Infinity Blade III (3) Ausar Rising Guide

Infinity Blade III (3)
By: Chair Entertainment

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This is a guide where you’ll be able to find helpful hints, tips, cheats and solutions for the Ausar Rising expansion of Infinity Blade 3. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

***New! If you got the +1000 Darkfire gem from the new Dragon, Pisci, you can fuse it with two capped +400 elemental gems or +750 indoor/outdoor gems to get +1500 Darkfire! Keep fusing to get +500 each time. You don’t need extra Darkfire gems!


***Two trials just appeared on the map for the holidays, probably to make up for all the data wipes. They’re now open, so make sure you don’t miss them! One gives 50,000 Battle Chips for only four parries and the other give 15,000,000 gold for only four blocks! Go get your Christmas presents!


20131221-104209.jpg ***

*Warning: A lot of people are reporting lost data after updating the game, so update at your own risk!*

– Fuse any three elemental defense gems to get a 5% Rare Defense gem (Rainbow Defense)! Then fuse three 5% RareDefense gems to get a 10% All Defense gem, 3 x 10% = 25%, 3 x 25% = 50%, and finally — 3 x 50% = 100% Rare a Defense gem (keep in mind, it only does 90% against Elemental (Rainbow Attack) titans.

The Original Infinity Blade:
To get the original Infinity Blade from IN1 & IB2, you need to have all six new infinity weapons (get the Infinity Edge from the store). Then go to the Seccian Desert with either Isa or Siris. Head towards the back to the vault. When you tap on the vault, a Titan will attack. Defeat him and go into the vault to get the original Infinity Blade, and thrust it triumphantly into the air like a Thundercat. You only need to find it once and you’ll get the Blade for both Siris and Isa.









The New Dragon, Pisci:
You first encounter Pisci at the Dark Citadel with Siris. But she also appears randomly like the original dragon. She starts with 500,000 HP and you’ll get a +1000 Darkfire gem when you defeat her.
She does hit harder than the original dragon, though. Longer battles also get very laggy, and I even got a glitch that gave me no choice but to force-quit and forfeit the battle. I had 2 Dragon Stays Longer gems equipped, and I recommend not doing so. The dragon shows up fairly often for me, so I think you’re better off with a short battle in which she flies off, than risking a long battle in which you may die or glitch. Also, keep in mind that Pisci has elemental defense (Rainbow Defense), so don’t bother with elemental attack gems.





Gem Master:
I highly recommend you get Isa’s skill, “Gem Master” for 250 Attack. You get much better gems from the results. For instance, I gave three Bright Attack gems around +100 each to the cutter and got a +400 capped gem! This would have had much weaker results in version 1.1.

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Blade guides in one handy place.

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  1. Darkfire

    Dude, didn’t all your memory get deleted?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Nope. When I woke up in the morning and saw all the complaints about data wipes, I decided to wait. I finally updated last night and had no problems.

  2. Bernardo

    Sir, did u get the Parry All Gem already?
    Know the formula, people are saying its 3 triangle, but all I get is On Parry Damage Titan

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Nope. Sadly, I haven’t seen any yet :(. There are quite a few new gems now, as well as all the old ones, so it may take a while. Do you equip +gem drop gems to increase your odds of looting gems? It helps.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Did you try this:

      Forge 3 “On Perfect Parry, Damage Titan 6250”

  3. Anna

    With the new update, the final act no longer appears for me even though I have completed all the other acts/ missions?

    Is this a glitch or do you have to do all the deathless quests for the final act to appear this time around?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, that’s a glitch. I’m sure they’ll release another update soon to fix it.

    2. commanderjets

      I had the disappearing act 5 problem, but either they fixed it or i did something to reset the map. I did defeat the NEW dragon and noticed that act 5 reappeared, so maybe that is it, just try to defeat the new dragon. if not i’ll keep remembering what i did right before it fixed

  4. David Schecher

    I have finished all the quests an I don’t have the final act with the worker.
    AppUnwrapper – how do you that the final act not shoing is a glish and a fix is in the works? I cannot find anything about it from chair or epic.


