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Alice Trapped in Wonderland: Walkthrough

Alice Trapped in Wonderland By: MediaCity Games Walkthrough: 1. Tap on and read the letter on the desk. 2. Press continue, then walk through the gate and tap on the tree. You'll get sucked in and end up in Wonderland, with four doors in front of you. 3. Take the key that's on the table. Then use it to open the smallest door. You now need something to shrink you down so you can fit through.   You can also watch the video of the first part of my walkthrough Read more [...]

3D Mobile Adventure Game, Maniac Manors, Set to Release This August

Maniac Manors By: Cezure Production Maniac Manors is a unique 3D adventure game for Android and iOS devices by French company Cezure Production. The action takes place in a small 60's American town. The player takes on the role of a real estate manager who thinks he got the deal of the century by buying an old manor for a ridiculously small amount of money at an auction. He gradually understands that the deal could cost him much more than money as he uncovers the secrets behind the old building. Two Read more [...]