Infinity Blade III (3) Gem Fusing/Forging Guide

Infinity Blade III (3) Gem Fusing/Forging Guide

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See our Ausar Rising guide here.

This is a work in progress, but will be a guide for fusing gems in IB3. Let us know if you find any useful recipes.

**Update: Fuse a Great Parry All Gem: I got it by fusing a Dual Attack Charge Gem 1000 or more (worth $300,000) with a Heavy Gold Gem and Dual Gold Gem. Your results may vary.





**I highly recommend you get Isa’s new skill, “Gem Master” for 250 Attack. You get much better gems from the results. For instance, I gave three Bright Attack gems around +100 each to the cutter and got a +400 capped gem! This would have had much weaker results in version 1.1.

***New! If you got the +1000 Darkfire gem from the new Dragon, Pisci, you can fuse it with two capped +400 elemental gems or +750 indoor/outdoor gems to get +1500 Darkfire! Keep fusing to get +500 each time. You don’t need extra Darkfire gems!


Note: The formulas seem to have changed a bit with version 1.2. My Shield gem went from +120 to +125 when I used uncapped gems to upgrade it. It seems that you only get the full upgrade now if you use all capped gems. Can anyone else confirm this?

To make a Rare gem (elemental, attack, shield or health), you need to combine a capped regular gem, a capped indoor gem, and a capped outdoor gem.

For elemental gems, that means you combine a 400 gem + 750 Indoor + 750 Outdoor (of the same element) to get a +500 Rare Elemental Gem. Each additional fusion gives you +100.





For Attack gems, you need a +200 gem and capped +375 indoor/outdoor to get a +250 Rare Attack Gem. Each additional fusion gives you +50.





For Health gems, you need a +50 gem and capped +87 indoor/outdoor to get a +60 Rare Health Gem. Each additional fusion gives you +10.





For Shield gems, you need a +60 gem and capped +120 indoor outdoor to get a +75 Rare Shield Gem. Each additional fusion gives you +15.

For all of them, you can keep building on them by combining a Rare gem with a high level indoor/outdoor gems. They don’t need to be capped, but if either is too low a level, the Gem Cutter won’t allow you to forge them. So simply go back and make them more powerful.

** This seems no longer relevant in 1.2. Or is it only if you have the Gem Master skill? (Keep in mind when upgrading gems to their caps that gems work in tiers. If you fuse a +45 Shield, a +45 shield and a +20 shield, you only get +47. The second and third gems can be just about any power and will affect the first gem the same way. So don’t waste your more powerful gems in the forge — you’re basically just throwing them away. Use smaller ones to boost the bigger ones.)

New in Ausar Rising, you can make Rare Defense gems! Start with any three elemental defense gems. Fuse them to get a 5% Rare Defense (All Defense) gem. Fuse three 5% gems to get a 10% gem, 3 x 10% = 25%, 3 x 25% = 50%, and finally — 3 x 50% = 100% Rare a Defense gem (keep in mind, it only does 90% against Elemental (Rainbow Attack) titans.

Also new in 1.2 is the Perfect Parry All and Great Parry All gems. I haven’t tested this yet, but word is that you get it by forging three “On Perfect Parry, Damage Titan 6250.”

See all our Infinity Blade guides in one handy place.

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  1. Jerry

    Regarding the Health Gem, I think the cap is only 50, and 87 for both indoor and outdoor.. haven’t seen any number higher than that yet.. please correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. Matt

    What does indoor and outdoor mean?

    1. Glen

      Good question, I can’t find a guide to help me forge my gems. I seem to be just wasting all of my gems. I have not a clue what the Bright Attack jems are for or how to make an indoor/outdoor gem.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        What do you mean? A Bright Attack gem is an elemental gem. And not sure of the formula for an indoor/outdoor gem. Your best bet is wearing skill gem drop gems so you loot more gems, and buy what you need from the shop and merchant.