    1. AppUnwrapper

      Because everyone’s reporting the same bug. Even those who had Act 5 unlocked before they updated…once they completed it and made their way back in the next playthrough, it didn’t show up. So it’s a widespread bug that they’ll fix soon enough, I’m sure.

  5. Zc545

    Do you know how to get your progress back, I completed the game but the stupid update wiped everything out! Is there a way I can get it back? Please help!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I recommend emailing their customer support – customer.service(at)chairentertainment(dot)com

      Your data might still be in their cloud, or it might be lost. They would be able to help you figure out how to get it back if it’s still out there.

  6. Petah

    Is a +500 darkfire gem considered an elemental gem?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      In what regard?
      In IB3, the only way to get them was through a glitch in version 1.0. In 1.2, there is no way to make those. They can be used to add on to the +1000 Darkfire you get from the dragon, though,

  7. JK

    IB3: Ausar Rising has a money glitch. I have a “main” game in character slot 1. When I go to settings and create new character slot, watching intro and “training” with Raidriar and going back to character slot 1, it adds ~15 000 000 to cash to character slot 1. Tested 3 times

    1. Jose

      Really!? Holy Sh*t! I have to redownload IB3!

  8. Rafael

    The above statement is true, I’ve tested it two times, but after “training” with raidriar I had to continue and finish his castle, then going back to the main game, close the app and relaunch it. It also gives 50000 chips, and once a katana from the ronin clashmob.

    1. Rafael

      Just did it as JK said above, just finishing the raidriar “training” and it works that way as well.

      Here is a how to guide:

      Start a new game o a new slot,
      Get over with all the intro until getting to the hideout,
      Go back to your main game,
      Close the app and relaunch it.

      And that’s it, 15 million money, 50000 chips and a ronin katana for me (I guess this has to do with the recent clashmobs of the last days, if they were played).

  9. Vin

    How many times does this glitch works? I am so bored without being able to get act v working….

    1. Rafael

      I’ve done it successfully like 9 times, a couple of times it didn’t work, I’ve stopped for now but because my hand is already hurting of too much playing, but I guess it should still be working, after all, chair fix the glitches with the updates right?

  10. Michael

    Didn’t work for me at all.

  11. Vin

    I don’t know why the glitch only works sometimes. I wonder what’s going to happen to our chips and cash when they fix the glitch…:(

  12. Matt

    How do i find the dark citadel?

  13. Rafael

    @Matt: the dark citadel is in the island at the center of the map, if it doesn’t appear as an option yet, you just have to play some more acts, it should appear before act IV or V.

    About the glitch: is truth, it only works sometimes, I just found out there is no need to restart a new game each time, just start a new one once, get the training finished, going back to the main game, close the app from multitasking and open it again, and that’s it for one time, then get back to the second game already made, get back again to the main game, close the app, relaunch it, and that’s it for a second time, then just repeat the process.

  14. Vin

    Worked for me twice… But now it’s not working.

  15. Rod P

    I guess that was a temporary glitch, tried 4 times, didn’t work.

    Is this working for anyone?

  16. Vin

    The glitch still works… I had to keep trying about 12 times unsuccessfully and now it works…. Got 400000 chips…. Ones the glitch works keep repeating the step till you have enough chips n $.

    Rafael : I dint have to close and reopen either. Just keep changing between slots…

  17. Rod P

    That’s awesome. So, just to double check… It hasn’t worked for me yet – but I should be able to once I try a few times by just:

    Switch to new game
    Then switch straight back to original game
    Close off multi tasking

    And repeat, until it works?

    Do I have to wait until she finished walking or can you just close it/switch straight away?

  18. Rod P

    I’ve done that about 20 times now, still nothing. Am I doing it wrong? Is there a pre-requirement?

