Rooms – Open the doors to escape: Walkthrough

Rooms – Open the doors to escape
By: Francesco Franchini

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Room 1: To unlock the door, press the arrow buttons in this order (following the drawing above the door):
Down, Right, Down, Left.


Room 2: Move the top part of your device back side to side, as shown in the diagram above the door.


Room 3: Swipe two fingers across the door, from right to left.


Room 4: Tap the clock until it changes to noon (when the sun is high in the sky).


Room 5: Tap the “0” until it changes to “22” (each number adds 1 more, so after 17 you want to add 5).


Room 6: Hold your finger on each of the square panels for a few seconds until they fall down. Then press the buttons above each letter, matching the color to the letter (P for Purple, R for Red, B for Blue, and G for Green).



Room 7: Tap the wheels so they change direction to match the lines above the door.

Room 20:


Room 8:

Room 9:

Room 10:

Room 11:

Room 12:

Room 13:

Room 14:

Took 15:

Room 16:

Room 17:

Room 18:

Room 19:

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