colors (treating the sorta gold-colored weights as yellow). For the candles that aren’t primary colors, use 2 weights to create the right color combination. Solving this will then help with the vials puzzle…

    2. Kathy

      I am assuming you solved the tent pics any hints

  6. Revital

    Thanks sue, would never figure that up. I thought the gate puzzles with really stupid I didn’t understand the logic and ended up playing with the discs until I stumbled upon a solution. I hoped I could I could still see the order after words to figure out the logic but its unavailable … The heads solution was also unlogical for me, I can see some logic now but it’s not intuitive!
    I am now stuck with the stars. I tried arranging them by their actual distance from the sun, than the opposite. Than tried by the way they are arranged in the book from the orange to the blue and the opposite, nothing works…
    This game is considerably harder than the first one…

  7. Revital

    The questions puzzle is also annoying . You don’t have the exact value symbols but there are no +,-,:, X buttons. I am trying various combinations but nothing works.

  8. SueM

    I am still fooling with the discs and can’t see any pattern. But I’m encouraged that you got past that point. There’s hope for me.

    1. Revital

      I just did it methoditly , I started with one disc and placed it arbitrarily , than the second disc than the third, and I did a full circle with the forth . Than moved the third disc OCR and did another full circle with the forth, after completeling a full circle with the third I moved the second once and repeated the whole scenario. Luckily for me I found the right combination quite quickly but it can take a long time. As I said I have no access to the disc after the gate opened so I can’t see what the solution was …

    2. Raven Sterling

      its like a suduko puzzle no color in the line can be the same

  9. SueM

    Thanks. Finally got the discs but now the questions and symbols puzzle is totally baffling. As you say, would make sense if we had math symbols.

  10. SueM

    Finally got the questions/symbols puzzle. Questions 2 and 3 are straightforward. You just press the symbols from library book 3 that add up to the corresponding answer from book 4. For questions 1, 4 and 5 I did sort of a backwards subtraction (question 1 for example: press the symbol for 10 and the symbol for 50 to get 40, and then press the symbol for 3 to get 43). Took a couple of tries but that’s the basic idea. Good thing too cuz I was about to tear my hair out!

    1. Revital

      Thanks sue. I did try subs traction but the old fashion way, you know 50-10, never thought of pressing the 10 before the 50…
      About the star symbols puzzle , I asked them in their Facebook page and they said we should match the stars and the colors but I don’t see any change of colors and I rotated them over and over with no luck. I asked them again but still no answer. If I get any I’ll let you know

    2. SassyJae

      OMG, Thank you for the help! I could not get that one without your post!!

  11. Revital

    Finished the game with the help of the developer but there is a glitch , if you solve the question puzzle before you solve the stars puzzle the game thinks you solve it but you don’t get the last key…
    The answer to the starts puzzle lies in combining the clues in books 1&2. Don’t try to put them in the real order but according to the order of the colors in book 2.

  12. SueM

    Finally finished the game. Thanks for all your help, Revital!
    Just downloaded “Vanished: The Island.” AppUnwrapper gave it an interesting review. Hope my brain is up to it 🙂

  13. Revital

    Thanks sue. I never spend more the 1$ on a game ( except 1112 episode 3 , I couldn’t resist…) I’ll wait for the price to drop…

  14. Andrea

    Please help me. I’m stucked on the pressure valves

    1. Revital

      What pressure valves ?

    2. Empty

      Andrea, there’s help on Good luck.

  15. Empty

    Hi Revital and Sue,
    Thxs for helping with lion puzzle. Now, did u guys find it easier on the square puzzle to start in middle and work your way to outer or outer to middle? I keep getting close but it’s driving me nuts..thanks…

  16. Claire

    Ive completed the tile puzzle but the door below wont open help pleasssse

  17. valerie clark

    The gem puzzle is like suduku, you want a different color in each row & column

  18. Llama mama

    I am so lost… opened the gate to the river, I only found the 4th book, got two keys, what do I do with the acid, stone head, and what are the rocks in the water for with the x in the middle. What is the teepee puzzle, I did the candles, valves, and tile puzzles. No key for 3rd opening under gazebos. Not sure what to do next???

  19. Nonny

    I can not figure the tent, moon phase, puzzle out. I have trued every possible way to put it in.? please help anyone

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