  19. CodeName_Pika

    Oh my god. Just tried the glitch you guys said, IT WORKS!! Thank you guys so much 🙂


  20. OS

    Hurray!!!!! IT WORKS!!!!!! I have the current IB3 1.2 and it works!!!

    1. Rod P

      It doesn’t work for me at all – sorry to be a pain but can you telle whether the way I did was any different than the way you did:

      Open game > click cog icon > options > character slots > create new character > watch intro > fight and win two battles > fight the worker etc > watch isa being revived etc > goes back to the hideout > wait until isa arrives at the hideout and you are able to make selections at the hideout > cog icon > options > character slots > click play on your original game > wait until isa arrives at the hideout > press home button > close game from multitask > open game again

      Any of the above different than what you did?


      Ps: I already have the katana and already increased its level – I wonder if that makes any difference.

  21. Rafael

    @Rod P:

    That sounds pretty much how is done, for me is working most of the time, but not every time, like 9 out of 10.

    What I also do is check the items, not for the items themselves but for the money and chips, so in a nutshell:

    .Launch app, and with the original game/slot already playing
    .Wait for siris/isa to arrive to the hideout (you can speed it up, I always do)
    .Check items, for the money as I said, then change to the second game/slot
    .Create a second game/slot if you haven’t yet or just change to that game/slot if you already did
    .Wait for siris/isa to arrive to the hideout (you can speed it up, I always do)
    .Check items, for the money as I said, then change back to the original game/slot
    .Wait for siris/isa to arrive to the hideout (you can speed it up, I always do)
    .Check items, for the money as I said, then close the options
    .Close the app from multitasking
    .Launch the app again
    .Wait for siris/isa to arrive to the hideout (you can speed it up, I always do)
    .Check items, for the added money and chips

    If it worked, with the app already open this time you can start the process again

    PS. not sure if it has anything to do, but I bet it does, you must have played the clashmobs at christmas when they gave away 15000000 money and 50000 chips (also for the katana) in order to get them, or else the glitch will not give you what you didn’t get before, I can tell cause in the second game is working as well, but just gives me some chips from the “training” with raidriar each time I open it.

    1. Rod P

      Thanks for the reply Rafael. I definitely did play the clashmob.

      I’ll try again now – the only difference between yours and mine is that I didn’t go to items – I’ll try that.

      Also, perhaps I need to be at the same level as of when I played the clashmob? Eg: I need to be at act IV or something. I’ve been trying with act I.

      I’m back to level IV so let’s see how it goes 🙂 I’ll keep you posted.

    2. Vin

      The only thing I did when I couldn’t get it to work was i created a new game in slot 3 as well and followed Rafael’s guide.

      Hey rafael: did you try getting the chips without closing the app? It works for me.

  22. Rafael

    @Rod P: for me it works whatever the act I’m playing at the moment, I hope can get it done this time.

    @Vin: yeah, I’ve tried it without closing the app, and sometimes it works, and sometimes just doesn’t, it seems random, and also sometimes I don’t get the 15000000 money and 50000 chips, but just some really small amount of money and chips and still a katana.

    BTW. the extra katanas are a good way to amount more money with the glitch, just get the katana to level 10 and each one sells for almost half a million.


  23. Vin

    @ rafael. Are you stuck without act five as well? Does starting all over again help… I am getting really bored with all these $ n chips and nothing to play for….

  24. Commanderjets

    I had the disappearing act 5 problem, but either they fixed it or i did something to reset the map. I did defeat the NEW dragon and noticed that act 5 reappeared, so maybe that is it, just try to defeat the new dragon. if not iΓÇÖll keep remembering what i did right before it fixed. Then again the might have just fixed it

  25. Commanderjets

    Oh btw I added a character to my third character slot, got to act 5 playing it then lost purposefully to radriar to grind money some more and then randomly went back to my first slot and THEN defeated the dragon. It got fixed by replacing my third character slot with my first (the one with the act 5 missing) it seems to be an EXACT copy of my first slot except there was only 1 act option, (act 5) I clicked it and it played the finishing cutscenes and whatnot 🙂 then eh game started up again like nothing ever happened!!! Amazing right)(this is still the third character slot, but I lost all memory in that slot and now it is the copy of my first slot)

  26. Commanderjets

    Hey guys btw this is totally unrelated but I also found 2 ways to make sure you NEVER lose!

