Haunted Manor 2: The Horror Behind the Mystery: Walkthrough

11. Tap on the bust between the two doors and take the key next to it. Use the key to open the right door and get the number wheel. Notice the number 7 on the Teddy Bear. It’s a clue.




12. Add the number wheel to the other wheels on the wall.



13. You need to make every two numbers that meet add up to 7.


14. Check the bust. There’s a button now. Press it to open the left door and go through.





15. Solve the tile puzzle on the wall to open the door.




That’s the end of the trial version. If you liked it, here’s the walkthrough for the full version of Haunted Manor 2.


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  1. Mike,

    Next steps please after your step 7…….,

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Haven’t had the time to play, but will continue it tonight 🙂

  2. Karl

    Help I can’t get the rusty bar off is there a special knack to it???

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s a bit tricky. Try dragging your finger like you’re pulling it to the side?

    2. Karl

      Just keep swiping the bar in different directions. It’s a pain, but it finally gives. If it really matters. I was kind of mad to find out I downloaded a trial version and spent all this time on it.

  3. Karl

    Gutted was just getting into it and trial over 🙁

  4. Utsal

    I can not find button in bust

  5. Nathan

    Help! I fell the ought the trap door where I have to remove the bricks but I don’t have the iron bar!

    1. Karl

      The iron bar is on the floor to the right of where you fell in.

  6. ashaeppa

    I have made the 2 number meet up to 7 but nothing happened? What should i do?

    1. Qui Do

      notice that some circles have two same numbers, one is on the dark n dirty background, the other is on the brighter/cleaner background. change it and match the one with bright background. It should work.

      1. Zoya

        I’m stuck on the cirle thingy. I made the two numbers that met add up to seven but I still don’t see the button on the statue or whateves. And I don’t understand what you mean by matching the brighter circle with the darker one. Please help:)

        1. QUI DO

          Sorry for not being specific, I had the same problem as yours, but I figured it out. Look closely at the circle where you have to match number 6 with number 1 from the centered one. It has two number 6s ,across each other, in that circle on two opposite side. Use the one next to 7 and 4, now look at it again, you will notice that the side you use to match with number 1 is brighter and cleaner. That was what i meant. Ok now, look at other circles and do the same thing if that circle has two same numbers. Actually, let me tell you, for number 5 to match with number 2 from centered circle, use the one between 4 and 0. For number 4, use the one between 3 and 6. For number 2, use the one between 1 and 5. (remember to set the centered circle same way in the screenshot, and dont change it, just change the circles around like what i said). If you are still confused, e-mail me, I will send you a better screenshot of my game.

        2. Ally

          I did the same, I did the exact numbers lined up as the picture shows and they all add to seven, but the button is not appearing

          1. FluffyBear

            Hello ppl I am from the future!!!!

  7. CSD

    The tile puzzle on the wall – I cannot figure our how to move the tiles so I can create the image. These type of puzzles have never been my strength… I just cannot get it right. Any tricks to this type of puzzle?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s actually not necessary for the trial version, as you don’t find the missing tile. But you will likely need to do it for the full version.

      It takes some time — they’re not easy. But you want to try to think a few steps ahead instead of focusing on one tile at a time.

      1. Emily

        Is the full version out yet?? Where do you get it?

    2. Karl

      If you look at the walkthrough on this page for this tile puzzle, just zoom in the screen. You can clearly see the pattern. It’s pretty easy once you get the first couple of tiles right. And then the trial game is over.

  8. Karl

    I can’t believe I spent all this time, never mind the time it took to download this waste, just to find out it was another one of your “trial” games. Are you ever going to just come out with a full version game and stop this nonsense? Definitely not downloading the full version of this … if it ever comes out. I hate developers who waste my time.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s not my game. I just wrote the walkthrough. But they should be coming out with the full version soon.

  9. Woody

    They have the full game. When you finish the trial it asks you if you want to unlock the full game. I think it was 2.99 but it was worth it. Great game

    1. Jade

      Where did you get the full game?

  10. Mark

    Please I’m having problem passing the hole with the sticks or rod! What do I have to do

  11. Shay

    I can’t find the full version either. It’s still saying coming soon. Where did you get the full version?

  12. junior m arnold

    I finish this game it’s easy to play.

  13. Caleb

    After I match up the numbers it the statue doesent show a switch

    1. Electric diamond

      You need to make sure the numbers around the outside edges add up to 7 too.

  14. haq

    Piece of cake ahahah

  15. Megan

    I’m in the trapdoor and have the iron bar but I can’t find the bricks? Help please?

  16. Emily

    Is the full version out yet?? Where do you get it?

  17. miiishmash

    Great game, it took abit of time but I got there in the end.

  18. Eric

    I have found that when pulling the rusty bar on the gate, you have to slowly pull the bar to the left. You may be able to see the bar bending when you do that. After a few pulls left, it seemed to come off. You can try more than one direction but it seemed that slowly pulling left was the answer.

    1. Eric

      Down and to the left, sorry

  19. Sheryl

    Where do I find the knob for the puzzle in the upstairs closet?

  20. Sheryl

    What is that?

  21. Jordan Holloman

    Yea so you have absolutely no information about where the dial came from. Care to mention that maybe so I can get the hell out of this room?..

  22. Sagar

    I hv done the tile password but the bust was not open..

  23. Mary Chessey

    Had problem with the first game….now I am unable t pull off e iron bar. Are there any other point ad clock games like this type that don’t have this many issues?

    Thank you

  24. Hamaad

    How can i solve the puzzule
    which is after the number puzzle

  25. Frank

    Haunted2- There seems to be no mention of where the light bulb is in the room of weights. Where is it, it isnΓÇÖt itn my bag?
    CanΓÇÖt find it anywhere!

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