Infinity Blade III (3) Guide, Help and Walkthrough

Infinity Blade III (3) Guide, Help and Walkthrough
By: Chair Entertainment Group, LLC

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Here you’ll be able to find a walkthrough guide for IB3, including hints, tips and help that seem useful. It’s a work in progress, so bear with me. Feel free to help out in the comments section.

If you’re looking for the IB3 Treasure Maps Guide, click here. And here is the potion mixing guide.

If you loot duplicate pieces of equipment, save them until they’re level 10 before selling them. They’ll sell for more gold!

The Hideout:
New to Infinity Blade 3 is the home base called “the Hideout.” Here you’ll find the Potion Mixer, the Blacksmith (once you recruit him), the Gem Cutter (once you recruit him) and the Merchant, who visits periodically by ship (the Merchant is the only way you can sell items). You also have a 3D map that allows you to jump to available locations, including Clashmobs and Trials.

If at any point you feel outmatched and want do do more leveling, you can return to the Hideout. This gives you a new option besides defeating the boss, dying, or “restarting a rebirth.”

Even though the game, at times, gives you more than one location to choose from, it is still very linear. You must complete each area (defeat the boss) before you can move on with the story. So if you miss anything (like map treasures) you have to wait for the next play through to get it.


Trials appear on the map and are like Clashmobs. You get a certain amount of Battle Chips based on how many parries, blocks, or whatever the goal may be.


In IB3, you have “Awakenings” instead of Rebirths, and they increase in number each time you get killed by a boss or defeat a boss and move on to the next area. Leaving the area before either one happens does not affect your Awakening number. This allows for much more freedom than in the previous games.


In IB3, you play both as Isa and Siris. Sometimes you can choose which one to play with, but other times the game chooses for you. Isa sneaks around and is super-fast. She’s a blast to play.


Skills are new to Infinity Blade as well. They add quite a bit of depth to the game, while also forcing players to upgrade stats they don’t necessarily want (I’m not a fan of that, but I see the benefit). Some Skills only affect Isa or Siris, but some affect both. For instance, Siris’ “Second Chance” skill allows both Isa and Siris to come back from the dead with about 1/3 to 1/4 of their HP so they can continue fighting.

If you need to earn some XP, gold, etc, return to the Hideout and start the Act from the beginning. The enemies will be the same levels as when you left. You could also go to the Interlude for a quick battle and some loot.


The Multiple Infinity Blades:

You’ll soon learn that there’s more than one Infinity Blade. Apparently there are 6, but as of now you can only get four:

The Infinity Blade
The Infinity Cleaver
The Infinity Spear
The Infinity Daggers

The other two will likely be available in a future update.

The Dragon:

The dragon is new to IB3 and appears at (seemingly) random points throughout the game. It flies over you, breathing fire. You’ll have a second or two in which dodge buttons appear and you need to dodge the flames. Then the dragon will land and you can fight it. Any damage you do to the dragon will still be there next time you encounter it. The first time you defeat the dragon, you’ll get a map.
If you want to make sure you’re prepared for the dragon (holding your most damaging weapon), you can usually tell if your next enemy will be the dragon by the fact that there’s no button to check what enemy it is. You just see the pulsing circle that you need to tap on.

Damage the dragon until it has only 500 hit points left (no matter what, she will have some HP left and fly away). When you next go to the Hideout, there will be a location on the map to go to Larioth and kill the dragon before it heals. The dragon will be sleeping when you get there. Fight the dragon, kill it and you get the map. Afterwards you have to go to the Vault of Tears (in a new play through if you already passed it), and kill the first 3 enemies. Enter the courtyard area where the statue is (of a guy fighting a dragon). Tap on the statue and you get a +500 Rare Fire gem. You can keep killing the dragon as many times as she appears, but you get gold rewards after the first time.

If you get the glitch where the dragon doesn’t show up anymore, try going back an awakening. That worked for me.

You can wear a Skill Dragon Gem to make the dragon stay longer (assuming it doesn’t defeat you).







Imagine Dragons Axe:

How to get the Imagine Dragon Axe:
In the character menu (where you see Items, Supplies, Skills, and Goals), click the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen. Select ΓÇ£Chair StoreΓÇ¥ and scroll to Imagine Dragons: Monster. Select ΓÇ£BuyΓÇ¥ or ΓÇ£GiftΓÇ¥. Doing so will reward you with the weapon. YouΓÇÖll receive the sword whether or not you buy the song.
The axe looks really cool, and even plays the Imagine Dragon song heard at the end of the game.





