Infinity Blade III (3) Potion Mixing Guide

Infinity Blade III (3) Potions Mixing Guide
By: Chair Entertainment Group, LLC

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Infinity Blade 3 added a new potion mixing (crafting) system. You can either buy ingredients or find them throughout the game like you do money bags. Pay close attention, because it’s easy to miss them. You then take the ingredients to the Cauldron to mix them together. I’ll be posting recipes for potions as I learn about them. Please bear with me, as this is a work in progress. Feel free to help out by posting what you find in the comments section. The more recipes we get, the fewer ingredients people have to waste.

Also, most potions last for at least three battles (only for the character who drank it).

**Note: One thing I’ve noticed due to some bugs is that most recipes do seem completely random (or at least not set in stone). 2-3 times already I’ve experienced a bug that set me back to before I picked up the potion from the Cauldron and when I picked up the potion again, it was completely different.

Also, I was hoping that all blue ingredients would mean it would always be health-related, but I got a Dark Defense potion from all blue ingredients. So even that’s not predictable. Please let me know if you’re able to reproduce any of my results. Recipes that appear to be predictable will have a “*” next to them.***

If you get tired of trying to get rid of potions, and your ingredient bag is full, continue picking up the ingredients — you’ll get gold instead.

****Note: There is a glitch that allows you to make a gem from a potion. (This only works on version 1.04, as they fixed the glitch with version 1.1) There are various results, but to make a Rare Treasure Gem work $300k or a Rare Darkfire Gem (like in IB2), this is what you need to do:

Cook up a Darkfire potion (10 Rare Roots). Once it’s finished, leave it in there and start another potion. Now go back to the ingredients screen and attempt to make another potion. Since there are already two potions cooking, it will ask you if you want to complete one. Choose yes, and it will complete the one that has no time left on it (make sure that’s the Darkfire potion). Then look in your gem bag for the gem. You can also make the Rare Treasure Gem using a Rare Health Potion recipe (2 Blue Berries + 2 Blue Butterflies).



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Boosts health.


Blue Butterfly:
GREATLY boosts health.


Green Cactus:
Boosts magic abilities.


Green Reeds:
GREATLY boosts magic abilities


Red Flower:
Boosts attack strength.


Red Mushroom:
GREATLY boosts attack strength.


Yellow Cocoon:
Boosts shields.


Yellow Bones:
GREATLY boosts shields.


Rare Bulb:
Boosts the power of any potion.


Rare Root:
GREATLY boosts the power of any potion.



1. 3 Green Cactus made a +5 Poison potion:


2. 2 Red Flower + 1 Green Cactus = Poison Defense Potion OR Attack Charge Potion



3. 2 Red Flowers + 1 Yellow Cocoon = Combat Health Potion


4. 2 Blue Berries + 1 Green Cactus = Magic Stat Potion


5. 2 Blue Berries + 1 Yellow Cocoon = Wind Attack Potion


6. 1 Green Cactus + 2 Red Flowers + 2 Yellow Cocoon = Bright Attack Potion


7. 3 Green Cactus + 2 Red Flowers + 1 Yellow Cocoon + 2 Blue Berries = Bonus Titan Break Potion or Rare Dodge Potion



8. 3 Red Flowers + 1 Blue Berries + 2 Green Cactus + 1 Yellow Cocoon = Light Health Potion


9. 5 Green Cactus + 1 Red Flower + 1 Yellow Cocoon = Dual XP Potion


10. 3 Yellow Cocoon + 3 Green Cactus + 2 Blue Berries + 1 Red Flower = Combat XP Potion


11. 3 Red Flower + 2 Green Cactus + 1 Blue Berries = Attack Charge Potion


12. 4 Blue Berries + 1 Green Cactus + 1 Yellow Cocoon = Health Stat Potion


13. 1 Red Flower + 1 Red Mushroom = Slash Attack Potion


14. 3 Blue Berries + 1 Blue Butterfly = Dark Defense Potion


15. 4 Green Reeds + 1 Yellow Bones = Combat Damage Potion


16. 3 Green Cactus + 3 Blue Berries + 1 Yellow Bones = Shock Attack Potion


17. 3 Green Reeds + 3 Green Cactus + 5 Yellow Cocoon = Shield Stat Potion


18. 10 Yellow Cocoon = Rare Shield Potion


19. 10 Red Flowers = Bonus Titan Break Potion


20. 10 Blue Berries = Dark Attack Potion


21. 1 Blue Berries + 1 Green Cactus + 1 Red Flowers + 1 Yellow Cocoon + 1 Rare Root = Stab Attack Potion


22. 8 Green Cactus + 2 Green Reed = Combat Gold Potion (wow could have had a lot more gold if I just let the ingredients bag fill up)


*23. 1 Blue Berries + 1 Green Cactus + 1 Red Flowers + 1 Yellow Cocoon + 1 Rare Bulb = Rare Elemental Defense Potion (Rainbow Defense)


24. 1 Blue Butterfly + 1 Green Reed + 1 Red Mushroom + 1 Yellow Bones + 1 Rare Root = Attack Charge Potion


25. 10 Yellow Cocoon = Rare Treasure Potion


*26. 2 Blue Berries + 2 Blue Butterflies = Rare Health Potion (note: this seems to be a predictable recipe, and incredibly useful — 250 health/sec!)