    2. Bat

      Any answer on this? What does indoor/outdoor mean?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Indoor means it works inside and outdoor means it works outside. When the test is white instead of gray, it means it works where you are (some locations are considered both indoor and outdoor).

    3. Jp

      In a place or outside

  3. Jerry

    Something worth sharing with IB3 Fans:

    This is my way of preventing junk gems.. And IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m still doing it til now, but it needs patience.. Everytime I get a junk gem from the gemcutter, I immediately close the app and restart it again. I noticed that the time in between is too short for the game to be saved, so meaning when you re-open the app and visit the gem-cutter, the previously fused gem is still there for you to collect. Just repeat the procedure until you get the gem you needed, and that is the reason why IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ve so many parry and perfect parry damage gems. But remember just one thing, as soon as you get the gem you wanted/needed, donΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t close the app, instead make some action or visit the interlude for the game processed to be saved. Enjoy! 😀

    1. Jerry

      BTW, this process doesn’t apply with potion mixing because the recipe is fixed.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I don’t think that’s the case with most potions. There are a few fixed recipes (like the 250 hp/sec potion), but most are random. I’ve had the same thing happen at the potion mixer, where it acted as though I didn’t pick up my potion yet. The second time it was a different potion.

        1. Jerry

          Oh! I see.. disregard my comment then. LOL XD

  4. Djar

    I hope this is not a silly or redundant question but as I have not found any of the “capped gems ” yet is there a guide to forge the gems into their “capped” state?


    1. AppUnwrapper

      Simply forge smaller amounts of the same gem together. But keep in mind, it’s a bit different than in IB2 in that the gems work in tiers. Always put your biggest gem in the left slot, and try to use very small ones in the other two slots, as bigger and smaller ones will have the same effect on the first gem, so you’ll just waste bigger ones if you put them in those slots.

      1. Djar

        Cool thx. I have found though that I often get random gems of a different sort when I combine 3 of the Sam sort. Is that normal?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          No, that’s weird. If they’re the same exact gems just different power, you should get the same gem back.

          1. Djar

            Do they need to be also the same element?

  5. NightWight

    If its possible to forge a spectrum defense gem still, could you spell out the recipe for me? 🙂 I tried the old IB2 one and completely failed…. :-/

    1. Ib3Kadoodler

      Take 3 defenders gems and forge them. You will get 5% damage gems repeat that 3 times. Forge those three gems together to get 10% damage gems get three of those and forge them and repeat that process until you get 100% damage defence gem

  6. hovado

    What do you mean by ‘Each additional fusion’?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      When you fuse a Rare gem with two capped (or near/capped, worth $300,000) gems of the same kind, the rare gem grows in strength. So essentially, rare gems can be fused an unlimited number of times, for unlimited power.

  7. Rod P

    Also, do you know if there’s any cap on attack stat gems? I currently have:


    And don’t know whether I should leave them as is, or if fusing them I will get anything better.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Regular attack stat gems (the round green ones) cap at 200. Your best bet is to put the strongest one in the left slot at the gem cutter and use much weaker ones in the other two slots to build it up bit by bit. The gem cutting is a bit different than in IB2, and it’s very easy to waste powerful gems, thinking they’ll make the first gem even more powerful. They won’t. I wasted some nice gems discovering that. So if you’re working with a regular gem (not Rare yet), don’t combine, say, 100, 100 & 50. You’ll get one gem that’s barely over 100. So save the other 100 gem to build on separately.

      Hope that makes sense!

  8. Rod P

    Makes perfect sense, thanks!

    For some reason my original question didn’t show up, regarding health stat gems. Is there a character limit when posting here?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hmm that’s weird. I didn’t see any other post. Was there a link in it? My spam filter catches a lot of those.

      1. Rod P

        Not at all… even a cut down version I just wrote still won’t post, maybe it’s something in the contents of the message, I’ll re-write…

        1. AppUnwrapper

          That’s so weird. I know duplicate posts won’t work. And there are a few things I filtered out because of spammers, but I highly doubt any of them would come up in an IB discussion.