    1- when you lose against a normal titan a few times the “retry” option will no longer be available, and only the “too hard?” Option will be available click it. It will have a check and x click the X!!!!! Retry is now available BOO YA!!! I’m pretty sure this works intimately many times, at least in Theory….

    2-when you lose against a boss, you need to react a bit faster and double click your home button to go to multitasking, take infinity blade OFF OF MULTITASKING!!!!! Open ib3 up again and bam, the battle never happened!

  27. OS

    I was doing this money/chips trick by switching b/w the original game and the new game WITHOUT closing the app and it works 90% of the time. And it still works. When I am tired of it, I play the game. When I am in the Hideout, I just switch to the new game and go back right away, and get $15,000,000 and BC 50,000. Do it several times and play the game/upgrade items… And switch b/w the games again. No need to close the app. It almost always works.

  28. Rod P

    Besides the chips, coins and katana, I also got the rainbow defense gem 🙂

  29. Rod P

    Coincidence or not – if my phone is not connected to the pc/iTunes via the cable, it won’t work – or at least I tried 10 times. As soon as I plug the cable, I tried 4 times, worked every time.

    This may be an extra tip for those who like me were having trouble.

  30. Rafael

    @Vin: I did have the act V when the glitch started until last night, I don’t anymore, I’m gonna give it a try to Commanderjets advice and see if that fixes it, if not, maybe with the next update it will, meanwhile, you can upgrade all your items, get very good gems and give it a try to the deathless mode 😀

    @Rod P: I have noticed what you said, but not connected to the computer, instead, it only works for me when I’m connected to the wifi, kinda strange this glitch.

  31. Commanderjets

    Ya I hope it works, if not then I’ll keep trying to think up some other things that might have fixed it

  32. Vin

    Yeaahhhhhh(not). Somehow out of boredom I have managed to deleted my data….

    Does this glitch work on a new start?

  33. commanderjets

    wait so it did not work?

  34. OS

    I just restarted the game and ALL money disappeared, not cool…

  35. commanderjets

    why did you restart again?

  36. OS

    I mean I closed IB3 from the multitasking and launched in again. And my money that I assume I earned by switching b/w games are all gone.

  37. OS

    Well, after hard reset of my iPad…. the whole character slot was deleted!! I quit…

  38. commanderjets

    dang that sux a TON!!!!

  39. Kemar Cummings

    I’m not seeing any of the new quests. Can you please tell me how to get to them? I’m frustrated.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You get the Plains of Koroth first with Isa, then after you finish that, the Dark Citadel and Drem’s Maw will open up.

  40. Parham

    What’s wrong with my infinity blade III? It doesn’t have any main missions. My map is full of treasure chests, a deathless, clash mob and a shield. The shield takes me to the place I took the original infinity blade. Help me!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s a known bug that was introduced with the new update. The last area on the map doesn’t appear. Just have to wait until another update fixes it. Meanwhile, explore the other areas for gold, XP, etc.

  41. Commanderjets

    You can try defeating the new dragon I did and then the glitch was fixed for me.

    I tried out the deathless quests, and now my darkfire gem is MISSING !!!!

  42. Matthew

    I have unlocked the 250 magic skill and it is AMAZING!!!!
    Your level of magic gets multiplied by about 11 (for example if you have holy 4 you will cast about holy 46)
    IT. IS. OP.

  43. Thomas

    The gold/chip glitch isnt working for me i have tried like 25 times!!!