*27. 10 Rare Root = +500 Darkfire Gem (Spectrum attack)

28. 3 Red Mushroom + 1 Rare Bulb = Stab Attack Potion


29. 5 Red Mushroom = Rare Block All Potion or Attack Stat Potion


30. 5 Green Reeds = Dual XP Potion

31. 3 Green Cactus + 3 Red Flowers + 3 Yellow Cocoon + 1 Rare Bulb = Bright Attack Potion


*32. 9 Blue Berries + 1 Rare Root = Rare Health Potion (1000 health per sec)

*33. 3 Blue Berries = Rare Health Potion (10 health/sec)


34. 1 of each of the 10 ingredients = Combat Gold Potion


35. 3 Green Cactus + 3 Red Flower + 3 Yellow Cocoon + 1 Rare Bulb = Combat Health Potion


36. 5 Rare Bulbs = Combat Health Potion



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This Post Has 81 Comments

  1. John

    butterfly +blue berries + butterfly +blue berries
    250 health per sec -Impossible to die

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Good to know. Most of the potions have been utterly useless (wish I could sell them, or at the very least discard them) so it sounds like all blue is the way to go.

    2. kin

      your recipe is soooo helpful. blees you for this

  2. Nothing

    10 rare root = darkfire 500 potion

      1. akagamiNo

        1 blue berries + 1 green cactus + 1 red flowers + 1 yellow coccon + 1 rare root = Rainbow Defense potion ^^

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Wait, really? I’ll have to try that, thanks!
          (Not quite the same as a Rare Defense Gem, though!)

          1. Tony

            Same recipe as above but rare bulb rather than rare root and you get the rainbow defense potion (I’ve done it twice so its no fluke)

  3. Michael

    1 blue berries + 1 green cactus + 1 red flowers + 1 yellow cocoon + 1 rare bulb + 1 rare root = Combat Health Potion: On Scratch, Get 300 Health

    1. Michael

      1 Green Reed + 1 Red Mushroom + 1 Yellow Bones + 1 rare root + 1 rare bulb = Attack Stat Potion: +158

  4. Michael

    1 Green Reed + 1 Red Mushroom + 1 Yellow Bones + 1 rare root + 1 rare bulb = Attack Stat Potion: +158

  5. WeMeet

    Once got second chance potion without any boosts ingrdients and 630 light damage lol

  6. Joey

    9 blue berries + 1 rare root = 1000 health per sec

    1. Orion

      I’m not getting consistent results with this one. Thus far it’s produced the following for me:
      1000 Health per Second
      1084 Health per Second
      On Perfect Block, Damage Titan 800

      I’ll add any others as they come up.

      1. Orion

        Same “ingredients” just resulted in:
        On Mega Hit, Get 300 Gold

      2. Synux

        if i have increased potion stats skill, i believe if u add 2 blue butterflies and 2 blue berries it will be 2500 HP p/1sec

    2. Ben_Beano

      thank you joey

  7. Steve

    3 Blue Berries = 10 health/second. Not as strong as 2 berries/2 butterflies, but only 15 chips instead of 50–helpful, as chips become scarcer at higher levels.

  8. Stew

    3 blueberries + 1 cactus + 1 reed = +45 dark attack

  9. steven

    i got a rare hidden objects or something like that using a combine 2 rare roots and some other combination. i use the potion and nothing happened. i really would like to know what this was. i was thinking it might unlock something.

  10. Galren

    It’s possible to turn cooked potions into gems. All you need is all the cauldrons to be full to be full; go to the section that allows you to start cooking a new one; add whatever ingredients(you just need to click the cook button.) As both cauldrons are full as long as one’s finished and able to be picked up it’ll ask you to take the “potion”; click “Ok” and you’ll be shown the “potion” you’ll get, click Ok and said potion will now be a gem which you can sell or equips for a permanent effect.

