Stellar Wars Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, Hints and Tips

Stellar Wars
By: Liv Games

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This is a walkthrough and strategy guide for the iOS game Stellar Wars. Feel free to ask for help or share your own hints and tips in the comments section.

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1. Don’t forget you can tap the Miners when they exit the mine, to get the ores faster than waiting for them to walk back and forth to the ship. Try to keep an eye on them so as not to miss them.

2. If you need some easy ores early on, replay the stage Gizmobots Assemble 2.0 on planet Noom. Try to use only a few bots, so you can save ores to add to your total at the end. I like using Rexbot 2.0 and Gizmobot 2.0. Try to complete the level with only 4-5 robots and you can save over 300 ores + the 100 for completing the level. It’s a fairly easy level, so you can rack up ores quickly, over 400 each time. It’s a good way to get your robots ready for harder stages.




3. In the final battle against Magnesis, keep in mind that there are three bots that are immune to his mind control — Golembot, Shieldbot, and Mech. Don’t underestimate Golembot — his 4.0 special is incredibly powerful and useful! You can take control of him to take down strong bosses. He’s slow, but he pulls enemies towards him with a tornado. I didn’t upgrade him until much later (when I had no choice). Don’t make the same mistake I did! Also, for the Magnesis level 3.0, you can’t use Psychic, Cyborg or Mech. So Golembot is incredibly important there.


4. The new update 1.5 adds an arena where you win NOVA every 5 levels up to level 100. Take advantage of it! That’s 20 extra NOVA!

5. If you’re having trouble with the Shipbot levels, try to upgrade your Shipbot as soon as possible. It makes a huge difference.


6. Unlike Legendary Wars and Monster Wars, you have a max ore limit during the strategy levels. Be mindful of them, since you can’t just summon an infinite army like you could so often do in the previous games. These levels require strategy. 😉

7. You’ll notice that 2.0 and 3.0 levels often limit which bots you can use. This means you can’t just upgrade your favorite bots and stick with them throughout the whole game. Be frugal with your NOVA so you can upgrade a bot you might be forced to use.

8. If you got far in the game before update 1.5, go back and play some levels to gain more NOVA! I found about 15-20 extra NOVA just by playing through older levels again.

9. Since you have limited ores per battle, Repairbot is incredibly useful. If you summon two of them, they can repair each other and keep your army alive a lot longer.

Have any tips of your own or have any questions? Feel free to share in the comments section.

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