Escape: No Escape!: Walkthrough

Escape: No Escape!
By: WaveA (IDAC)


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Andrea

    Anyone started yet. I’m stuck on brown box code

  2. spider

    Start with bottom left square. THEN…. use the arrows.

  3. Leane

    I am stuck on the puzzle above the bed in wall?

  4. Leane

    I am stuck on this also, did you find the code for the brown box? I know if you tap the left side it zooms and you see shapes : square = circle x circle x circle. But I haven’t a clue?

  5. Andrea

    I wish I could help u with wall. I got it on pure luck. Just frustrated and kept hitting lines. I think I made an arrow going down to the right. If u figure out the □=○×○×○ plz let me know

    1. litaljohn

      okay so the clue for the box is that square is equal to 3 circles multiplied.

      the keyand other clue is the moved books on the second shelf in the bookshelves.

      in it we see pictures and numbers surrounded by squares before and after. the numbers are filling in the box order. for example one picture shows 6 followed by two black squares and a square outline. this is showing that the first black square is six. another shows a black square the number 120 a black square and a white square, this is showing that the second square is 120.

      so we end up with 6, 120, 504 and the white square. the combination is the solution to what number should follow 504, which from the box clue we know each square is a multiplication of 3 smaller numbers. the squares we are given rise consistantanty and as it turns out so to do the circles. after coming up with different numbers to be multiplied it do happens that the first square (6) can be multiplied by 1x2x3. the second square (120) can be the solution of 4x5x6 and the third square can be solved by multiplying 7x8x9 so the final square which we are solving for should be 10x11x12

      so cliff note version for anyone stuck, the box combo is 1320

  6. litaljohn

    for anyone stuck on the puzzle over the bed it actually not too bad. basicly you at some point should have already gotten the clue with 8 shapes on it and the ninth covered up. this part is just making that ninth piece. it’s actually just simply combining the shapes. for instance in the top 3 shapes, if you make the first shape and then outline the second shape over it, you are left with the third shape. also bear in Mind the wall peices of this puzzle are eithe pushed in or not pushed in, so if one part exists on both shapes it is actually cancelled out.

    in the end combing both shape 7 and 8 leave you with an L shape, so you will push down all bars except the left vertical one and the bottom horizontal.

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