    1. Bryant

      Galren is right!!!! YOU CAN CREATE GEMS THIS WAY,

      If you cook 1 blue berries+ 1green cactus+ 1yellow cocoon+ 1red flowers + 1rare bulb = rare elemental and do the trick galren gave us, you will get a rare treassure gem which youc cant equip but can sell for 30k

      When you cook 2 blue berries + 2 butterflies= 250health/sec and do galrens trick, ypu will get also a rare treassure gem but this will be worth 300k!!!!! Try it yourself and see THIS IS AN EASY WAY TO MAKE GOLD VERY VERT VERT FAST:):):)

      Share the gems you make with this trick so maybe we can figure out how to get the rainbow defense gem

      1. AppUnwrapper

        You can also make a Darkfire gem this way, using the Darkfire potion recipe. But personally, I’m avoiding this glitch, at least for now. I want to play the game as intended (I may change my mind in the future 😉 ).

    2. Ramin

      Galren, thx for the hint, but i think i didnt get it!

      “As both cauldrons are full as long as oneΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s finished and able to be picked up…”

      What do u mean by “both” cauldrons?
      I have two slots for cooking, all i have to do is put “10” ingridients in one slot and and touch cook button , once it is finished then fill the other one with another 10 ingridients? And the cooked one will turn to gem?

      1. Bryant

        Heey Ramin,

        What galren means is that both potion mixing slots have to be in use(busy making a potion) once they are bothe finished, dont press the pick up potion buttun but press in the top left corner on back. This will take you back to the mix a potion stage. Now put in some ingrediants and press cook, you will get the message received…. Potion but you will actually receive a gem which you can find in your gem bag:)

        Hope this helped

        1. AppUnwrapper

          There’s a Clashmob happening right now. Go go go!

        2. AppUnwrapper

          I also added instructions to the Potions guide. Let me know if you need more clarification.

        3. Ramin

          Wow! Thx Bryant now i got what Garlen wrote about!
          Yeah it works!

    3. Donovan

      Does this glitch work if you spend battle chips to finish the current potion?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I believe it does, as long as both potions in the cauldron still have time left on them. I noticed that if one is ready and the other isn’t, you automatically get the one that’s ready. It doesn’t let you choose the other one.

      2. Donovan

        I actually tried it. I spent 58 battle chips to finish a potion of 10 Rare Roots and still got a Rare Darkfire Gem.

    4. kin

      hi galren is this still working?

  11. Ainno

    Its not great but i got rare health potion 10health/sec – blue beryx3

  12. Sakino

    Ten rare bulbs gave me 1000 healt per second.

  13. Scott

    WARNING: if you use the potion trick above to create rare treasure gems ( 2 blue berries and 2 butterflies) do not try to forge three together. It locks up a gem forge for two days and results in single rare treasure gem worth $300,000.

    You lose two days of use and $600,000 in gem value.

    1. AcidAlchemy

      Wish I read this comment sooner…..

      1. Craig

        Me too … just finished one this morning. I was sure it would be something crazy powerful like spectrum defense.

  14. jiat2001

    Will there be a proper guide to make gems instead of potions? I follow the instructions carefully but ended up with something else. Thanks for the help.

    1. Dark

      Some of the gems are not created with 100% probability.

  15. Dark

    Just made a rare defense potion and through the gem glitching, I got a rare treasure gem which is worth 30k… So the rare defense gem cannot be created through this method?
    Also I could not get the rare fire gem through the map of ash and sorrow 🙁 I defeated the dragon, got the map, havent redeemed the gem, On ios 7.0.2 and latest version of IB3… Any help? I clicked the egg but nothing..
    Thanks guys 🙂

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sadly, the Rare Defense gem has not been discovered yet in the game. Hopefully it will be eventually (unless the deva think it made IB2 too easy?).

      As for the dragon treasure, I believe others have been having that issue and it’s a bug they need to fix.
      I’m waiting on bug fixes too, as I haven’t seen the dragon in many playthroughs, after killing her several times. I miss her 🙁

      1. Dark

        Hmmm You mean that I am supposed to encounter the dragon more than once? I have not seen the dragon ever again after killing it the first time… Hope they fix it soon 🙂 But not remove the gem glitch Haha

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Yeah, once you kill it, it comes back with more HP. I was encountering her at least 1-2 times per playthrough and then one time it glitched and I never saw her again 🙁
          There’s still a whole lot of bugs that need to be fixed.

          1. jiat2001

            I killed the dragon twice and she never came back. Before that I did get the rare 500 fire gem with no issues.

          2. cool guy

            maby you could deafeat the dragon 1 time only

  16. Dark

    Hey everyone who knows how to skip the timers? I succeeded a couple of times through airplane mode and switching dates but not rly sure how i did it …

  17. noah

    To make the rare treasure gem,you put 2 butterflys and 2 blueberries’ in the cauldron (cook it) then u put 2 blue berries’ and 2 butterflies in others cauldron (cook it) then put 2 green cactus (cook it) it will say cauldrons are full spend 1 battle chip to complete then it will give u a rare treasure potion,exit the potion brewing and go to ur gem bag u will find a rare treasure gem the is 300k keep doing this constantly To get a large amount of money

  18. Meo

    I’ve been hearing about the gems from potions glitch has been fixed, can anyone confirm?

