Escape: The Strange Neighbor: Walkthrough

Escape: The Strange Neighbor
By: WaveA (IDAC)


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. zoomescape

    1. Go to the chest of drawers in front of you, open the bottom right drawer and a notebook inside, turn to the second page to see four bar codes you have to match with numbers, then reopen to work them out (top line left page and right page gives you the first, right page gives you the second, second lines left page give you the third, third line left page gives you the fourth). Zoom in on the top right drawer, key the numbers you just found (3817) into the lock, open and pick up a key
    2. Go to the end of a corridor on the left of the lobby, turn right, use the key to open a cupboard door and pick up a mop
    3. Back up, go to another chest of drawers on the other side of the lobby, click to the left and use the mop to pick up a second key
    4. Go back down the corridor on the left, use the key to unlock a door at the end, go into a second room, turn left to see a group of lockers, open the bottom left locker and zoom in on the inside of the door. On it are the initials of the numbers 1-10 with some letters replaced by shapes and the numbers 5962. Work out which shapes match these numbers, then zoom in on a box with shapes on the front of it in the locker and click on the shapes you just identified (square, upside down triangle, filled circle, star). Then open the box and pick up a wooden rose
    5. Go back to the lobby, head upstairs, place the rose on the left of the frame of a picture at the top and pick up a doll from underneath it
    6. Go back to the second room, zoom in on some more lockers in its fireplace, take the top off the doll and use it to open the top right locker and pick up a pair of pliers
    7. Turn left, zoom in on the right of a glass cabinet surrounded by barbed wire, use the pliers to cut the wire, open the cabinet and pick up a tablet
    8. Go to the chest of drawers on the right of the lobby, open the bottom middle drawer and zoom in on a clock inside. Place the tablet over the clock with buttons for numbers and make a note of where the numbers 1-5 appear on them, then take away the tablet and press the buttons in the correct order (7, 10, 4, 1 and 9 ΓÇÿoΓÇÖ clock). Then open the clock and pick up a card with arrows on it and holes in it
    9. Back in the second room, open the right curtain of a window to the right of the fireplace, then click on the right window frame to close the blinds. Zoom in on some coloured dots on the blinds, place the card over them and make a note of the dots that appear next the white arrows on the card, then open the bottom left drawer of the chest of drawers on the left of the lobby to see a padlocked box, zoom in on some coloured buttons on the padlock and press them in the order you just worked out (from top: left blue, right yellow, left yellow, right green). Then open the box and pick up a key
    10. Go back upstairs, turn left, use the key to open the exit door at the end of the landing and use the mop to pick up a handle from beyond a locked steel grate in the doorway
    11. Back in the second room, attach the handle to the bottom left locker in the fireplace, turn it to open the door, use the card to open a box inside and pick up a cutter with no blade
    12. Turn left, open the left door of the glass cabinet, open a box inside and use the cutter to pick up a blade
    13. Turn right, use the cutter to cut open the bottom of the nearest chair around a table and pick up a metal plate with holes in it
    14. Turn left again, open the bottom right locker to see a box with a piece of paper attached to the top. Zoom in on the piece of paper and place the metal plate on it to see four arrows through the holes, then click on four dials with arrows on the front of the box and turn them to match the ones you just found (pointing down, left, up, right). Then open the box and pick up another handle
    15. Turn right, zoom in on the left of the bottom shelf of a bookcase on right of view, move aside some books to reveal a hatch, attach the handle and open it, and pick up a compass
    16. Click inside the hatch to see a note saying: NEWS in red with compass at north, 69312 in green with compass at north, and ENSW with compass at south. Back up, go down a corridor on the right if the stairs in the lobby, open a cupboard door at the end and place the compass on top of a safe inside. Zoom in on the compass to see three needles on its dial and three buttons of the same colours. The letters in the clue are compass directions, with the yellow letters to be understood in reverse because the compass in the clue points south, and the numbers are times. Click on the red button and move (by clicking in the relevant areas of the dial) the red needle to north, east, west and south; click on the green button and move the green needle to 6, 9, 3 and 12 ΓÇÿoΓÇÖ clock; click on the yellow button and move the yellow needle to west, south, north and east. Then open the safe and pick up the exit key
    17. Go back upstairs, turn left, use the key to open the steel grate and escape

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