  44. Rod P

    Stopped working for me too. Is anyone also having trouble getting the money or is it working for some of you?

    I would love to get the glitch going again as I ran out of chips 🙁

  45. commanderjets

    Well, my darkfire gem disappeared, so i uninstalled, then installed my infinity blade 3 app, and my new character had the 150,000,000 or something gold, and 50,000 chips without doing the clash mobs, and i got the ronin katana without doing that clash mob either!!! it was the best, starting out with all that. I just barely won the worker.

  46. Thomas

    Hmm… interesting well i will keep trying then. Also does anyone think it effects the glitch if i have purchased any In App Purchases?

  47. Everett

    Hey has anyone found a good use for the Titan + xxx gem. So far is just raises your opponents skill level,to the. Value it has. I just got one that is a Titan+500 and pretty much kills in a couple of hits by the daeril. Thoughts?

    1. Everett

      So I found a good use. One you have a challenge, before you fight you can use it for the fight. Just don’t put it in until after the level is set. Defeated Oslim pretty easy this way. Have a Titan+500 and it did the trick. 🙂 other than that it is useless or causes more effort than its worth.

  48. Commanderjets

    That is the most pointless gem in my opinion, the ONLY use I can think of for it is to gain xp, but that’s it.

  49. Commanderjets

    Oh wait you can sell it and get money $$$ haha there’s another use

  50. James

    Oh man, the glitch doesn’t work for me at all. Could some kind soul who has awesome amount of money and chips post his/her save game up? I would be so grateful 🙂

  51. PFlex

    Gem Fusing Update Questions: Does anyone have any insight on how to forge rare gems with the gem master skill and Ausar Rising Update? The gem guy keeps saying gems aren’t good enough to improve slot 1 and 2. I do use the formulas in the article. Seems like the capped magic gem is $253,000 and not 300 but maxes at +200. In the fusion it seems like it doesn’t recognize as max when I put it with max indoor and outdoor. Anyone have any good gem forging tips with the new update? It’s kinda making me angry not being able to create any rare higher level ones using the capped regular, capped In/Out. Thanks!

  52. brye

    i have a problem with the deathless quest act 4.(kunochai). im already stuck in that scenario even if i restart the game it will hang eventually and cannot continue the quest .can anyone help me?

  53. JK

    Equip your character with Titan+500 gem and you will know what to expect from “Deathless” mode

  54. Rod P

    Or fuse 3 +500 and get a Titan +1000 – that will be more like the deathless mode 🙂

  55. Ray

    Can anyone confirm if the 50m gold and 50k chip glitch is still working?

  56. CodeName_Pika

    The character slot-changing 15m money 50k chips glitch stopped working for me since December 29th or something… Can anyone confirm? Is it me, or did they fix the glitch?

    1. Anthony

      YES! it stopped working for me as well. I dont know how they did it since their was no update but it seems they fixed the amazing glitch. im angry. they fix the one thing we all love but can fix the thousands of actual gameplay bugs we are all having to endure

      1. Rod P

        I don’t think they “fixed” the glitch per se. The glitch seem to have stopped after the Ronim clashmob was no longer in the list. It must have been related to that.

  57. Commanderjets

    So did anybody actually try out my advice, if so, did it work?

  58. KL

    This glitch still works for me, except it seems to give the rewards from more recent clashmob/trial…I’m getting ~$90k and ~30 chip (i was trying this glitch to see if i could recover the ronin katana, which seems impossible now)

    Separate question. Between (1) the pumpkin and turkey holiday helms and (2) the Ronin Katana, which is more likely to become available again? (i’m basically needing to choose between the two because my game got wiped and my last backup didn’t have the Ronin Katana, which I got in a game i restarted..)

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The Ronin Katana was a one-time thing. They said they will never offer it again. The holiday helms are available every year, though. So you just have to wait for the holidays to come around again.