  19. Brandon Hdz

    Sorry, I have a doubt. Someone know, how I can mix more than 5 potions in my game? Please 🙂

  20. Mangonoms

    Does the Darkfire gem glitch work if you have 4 potion slots? Would you fill up the remaining three slots 1st, then attempt to make a new potion?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The potion-to-gem glitch doesn’t work in 1.1. They fixed it. It only worked on 1.04.

      1. Mangonoms

        Darn… Why hasn’t it been deleted then?

  21. xdigitdex

    Wait… Can’t there be a way to open some of the files on your computer using I explorer ad some other programs to make it so you can open those other files to find the recepie for gems if you can read code?

  22. Aliie

    Erm anyone manage to get a recipe for Rare Xp+ potion? it gives a 200% more xp.This morning i was playing around with the ingredient and somehow it gave me this potion :X

  23. Pam

    How do you put 10 ingredients in the cauldron? It’s designed to hold five! Help!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      They changed it in 1.1 so you need Isa’s Green Thumb skill to use more than 5 ingredients.

      1. Scott

        When fighting an elemental Titan, I tried using two 100 & 50% rainbow defense gems. Seemed to reduce the residual damage.

        1. Jo

          Instead of using 100% our 50% gems use one of each, you need a lot of slots but will take no damage

  24. Chris BS

    Mix 5 rare bulb and 5 rare root and get a 1000 Heath every 1 second… This is the best potion you will be able to cook 🙂

    1. Scott

      If you have siris’s potion skills fully updated and mix together 2 blue berries and 2 blue butterflies you get a 2,500 health/ second potion.

  25. Olli

    1 rare root + 4 rare bulb = by perfect parry Titanium injured 5000

  26. Siris

    5 rare root = 10,000 Heath every 1 second
    If you have sirisΓÇÖs potion skills

  27. Jeremy

    2 green cactus got rare dodge potion just got it I was so surprised

  28. Byronhubbard

    Did they change something with potions lately. I’ve cooked 9 berries/1 rare for 1000hp/sec potions about 10 times lately and only got either on block get 250 atk power or on hit get 5% magic. What happened to the good hp regen recipe?

    1. Lim Shi Jie

      2 blue berry & 2 blue butterfly & rare roots for 1k hp/regen ( still don have potion master )

  29. Luke.P

    5 rare bulbs + 5 blueberries = rare heath potion +1000hp per second

    1. cool guy

      is it true

  30. Ghost of the Oak

    2 blueberries + 2 blue buterflier potion imakes you invincible. The 250ht/sec potion is a great cure for injures :)Yesterday I won a fight with the Collector which was on level 2500. I had la bit less than 10000 health points, I fought using the Molnar (600 hit points). The Collector had no chance.
    Using this potion you can master all possible pieces of an equipment, even the weakest blades with about +10 hit points. In this case it’s handy to have a gem giving about +100hit points (a circle-shaped green gem). With this item every weapon will be efficient enough to kill average titan. You don’t need to buy such expensive gem – just collect smaller green gems and fuse them into the bigger one at gemcutters’.
    Mastering of items is important, because it gives points for building the character and gaining new skills. When the character is promoted on a higher level, he/she gets 2 points. One good fight of Isa or Siris equipped with cheap shield and mask gives 2 points too (for mastering items) and some xp for leveling up in the future. That’s why using ‘blueberry health potion’ is so important.
    I prefer to upgrade mastered items and use them once more – it’s more sensible than selling them. Sometimes I sell upgraded and mastered items that are relatively expensive enough and further upgrading them cost too much.
    When you cook or upgrade something that takes much time, you can make shorter missions: you play about 15-20 minutes and wake after 3-4 hours of the game local time 🙂

  31. zak

    anyone know how to make rare shield potion ie. 10 shield every 2 seconds?

    1. cool guy

      I found out a potion i forgot what it does but I remmember the recipe its a pattern 1blueberry and put yellowbones and 1butterfly and yellowbonesa again and 1 blueberry

  32. David

    Hey I know this is a dumb question but how do you get 10 slots? I only have 5 atm

    1. cool guy

      easy its a skill

  33. kin

    5 red mushrooms-block all attacks
    left side 1 each- rare spectrum defense
    10 yellow cocoons-more gold in the world

  34. Cal

    So can anyone confirm that the potion to gem trick still work or not?


      Don’t think so

    2. cool guy

      it work’s in 1.4 not 1.1

  35. Player

    5 rare bulbs and 5 rare roots make a + 500 magic boost

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