The game starts with you playing Raidriar, the God King from the other two games. He confronts the Worker of Secrets. [I highly suggest you watch all the cut scenes. John Noble (Walter from Fringe) does an excellent job as the Worker of Secrets (Galath)].
You’ll get to fight a couple of battles as Raidriar, but then you’ll continue as Siris and Isa.

Act 1: The Anomoly
Raidriar’s Stronghold, Larioth



Here you play only as Siris. A thief steals from one of your treasure chests (she later becomes the Merchant). You loot the Map of Life, and the treasure is found in the same room. So pick it up or you have to wait for your next play through. At the end of this Act, you’ll fight what appears to be Raidriar wielding another Infinity Blade, the Infinity Cleaver. After you defeat him, you’ll get his weapon and head back to the Hideout. Back at the Hideout, the Merchant will visit you.

Act 2: Buried in the Past
The Seccian Desert



This is the first time you get to play Isa, and she is loads of fun! Super-fast and she kicks ass! At the end you fight Terrovax.

Act 3: The Right Weapon
The Broken Tower & The Pit




Act III gives you two separate locations. One you play with Isa, and one with Siris. There’s also the Interlude – Stockpile (you’ve seen it before), that can be played as many times as you want by either character. This will stick around until the end of the game and is useful for some extra leveling and gold. It also has four doors that can only be opened once you have certain equipment.
***Note: The latest update, 1.04, makes the Interlude disappear from the map once you’ve acquired all four unlock able treasures. So don’t get the last one until you’re ready to say goodbye to that area.***

The Pit is Siris’s location and it’s an arena, where he must battle several deathless before the boss will fight him.

The Broken Tower in Lanithor is Isa’s location and she goes underground to an area under the sea. She has to rescue Jensen, the captured Blacksmith, and recruit him to your side. She also fights a version of Thane that has four heads, called Deathless QIP Abomination.


Act 4: Revelations
The Vault of Tears & The House of Kor



Siris’s mission is in the Vault of Tears at night.


Isa’s mission is at the House of Kor, where she fights Lelindre and recruits the Gem Cutter.

Act 5: The Ark

Act 5 starts with Siris, but the two split up and control switches back and forth between him and Isa. Once they reach the Worker of Secrets, Isa tells Siris to go after him while she fights Raidriar.

See our Ausar Rising guide here.

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  1. Matthew

    I don’t know whereas it’s only me but… Has anyone seen clashmob, ageis tournament or trail at all on their map?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      They had one of each on day 1. I played a parry trial that rewarded you based on how many parries you did. The Clashmob had three stages to it, but was extremely laggy. I managed to kill 6 enemies, but there was no sign of it by the next morning. There was also a really big goal with a very small mob. I have a feeling it was too buggy and they’re still working out the kinks before they bring them back.

  2. kevin

    i can’t find clashmobs on the world map at all.

  3. Ryan

    any idea of rainbow defense gems and darkfire gems as in IB2? I tried using the same formula from IB2 but it didn’t work. 🙁

    1. Matthew

      I tried as well… And I noticed two new gems
      First is that there are star shaped gems…. (No idea what they are for)
      Second is that there are this gem called switch class gem, description is when use super, switch weapon class. The weapon class switched to seems random and I don’t see any good about it.

      1. Ryan

        i have all top equipment so now i’m just farming act 5 for more cash, xp and gems. i’d love to find the gem recipe for the spectrum attack and spectrum defense

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I don’t think there are any in the game at the moment. The old recipes from IB2 don’t work. 🙁

          1. Malachi Dodge

            You can get a Darkfire Attack Gem +500. I have it. You have to do it through potions. I haven’t figured out the rainbow defense though.

            Also: There are no star shaped gems. A star shaped slot allows you to equip any gem that is not “heavy” “light’ or ‘dual’

  4. Simon

    Hi guys! Does anyone know how to get into the room you reach with Isa in the Act 2 at the end? The room to insert the different weapons? You see it but then you have to fight against Terrovax and don’t get back to this room..

