The Rivers of Alice: Walkthrough

The Rivers of Alice
By: Delirium Studios S.L.

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1. Open the closet to start the game and choose a save slot. Then you’ll wake up in bed. The wind stole your pendant and left it in a tree. Pull it down.

2. Try to talk the Sloth (looks more like a turtle to me?). The game will tell you you need something to use to wake it up. Pick up the stick and poke the sloth with it, then ask about the pendant.

3. Pick up the cup from your night table next to the bed. Then follow the wind down the path to the right. Talk to the harpist to learn how to cross the chasm. You need to revive the wilted flower.

4. Follow the wind to the right to see Athena and Arachne. Find out what you can, then follow the wind to the left.

5. Tap on the puddle of water to see the wilted flower blossom again. Fill your cup with water so you can revive the other flower by the harpist. Go back to the harpist and pour the water on the flour to revive it.



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  1. Tracy

    Have you had any further success?

  2. leticia

    Okay, when I pour the water on to the blossoms up but only for a second then wilts again???

    1. adolfo

      you must ti use the water next to the cave to use, after thet just play the melody, sorry i. noy speack inglish. I,am from chile and i,am stuck in 76% of the game trying to find the 4 libelula

      1. Jron

        Hola amigo, tu he hecho el pluzzel del malquinario? Yo no consigo haver… Es un donde tienes que conectar los fios

    2. DAWN

      I’m stick on the flower as well!!!!! Might anyone help please? Thanks!

  3. Toni

    for que “flower bridge” the sequence is:

    E C A B D C D A C B

    1. janetran

      I did it but it doesnt work. what i have to do now ? please help me :'(

  4. Jron

    I’m stuck in the puzzle connecting the wires to the fan room … anyone know the sequence?

  5. Subdango

    Where is the knob for the pipes?

  6. Rachel Moore

    How do I get the ‘face’ from the car door? I can’t find the fob thingy yo unlock it!!

    1. Yvonne

      turn the lamp on the left of the screen off and there is a power switch to roll the window down on the floor next to it

      1. Rachel Moore

        Thanks, didn’t see that lamp! Now stuck on the vultures!

        1. janetran

          Me too i cant find the solution for the end puzzle :(((((

  7. Belinda

    I’ve arrived at the beach where the boy is on the jetty with a fishing pole but can’t work out what to do next. Any help appreciated….

  8. Shelley

    I thought this was a walkthrough. Where is it?

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