Infinity Blade III (3) Unlimited Gold and Battle Chip Glitches Guide

Infinity Blade III (3) Unlimited Gold and Battle Chip Glitches Guide

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There are several known glitches in Infinity Blade 3 that allow you to make instant (unlimited) gold or battle chips (BCs). This guide will walk you through some of those glitches. Keep in mind that, as glitches, Chair may fix them at any time, and I do not know what will happen when they do. Use these glitches at your own risk.

**Note: The Soul Hunter update fixed these glitches, so they won’t be available in 1.1 or later. There is, apparently, another glitch with two character slots. If you go back and forth between them, you can duplicate certain things like BCs from Trials. But some have had their data wiped doing this, so try it at your own risk! I think the game is pretty balanced now, so I don’t think it’s worth the risk and haven’t tried it myself. Doing so also makes it more likely that ChAIR will do something like in 1.1 to delete them all. They just gave us a huge gift (see here for more info) and a huge update, so enjoy the game and please don’t use the new glitch. 🙂 ***

Gold Glitches:

1) Make sure you have some gems in your gem bag. Go to the Gem Cutter, and move a gem into the forge. While it’s in one of the three forge slots, select the whitish yellow circular “sell” button in the lower left corner of the screen. You’ll get the gold, but when you leave the Gem Cutter, you’ll still have the gem. This is a really easy way to make more gold if you’re running short, but I suggest you don’t rack up too much gold with this, or it can ruin all the fun.


Battle Chip Glitches:

1) The battle chip glitch is not quite as simple. You can only do it while at the Merchant Ship. You need to scroll to an item that can be purchased using battle chips (like an herb or a key) and then press the “sell” tab and the buy button at the same time (the sell tab should be pressed slightly earlier). Be careful not to sell your equipment instead or buy the herb/key. I find it helps to hold both buttons down together and try to release them at the exact same time. It takes practice to get it right. You should hear a little “ka-ching!” when it works. Good luck!

As you can see here, I used the Butterfly for the glitch, so I didn’t get much from it, but you can see the amount climbing. If you have a more expensive item available (like a Rare Root) , you’ll get considerably more chips, as you can see below. The merchant won’t sell you any items that you don’t have room for. So a good way to give yourself a chance of getting a good item in there to do this with is to have all other herbs (besides Rare Root) full. That way you won’t end up with something that won’t give you much BCs. Also, it’s easier if you use a weapon that has a gem in it so you can’t accidentally sell it.









See all our Infinity Blade guides in one handy place.

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So for the battle chip glitch, exactly what
Are the rewards i would get?


Thanks! Does the glitch work even if i dont have enough battle chips to buy the item too?
Also, if the glitch works perfectly, what is gonna happen? Just an increase of chips, or anything else?
Really appreciate the replies, thanks in advance!


Holy… It worked o.O you meant by a matter of ten thousands LOL

Samuel Wong

Thanks of the post. But I learned a little late for a newer release just out last night.


Great…..until update!


The bug for selling the gem to the gem cutter and getting it back is gone… And I didn’t even update it…


Confirmed: gem cutter selling glitch is gone. Just sold my rare treasure gem for the very last time 🙂


However… the update is great and there is lot of fun until I will need more money again 🙂

Max Starreveld

IT STILL WORKS i have done it like twenty times, not a single fail.


The new release was quite the trick to play. The best I can tell all the special treats have been removed. No more creating gems using potions and they took away thousands of chips.


I just did this procedure earlier with small key that is sold in the merchant, this time it’s the gold that is increasing not the BC… but after I sell all my duplicates, it stopped working. -_-

Johnny Ringo

Hey can I get a bit more info on the BC cheat? The gold cheat still works for me, so I must have an older version, but I tried doing it with a small key. I must not be doing it right. After a few tries (luckily the only unequipped mastered item I have has a gem in it) I ended up accidentally buying the small key. Can you go over the process in more detail?



Hey, the gold glitch doesn’t work! My gem got sold! Do you have any gold glitches for Version 1.1?


The glitch does not work:( Ps the hacks they show are bs none of them work I tried three different time no good


Does any one know a way to get gold fast?

Johnny Ringo

Never Mind my earlier comment, they both work! Thank you SO MUCH! I don’t have to wait for the blacksmith, I can make rare darkfire gems, and also I can get maps that I wasn’t able to get with your battle chip cheat. And with the gold, I got all the best weapons with Isa and Siris, and I ca upgrade them continually to get ore xp. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

How do you find out these cheats anyway?


Anyone know if this has been patched yet or is it still working ?
And would a good way to also get money is do this glitch and buy rare gem wheels and just sell the gems on ?


definitely got patched. just tried it for myself, and it didn’t work.


why didn’t the gold glitch work for me


Any know if there are ANY glitches still for still or they all patched ????


lol sorry about my spelling.


If there are any glitches still then please reply thank you.


When forging gems, put the three gems you want to forge in the gem slots, and sell the gems while they are in there. Then click fuse. The gems should still fuse, and you get a bit of your money back.
I have 1.3.2

Lance Hamilton

Glitches don’t work just lost my best gem for 900poison


Is there any glitches for infinity blade 3 v1.3.1


Are there any new money glitches :/

Max Starreveld

The gem one still works.


this whole article should really be erased if there’s no useful info because of the update…. unless someone out there has a method that currently works (not counting the hacks… those are total scams). so basically, this is a desparate plea for help in order to avoid making this game completely take up all of any gamers’ time.


I have a legit method for acquiring quick gold. This requires: Access to Observatory Interlude (with Oslim) Queen’s Armor for Isa (recommended for maximum gold) Gold+ Gems Isa’s Lockpick III skill (opens medium chest for free) The first thing to do is to get the Queens armor to at least level 10 so all the gem slots are star-shaped. Fill each gem slot with Gold+ gems (max is 37%). Play the level and collect all gold bags and chests. By completing the level, you will be able to open four chests for free because of Isa’s lockpick skill. There will… Read more »


my wow thankyou but how do you make gold + gems?


Hmmmm i tried the gem glitch,doesn’t work is it still working for any of you guys?

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