  9. Rod P

    Still not posting, I’ll first give you the gem list in one post and the question in the other:


    Health stat gem

    +45 indoor
    +46 indoor
    +48 indoor

    +49 outdoor

    Plus the normal ones:


    1. Rod P

      Am I better mixing the three indoors, three normal ones and mix the results with the outdoor one? Should I just mix one of each? Am I going to get anything good out of it or is the fusion going to end up with a not-so-strong result?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        If your ultimate goal is to have a Rare gem that you can keep building on, you want to keep the gem types separate until you have a capped one of each kind. So only fuse normal attack until you have a +200 attack. Only fuse outdoor together until you have a +375. And the same for indoor. If you mix them, you might not even get an attack gem back. Once you have a Rare gem, though, it can be fused with any of the three kinds, as long as the other two gems are each worth $300,000.

        Edit: Just realized you were talking Health, not Attack. The regular gems cap at 50 and the indoor/outdoor cap at 87.

  10. Rod P

    So I should continue fusing them until I achieve the cap, then I can fuse them together for a rare? If I mix those three indoors I should probably get a capped one?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sadly, you will likely not get a capped indoor gem from those three. You might get close, but the game is pretty stingy when it comes to gem cutting.

      And yes, once you have capped regular, indoor and outdoor gems, you can fuse all three to make a rare gem. Then you can keep building on that rare gem, without needing to cap the others.

      1. Rod P

        Pity 🙁 I may stick with what I have then. Thanks for all the help!

        Ps: have you discovered any new money/chip coin bugs on version 1.1 yet?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Nope :(. And I didn’t upgrade everything before updating, so I keep running out of gold. Upgrades are expensive at level 8.

          But it looks like another update should be coming this month. They need to put the Christmas helm in the game, and hopefully some other new content.

      2. Rod P

        No worries, thanks for that.
        Oh yes – is there a cap for rare ones? Eg I have the 500 rare fire (that everyone gets), also a regular +58 & +111 fire attack. Am I likely to get a better one if i fuse them?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          You can build on that +500 gem, but not with those two. It won’t let you. The other two gems need to have a selling price of $300,000 for it to work.

          1. Rod P

            Jeez that’s makes it all hard. Thanks for the help 🙂

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Yeah, in IB2 I didn’t even focus on gem fusing until I had every piece of equipment mastered. But IB3 makes it even harder because of the cost of all the equipment upgrades and the battle chips to get things like keys and gem wheels.

  11. NightWight

    Can you explain to me what a Titan LVL +100 gem does? I have one as well as a +50, but am unsure what they do. I’m assuming the +100 adds a bonus of 100 levels to any Titan i kill when figuring my final rewards….?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It makes the Titan level 100 levels higher, for both the battle and the rewards.

  12. Rod P

    Hey, me again 🙂
    After chair was nice enough to give us 50k in chips, I’m finally getting some rare gems. I got your point regarding mixing indoor outdoor and capped one for a rare… But how about the ones that are not attack defense or health?

    Eg I was just given:

    Combat damage gem: block damage 608
    Combat damage gem: perfect block damage 803
    Heavy damage gem: block damage 800

    All of them are worth 300,000. Is it worth fusing them?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I haven’t personally had a chance to test them out yet, but some gems like parry damage/heal gems have had their caps increased with the new update. So it might be worth it, but I don’t know for sure. As I know more, I’ll let you know.

  13. Rod P

    Thanks man. I’ll fuse those 3 now and will let you know of the outcome 🙂

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Also, it looks like now the game tells you when you’ve forged a capped gem. Should make things clearer 🙂

  14. Rod P

    So, I’ve got some results for you. Fused the three I mentioned above and I got a MAX LEVEL GEM – total lvl 500+ :DD

    That will help with gold and level up ;))

  15. Rod P

    Actually, I lied (more like confused).