      1. Simon

        Yeah. Do you know how to do it?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Once you open all four chests (2 from Isa, 2 from Siris), the place disappears until you defeat the Worker again. Then it reappears at Act 3 and you can open all four chests again (but not for the same rewards).

          1. Matthew

            I think Simon means the room with all the carved in infinity blades

  5. John

    How do you return to the hideout when you are in an act without the deathless killing you?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Go to the menu and tap on the upper right corner (a little gear) and you’ll see some options like Game Center. At the very bottom, if you’re not in middle of a battle, you’ll have the option to return to hideout.

  6. Matthew

    I *think* I have an idea to get large keys:
    After you finish the game, you will go from the beginning and your awakening will be risen by [how many times you have completed the game]. What you want to do is keep going back to the last awakening until your awakening is only one more than how many it is when you are at the ark, and the end boss fight god king will be only on lv 25 with 900 health and you should get a large key from your fight

  7. Jerovis

    do you know if there is a hidden chamber or reward if wearing the full king’s armor, as in IB2

  8. Pants

    Does anyone know how to get to the upstairs room and medium chest in Act 1? After you arrive on the boat, kill 2 dudes, open the regular chest and the medium chest, the central door and left hand door open. When you go in to the left you can see a chest up higher and I am imagining that you can access it from the door on the right in the main hall…? Little help.

  9. Josh

    What is in the last room of act 1? After you beat raidriar you can use a large key to go somewhere but i dont want to waste it for something dumb or be unprepared like my first time in the skycages (IB2)

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s just a large chest. There aren’t any areas like that room from IB2 (at least not yet).

      1. Josh

        Alright thanks and do you know about that right path thats unaccesible after you get off the boat?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Hopefully that’ll open up in a future update.

  10. Shane

    When can you return to act 2 as siris to gain access to the top right and top left areas where you need certain weapons? I can’t seem to ever be able to go back.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You should be able to go back any time after Act 2, as long as you didn’t complete all four of those rooms. If you did, you have to wait till you complete Act 2 again with Isa.

  11. rait

    anyone know the sword is still hidden in the ISA

  12. Cameron

    How do I get the swords tht are all black and have “?????” As their name. The ones at the bottom of the lists.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Which ones? Some can be looted normally or bought at the merchant. Others can only be bought in Deathless mode. And others will be Aegis tournaments rewards.

  13. David

    Please help – been playing IB3 a long time, love your guides. Have almost all items at lvl 10, but still have several hidden items I haven’t been able to unlock, even with multiple rare prize wheels, deathless quests, etc. Can I send you screenshots of the items? Have looked online – found a couple of IB3 “hidden items” guides, but they are all incomplete. Missing items:
    1 Isa dual weapon
    1 Isa shield
    1 Siris heavy weapon (this one I actually know, it’s anarchax)
    1 Siris shield
    1 Siris helmet

    These are in addition to the new hidden items with the Blade Masters update:
    1 ring for each character
    1 shield for Isa
    1 Isa helmet (besides the Jahsna mask and Kermec helm)

    Any help you can give me in identifying these, and how to unlock them (BTW still suffering from the glitch where Ryth won’t give Siris the dual solar weapons, but got the heavy solar for Isa…Rrrrrgh), would be greatly appreciated, and I’m happy to send screenshots to you via email if that will help.

  14. Parham Golestaneh

    Him I have a really serious problem with my IB3. Wish u can help me.
    IT DOESN’T CONNECT TO THE INTERNET! I don’t have clashmobs, …. Please help. I tried refreshing my ticket, but it doesn’t refresh. Pease help.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Try contacting Chair’s customer service (you can do so through the game). They’re usually very helpful.

  15. Bryan

    What level are your characters when you complete chapter 5? Reached that area but having spool much trouble advancing. The titans are doing some insane damage that can kill me in 1 or 2 chains if I miss the parry or dodge.

  16. David

    Has anyone gotten the stockpile to turn into a chest yet? I’ve been all over it and I have everything but it won’t go to completion yet.

  17. Gman

    How do I upgrade my weapons past level 10?

  18. Christian Frias

    Como puedo subir de nivel armas a nivel 15?!! Por favor ayuda

  19. Michael

    Can we play the game after completing story… If it does… Did we lost our weapon?

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