  59. Commanderjets

    Haha so you know how i got Act 5 back, tried deathless mode, lost my darkfire, uninstalled my game then installed it again, and started with the ronin katana, 150000000 gold, and 50000 chips, well I beat the worker a few times after that, then act 5 went missing for me AGAIN!!! It wud ikr, so i wanted to see if just defeating the new dragon would fix it, I did, got darkfire gem, still didn’t work. So ima try the WHOLE process I used last time to fix it. Does anyone know if you can fight the new dragon more than once???

  60. Apjp

    There is a way to get the dark fire gem +1000, you defeat the dragon for the second time. as you may know, the first time you defeat a dragon you get a fire +500 gem, but the second time you defeat the dragon, you get a +1000 dark fire gem. once you can attack the dragon for the second time, keep on attacking The stronghold at larioth. every other time or so, the dragon will appear. i usually do 150k damage to the dragon when I have a “dragon stays longer” gem that I got equipped with a lvl 10 mortar with fire +500 gem doing 2500 damage per hit, even though the dragon is immune to everything.

  61. Commanderjets

    Ya I did know that thnx but i mean there are 2 dragons (one of them gives you 500 fire gem the other gives you 1000 darkfire gem), I was wondering if you can fight the second one twice

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I think the problem now is that you can only fight a dragon once per playthrough. Until Act 5 returns, we won’t know for sure if we can fight it again.

  62. commanderjets

    dang cuz defeating the dragon was part of the fix to the disappearing act 5 glitch for me!!! maybe not though. so has anybody tried my advice to fix it anyways??

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I prefer not to try to fix bugs like that on my own. It may lead to worse problems. It’s something Chair will have to fix eventually, so until then I’m just upgrading my gear, etc.

  63. commanderjets

    ya i suppose yer right! and hey now I can get that full rainbow defense gem and not have to worry about bosses becoming extrememly hard!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You mean because you had to start from the beginning again?

  64. Rod P

    By the way, just a quick heads up:

    KL is right, the bug still works, but not for that kind of money or chips. In my case, I’m getting about 400 chip coins (didn’t really check the money, as I’m only really interested on the chips so I can fast upgrade my gear). I was trying many times and it was not working. After several tests, I found that I have to wait about 5 minutes while on the second game, before coming back to the first. A bug of a bug 🙂

    So, here’s my current full procedure that works 90% of the time:

    On the normal game, check the items to see how much you currently have, then > cog icon > options > character slots > select second game > wait 5 minutes (you can let the phone go on lock/sleep, just don’t get out of the game) > check for items then cog icon > options > character slots > select main game > check items > money/chips should be there.

    1. Samuel

      1. The glitch of switching between two game slots still work but only if you’re in WIFI.
      2. My first game slot is not my main one.
      3. I play mainly on my 2nd slot.
      4. I switch from 2nd slot to first slot by select Options\Character Slots\
      Then allowing it to the game screen (you can speed up). Then switching back by selecting Options\Character Slots\.
      The BC and money may stay the same. Now exit the game and shut the game entirely by double click and remove the game memory.
      Restart the game and you’ll see increased BC and money roughly equal to the last clash mob BC gain and monetary gain.
      Hope it helps.

  65. commanderjets

    to Appunwrapper: pretty much ya

  66. apjp

    grrrrrrrr I’ve been stuck without act V for about a week now…. Meanwhile I’ve beaten Ausar the Vile, gotten a rare dark fire gem, and have beaten everything on the map 5+ times…. IM SO BORED there is nothing to do. I also reset my skills for sirs because i wasn’t getting the gems I wanted (I had 160 but into health, moved it to 99 so I could get attack gems)

  67. Aaaapppppjjjpppp

    I guess this is my new talking website now that there is nothing to do in ib1 2 or 3…

  68. Pimentel07

    Hello all, can somebody help with instructions about how to get the Original Ininity Blade?
    I already have the six weapons and when I got to the vault and defeat the titan, touch the icon in the vault and nothing happens. Every time I have tryid this it fails. Im stuck in the game with a lot of treasures chest and thats all.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Have you defeated Terrovax already and gone back to the hideout?