    The above was made by mixing some 300,000 light and heavy health gems, which unfortunately I forgot to write down the recipe 🙁

    The result of the above (the three damage gems) is “on parry damage Titan 809”

  16. Djar

    Apologies if this has been answered before. Can you upgrade an indoor or outdoor stone with a regular one? I only ever find high level stones in /out and them not often despite using lots gem find assist
    Would really help

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Unless something changed with the new update, the most reliable way to get a capped gem is to forge it with the same kind of gem. Otherwise the results can be unpredictable.
      Once you have a Rare gem, though, you can fuse it with regular, indoor or outdoor gems, so you don’t have to worry so much about finding indoor/outdoor.

  17. Nick C.

    Can you fuse a Darkfire gem from maxed +400 elemental attack gems or +500 rare elemental attack gems? My worst fear trying this is that I’ll get a stupid parry/block attack charge square, or a stab/slash…

    1. Voldaris

      I upgraded my rare dark fire with +400 elemental gems. It worked like a charm. 3 day forge time. 720 chips to complete instantly.

    2. M.L.

      I just tried to upgrade my rare darkfire gem by fusing it with two +400 fire attack gems and I got a combat health gem out of it ? I am so frustrated. It apparently doesn’t always work, or did I misunderstand something? I have one more rare darkfire, but now I am afraid to try to upgrade it.

  18. Hippobu

    Can you teach me how to upgrade the +XP hexagon gem? I got to 125% (where it’s still a small gem), but the cutter won’t allow me to go any higher.

  19. Joe J.

    How do you make a rare magic stat gem

  20. Joe J.

    I have had trouble finding indoor/outdoor gems. Is there a way to make them.

  21. Lex

    Have you ever try to fuse 3 “perfect parry – stun 3s” gems?

    1. Voldaris

      I tried fusing 3 of the 3 second stun gems and it gave me the message that says it “cannot be upgraded with that combination. Try something else.”

  22. Momielo

    I don’t know if this has been answered but anyway I have the rare darkfire gem from the second dragon as anybody else,as you mentioned above we can fuse rare darkfire gem with ANY other capped elemental gems ,right? So I have one +400 water attack gem and one +400 poison attack gem. I really don’t want to lose my rare darkfire gem so please tell me if I can fuse these three gems that I metioned above and that if I could continue this process with other capped gems after I fused those three.

  23. Wayne chih

    Im not sure if this has been asked but what are the caps for magic stat gens and how do you forge the indooor and outdoor together

  24. nvjnj

    Okay, this must sound like the lamest question ever but blease can anyone tell me what “capped” means??

  25. nvjnj

    will 3 skill drop gems(gem drop, money, item) fused improve the stat of the gem in the leftmost gems slot??(higher gem drop %)

    1. IB3 gamer

      No, it will just make the chance of dropping for exampe 520% chance for gems means almost every 2-3 wins drop a gem. Quality counts on Rebirth and titan level however titan level+1000 on rebirth 1 drops better than rebirth 100 without that titan level (yes I restarted rebirth until back on 1 to beat deathless faster and test this)

      Warning going to rebirth 1 makes deathless titans easier (1 hit) but the final bosses at normal level! dont get fooled and get 1 hit killed yourself as the rebirth DOES NOT COUNT on boss titans!
      this fooled me 3 times :-/

  26. Matt

    What is with the star shaped gems and how do you get them?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Star-shaped slots can hold any gem except weapon-specific ones.

  27. Ex

    Combining three titan level +500 will result rare titan level +1000

    1. IB3 gamer

      Thats right and get 5 37% gold on your items (level 15 weapon best ) and then you can get 800k gold average per boss!

  28. Andrew

    How do you get the gem that looks like a star?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Star slots can hold any gem that isn’t weapon-specific.

