Escape Game: Stealth Diamond: Walkthrough

Escape Game: Stealth Diamond
By: WaveA (IDAC)


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. lina

    Can you help me with the solution of the stealth diamond please ?

  2. lina

    Can you help me with the solution of the stealth diamond please ?thank you

  3. Lizzie

    This was a tricky one What bit are u up to??

  4. Carl

    I’m stuck at the wheel/valve thing. I guess the numbers 4>2>7>10 have something to do with it but have tried everything and just can’t get it. Please help.

    1. K

      Match the colors of the wheel, first colour at 4, then colour at 2, 7 then 10

  5. Stephani

    Can anyone help with this game? I have been stuck for days! I now have the handle with the 4 colors on it, the knife w/ the red gem & the tile w/ the letter “A” on it.

  6. Rachel

    1. Go forward so there is a counter in front of you. Look under the mat to your right and obtain a letter ΓÇÿAΓÇÖ, then look under the cushion on the chair behind you and obtain a gear.
    2. Go back to where you started and then to the right to where there are 4 paintings on the wall. Zoom in on the 2nd painting from the left and add the gear. Obtain a star-shaped mold and a pole.
    3. Click on the panel below the painting and rearrange the letters to spell ART (add the ΓÇÿAΓÇÖ you obtained last). Obtain a box of matches. Retrieve the ΓÇÿAΓÇÖ as you will need it later. Go back to the counter and examine the water tank. Add the star-shaped mold to the left and turn it once to release the handle on top. Take the handle.
    4. Open the book on the counter and note that the four coloured gems and the number of letters in each gem name (4,5,6,7) ΓÇô placing these in order gives you the order of colours you will need for the handle later: blue, yellow, red, green.
    5. Go twice to the right and open the doors of the cupboard behind the table and chairs. Zoom in on the heart shape ΓÇô note that if you ignore the letters that spell HEART you are left with DUS and the colours blue, pink, green. On the shelf above the heart open the round box and change the colour of the lamps to blue, pink green. Obtain a key.
    6. Go to the left and use the key on the glass case on the right-hand side of the room. Insert the pole to obtain a knife. Take this knife back to the round box and cut the seal. Lift up the lid and obtain the letter ΓÇÿEΓÇÖ. Use the ΓÇÿAΓÇÖ and ΓÇÿEΓÇÖ tiles on the panel with the eyes/tear on to spell out TEAR. Obtain a ball. Retrieve the ΓÇÿAΓÇÖ and ΓÇÿEΓÇÖ for later.
    7. Go to the right and light the candle on the table with the matches. Place the ball on top and it will open to reveal a letter ΓÇÿHΓÇÖ. Use all the letters on the panel beneath the candle to spell EARTH. Obtain a bracelet.
    8. Go to the left and the door with the coloured circle. Above this there are four rotating squares. Rotate them so that a square hole is left in the middle and insert the bracelet. You can now add the handle to the coloured circle. The clue 4-2-7-10 written above the dial relates to the numbering of segments. Remember blue, yellow, red, green from earlier. You need to rotate the handle to that blue aligns with segment 4, then yellow at segment 2, then red at segment 3 (which = 7) and green at segment 2 (which = 10). The door will open.
    9. In the new room go to the cabinet. Notice the red gem ΓÇô this is garnet. Spell out GARNET by aligning the levers to the positions according to the letters shown (only some letters are shown but the rest can be inferred). Obtain an earring.
    10. Us the earring to open the rectangle box on the table and on the heart-shaped box inside. Place the heart-shaped box in the heart-shaped mold on the table and obtain a diamond.
    11. Take the diamond to the room with the 4 paintings and go to the alcove in the middle of the room and add the diamond to the heart-shaped hole. Notice how the colours of 4 of the gems of the two panels on the wall differ from each other and that the ones on the right can be touched to change colour. The sign in the middle tells you that the gems should switch position so purple moves to where red was, red moves to where green was etc. Make these changes on the right-hand panel and the exit door will open next to the counter.

    1. Calie

      Can you please explain step 8? It makes no sense.

    2. Ursula

      Hi Rachel. Please explain step 8 a bit more. Do you only turn the fial towards the right or do you go right and left? Thank you!!

  7. maha

    Explain step 11

    1. maha

      The gem part

  8. maha

    I have tried it many times but I don’t know what am I doing wrong I played it again but still don’t know what is wrong please help with the changing gems part.

  9. Loversof games

    Why are idac games not on Google play

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