Cryptic Cosmos: Walkthrough

Cryptic Cosmos
By: 3D Methods


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Chapter 1:

1. Enter the damaged ship and take the Blank Disk from the command station.

2. Leave the ship and open the octagonal door. Go through. Keep going until there’s a path to the left. Take it. Look at the green screens to get the “core configuration.”



3. Using the diagram, go to the machine to the left and copy the sequence:





4. Now tap on the machine to the right and match it to the colors from the last one:





5. Go back to the green screen an press “Activate power core.”



6. Go back to the corridor and continue through the doors until you reach a locked one. Tap the green screen near it and “activate the corridor.” The door will unlock and you can go through.



7. Before you go through, take the right turn and tap the green screen. Insert the blank disk to write on it, then take it back. Also take the Repair Gun from the table. Leave the room and continue on through the next door.






8. Turn right and tap on the wounded crewman. He’ll pass out, but you can take his Knife.



9. Enter through this door and take the Rifle Scope.



10. Go back to the damaged ship and use the repair gun to repair the controls in the control room.



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OK. I am at the power terminal. The levels are set at 3, 2, 1, 4. The color bars are set at yellow, blue, green, red. I am still getting the “incorrect power configuration” on the display. What am I missing?


Jacob is always tricky. I was looking at the “arrangement” of the colors and not the “sequence”. Thanks.


Nope. I am working on the star charts in Room 11. Have you finished room 11?


Room 11 navigation cube. Where do I put this ? Also what do I have to do in this room ?


I’ve reached room 18 in the 4th building on the planet. It’s near the end of the game. The hint says ‘pick up EMP and gas grenade’. I have the grenade but don’t know what or where the EMP is. Has anyone done this stage? I think what I actually need us a magnet but the game is doing my head in and can’t look any longer…


NVM I’m out. The hints seem to stop at room 18 and you have to wing it. If anyone is stuck, get the magnet from behind keypad (use wrench), use magnet and wrench to open door with 2 buttons and … rest is easy. Hi Lisa btw 😉


Good work. I thought there was a bug about the EMP. But, that hint is in both the android and iOS. There is no EMP to pick up. Using the laser in the other room with all the other lasers was another weird hint. But, as all games, the real fun is figuring out things on your own……..Right?


Where do I put the laser in room 2 in the second building ? Thanks..


Once you pick up the laser in room 2. There is nothing else to do with the laser in 2. Jacob admits there is a bug in that hint. You will not need the laser until room 4…..where it fits into the robotic arm.


How do you solve the 3 pipe puzzle?


If I remember….you set the green level indicator on the large tank to position 1. Then go to the center small tank and hit the green button. That tank Will go up one level. Then hit the green button on the large tank. The level goes up by 1. Then set the green indicator on the large tank to 3. Go to the small left tank and hit green button. It goes up 3. Go to large tank and hit green button. The fluid will rise again. Set the green indicator to the 2 position. Then go to small right… Read more »


Speaking of hint bugs. Eventually you get onto a room 18. You will be asked to get a grenade and an EMP. The grenade is in a container that you will open and retrieve. There is some pulsating thingy in the room. But don’t waste any more time looking for an EMP. Move on. Wing it from there.


hello I’m 05 I press on stage in display on the right side of the screen in all shapes and nothing appears on the screen that this tip is not no friend has some bug so I can enter the code you got with the robot and go to step 09 help me I am standing at this stage 05.


Is there any way to go back? I cut both wires and now I’m stuck on the last level. It seems stuck, no way to enter room 15.


I went back into the corridor a few steps then opened all the doors to get to room 15. No one mentions that.


I went out to the main corridor, but I still can’t get past 15.


In room 11 I have overlaid the star chart. Placed the power cube and engaged the console in the terminal, but I can not get anything to change after that. I understand I need to make the rings change to match the data but how do I do that?


You will see white dots connecting each of 4 different stars. The amount of dots represent each of 4 quadrants on the right wall. The color represents the outermost color ring that needs to show. The screen console sets how many rings in each quadrant. These rings are in 3 colors as you add more. The exact position is the key.

Answer ….upper left quadrant is green, upper right is red, lower right is red, lower left is yellow. This releases the suit in cabinet.


OK, I cut the elevator cables and did everything else, but I can’t seem to move past this screen.


The puzzle in room 3 can’t be completed, because the machine on the left has no coloured lights (just white ones) and the machine on the right doesn’t have a bar along the bottom. Any thoughts?

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