  29. IB3 gamer

    I am currently lecel 107 Siris and 112 Isa
    My gems: Darkfire (spectrum) gem 6500 damage
    fire 500
    Ice 400
    Poison 400
    Dark 400
    Water 400
    (the 400 I use to forge my spectrum as its easier than Indoor/outdoor)
    100% Spectrum defense (yep that took a while to get)
    almost all gear that I wear Level 13-15 ( havent cometed deathless 10 times :-/ )

    My question is how can I make those 37% gold gems higher? I use 6 of them on me with the little 400 gems and the spectrum attack with the 100% spectrum defense gem.
    I use the heavy weapons with no magic (4 stars are better) and the heavy gem is the titan speed at 80%

    I hope I gave some good infos.

    1. Vicky

      I got 1000 rare attack gem by killing dragon. How can I upgrade it ? Pls help.

  30. Jeun Han

    I wonder how to get indoor/outdoor attack or magic gem
    and how to make indoor/outdoor +375 gems
    should i buy them only in the item shop??

    1. IB3 Gamer

      you get them by fusing random square gems (only luck) even if all are attack gems or just 2 of 3 are indoor or even if all 3 are in/outdoor gems.

      to make max 750 indoor or outdoor fuse the EXACT same gems with indoor or outdoor (dont mix indoor with outdoor, otherwise its the random chance, you may even get a bad “on stab get 200 gold” gem.

      1. Jeun Han

        got it thanks so much

  31. IB3 Gamer

    Now I have a Question:
    The infinity chamber: all the stones showing the items (yep the ones that get zoomed when pressing).
    Can they light up or unlock something? Do I need to Max level these (Level 20 that means) items?

    BTW my spectrum (rainbow) gem is at 8000 damage 🙂

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Not sure what you mean. The infinity Chamber gives you the original infinity blade when you have all other 6 infinity weapons.

      1. IB3 Gamer

        ooooh ok cool, thank you. (got it – just missed Isas’ dagger, as I sold it) Kept me thinking what that was since weeks 🙂

      2. kin

        from left to right is infinity cleaver. spear, edge,blade, edge,daggers. so where can i get the fake infinity blade?

        1. kin

          correction. Infinity cleaver, spear, edge, blade, swords, daggers.
          so question is is the infinity blade sold in the inventory is fake?

          1. AppUnwrapper

            It’s the newer Infinity Blade. It’s part of the new set of Infinity weapons.

  32. chidi

    Is there another way of making the darkfire gem?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to get to Darkfire 1000 from the dragon and build on it. No way to forge one from scratch at the moment.

  33. C

    Watch out. I forged a 161 outdoor-213 outdoor-161 indoor and it gave me a 10 attack gem that I can sell for $562. Sucks.

  34. Vicky

    I got 1000 rare attack gem by killing dragon. How can I upgrade it ?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Fuse it with any two capped elemental gems. They can be regular, indoor or outdoor.

  35. Matthew Xu

    Hi appunwrapper!

    The new update 1.3 is out and comes with a few interesting gems such as bonus combo -1 gem, making the bonus combo one hit shorter and it can stack up to 2.

    (That means the bonus combo for the IB is just left right left!!!)

    That makes the stun lock combo sooo much easier.

    Btw you should add the gem combo (stun lock, magic spam, break lock etc). That is what makes your truly OP in this game.

  36. Matthew Xu

    Hi appunwrapper!

    The new update 1.3 is out and comes with a few interesting gems such as bonus combo -1 gem, making the bonus combo one hit shorter and it can stack up to 2.

    (That means the bonus combo for the IB is just left right left!!!)

    That makes the stun lock combo sooo much easier.

    Btw you should add the gem combo (stun lock, magic spam, break lock etc). Those are what makes your truly OP in this game.

  37. unit7

    i got rare fire attack gem +500 and i put it on solar trans-LX but it only got +2300 isnt it suppose to be +5000?i saw someone said x10

  38. Parham Golestaneh

    How do you have that amount of chips?! How can I earn more chips? If it is a hack, tell me!

  39. The Dragon

    Hi app unwrapper, I was just wondering wat would happen if I forged 2 +1000 rare dark fire gems together, because I have them and wondered if it was worth doing?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I don’t recommend trying that, as it will likely just use one to upgrade the other like it’s a regular rare gem.

  40. The Dragon

    And wat exactly is a capped elemental gem?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Capped regular elemental would be 400. Outdoor/indoor are 750. Rare elemental (made from one of each) is 500.

  41. The Dragon


  42. The Dragon

    And um what do you mean when you say it would just use one to upgrade the other, because would that not be a good thing?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      No, because there’s still a cap on each gem. You’re better off with two capped gems than one. And you may never get another one.

      1. The Dragon

        Oh yes thanks and I do have 2 of them because I got one from the second dragon and the other one from the black fire map, and thanks again

  43. The Dragon

    And so wat would happen if say I combined 3 rare +500 fire attack gems? Sry about this

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That would also be a bit of a waste, because it takes three capped gems to make one Rare +500 gem, and the Rare +500 gems behave the same as regular capped gems when forged with other rare elemental gems. You want to keep the first slot a rare gem, and only capped regular elemental gems for the other two slots.

      However, if you have a lot of rare elemental gems and don’t use them, it might be worth it for you to fuse them into one of the Darkfire gems.

  44. The Dragon

    Thanks app unwrapper

  45. Darkdude310

    Ok how do i get indoor/outdoor health gems? Ive never seen them in ghe store or with the merchant and i dont wanna waste gems trying to make them until i have a recipe. Also is it possible to upgrade stuff like on party grt 375 health even more? I use those a lot cause i have a really reckless fighting style.

  46. Nathan

    So what about the Magic Stat Gems could you get a “rare” on of those too and if not what is the cap on them.

  47. Nathan

    Hi App Unwrapper, I was also wondering if there is a trick to getting 400 elemental gems because every time I get close to one it always turns into a different shaped gem or a square attack charge gem.

    1. Xenetos

      Make sure you have Isa’s “Gem Master” skill by allocating 150 skill points into her attack.
      To make a 400 elemental gem, or capped gem, you need 1 gem of at least 200 elemental damage. Place it in the furthermost left slot and fuse it with two other gems, of the same element, that have roughly 50-100 elemental damage each. For me, this has always resulted in capped elemental gems. You just have to make sure that all three gems have the same element or you will get unexpected results. Don’t throw in any random attack, shield, magic, parry, gold, and etc. gems.

  48. Mike

    So does the same Health gem formula work in the Kingdom Come update because I need one bad to defeat Ryth! If not, what’s a good one to use? Thanks!

  49. David

    So I got the new “rare gold gem” from the Map item in the new Ice & Fire Dragoor quest – the “on hit get 1000 gold” gem. Can this be forged / improved like other rare gems? I’m tempted to try fusing it with two maxed out “Get 37% more gold” gems, but I’m afraid to lose this awesome new gem. Any advice? Thanks!!

  50. Scott

    Hi! Is it possible to make a capped on parry damage Titan +1000 gem? If so how do you forge it? Thanks

  51. kin

    does anyone know what the lvl 100 titan gem do? fused a triangle gem with a break titan gem and hexagon gold gem.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Those usually increase Titans’ levels while you’re wearing it.

      1. kin

        ok i thought it will bring down the enemy level to 100. that would be cool though.

  52. kin

    Hi Appunwrapper

    Can you advise me if it is wise to forge 3 pcs of on titan break, window +2 gems. will i get a stronger n titan break gem?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Is that the hexagon or the triangle? The triangle can go up to 3, but I believe 2 is the max on the hexegons.

  53. jimmy

    Please tell me how to make indoor/outdoor gem 750 in order to create the rare elemental gem.
    I fused a couple times and all i got only elemental gem 300 not the indoor or outdoor 750.

  54. kin

    Hi Appunwrapper. Do you have any recipe for creating indoor stat gems? i seem to get mostly outdoor ones

  55. Robert Shumate

    I received a red diamond on break super charge gem. And a red diamond on bonus combo super charge gem.forgot what gems I forged to receive both of them. Please help me remember anyone. Thanks

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