  69. Pimentel07

    Yes, I have done that, thanks for your quick answer.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hmm that’s weird. So when you went to the vault, at was during the Seccian Desert explore mission, where you unlock the four different battles/chests with different weapons?
      Maybe check that none of your infinity weapons are in middle of being upgraded at the forge? Can’t really think of anything else that might cause it.

  70. Pimentel07

    Yes, its weird.
    I have checked that I have all 6 infinity weapons and thats ok. all of them are mastered and whithout any upgrade.
    I dont remember where I unlock them, but I have 3 infinity weapons in Siris and other 3 in Isa, any ideas?
    Thanks again.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hmm. Sounds like a bug to me. I had no problems at all getting mine. I’d suggest contacting Chair’s support team and seeing if they can help you. customer.service(at)chairentertainment(dot)com

  71. Pimentel07

    Thanks my friend, I will do that.
    Do you have to put an specific weapon, armour, gems, shields, or anything else to be able to get the original infinity blade sword?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      As far as I’m aware, you just need the 6 Infinity Weapons. I wasn’t wearing any special equipment when I got it.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Maybe make sure you don’t have any of the infinity weapons equipped when trying to enter the vault?

  72. Apjp

    That has happened to me too. I have all 6 of the infinity weapons, but when I click on the vault nothing happens.

  73. Pimentel07

    Ok, let me try without any ininify weapon and I will feed you back in a while. Thanks again

  74. Pimentel07

    No, it didnt work.
    I tried whithout any infinity weapon and nothing happens, Siris just take a look inside and then it appear standing out of the vault.
    Thanks for the ideas.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I got mine with Isa. Did you try it yet with her?

      1. Apjp

        Ive tried it with both of them . . . nana

        1. Apjp


  75. Michael Janko

    Hi dear App Unwrapper!

    I have a quick question on deathless mode. For the first time as I entered the new quest I equipped weaker stuff only just to be sure as I try the hardness. Of course I lost agains the first titan and now I have my Infinity Cleaver in the deathless loot. So I can’t enter the chamber to claim the original infinity blade. It says I need to have an extra of each item I have equipped. Can you tell me how is it possible?

    Thx for the help!!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hmm sounds like you either have to win back the Infinity Cleaver in Deathless mode or buy it back (if the game will let you). In the future, maybe don’t take infinity weapons into Deathless mode? 😉

      1. Michael Janko

        The thing is I simply can’t enter the deathless mode itself. It says: “DEATHLESS QEUESTS risks the items you take with you. To start this quest you need to have at least one extra item of each type.” Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£Γòó the only option here is to click Ok and I don’t have the lost items in the inventory to re-buy them. They’re grayed out with a skull icon saying they are in the loot. Any ideas?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          If you played Deathless mode and lost a battle, your equipment became “loot.” You need to go back in and win it back. But if you don’t, you’ll lose the next set of equipment as well.

          1. Michael Janko

            Its clear, but I can not enter deathless mode to win my equipment back…

          2. Michael Janko

            How is it possible? As far as I know I cannot buy the same equipment…

          3. Mihaly Janko

            I already tried with different equipment without success.

          4. Apjp

            Get the best equipment possible for your character (if you dont have kings/queens armor) and upgrade it as much as you can before you try it again. Get an amazing weapon, upgrade it to lvl 7-9+ and equip a attack gem to the star slot (if the weapon doesnt have an square slot already)

  76. Apjp

    does the new (old) infinity blade do any more damage?

  77. Apjp

    hey look I have a picture

  78. Logan

    Just FYI I was playing in deathless mode the other day and lost against the final Titan. I then went back in to get my loot back and beat up on the Titan I lost to. When I won the deathless quest all of my items were out of the “deathless loot” but I didn’t get them back. I had to purchase them to get them back. Also all of the really good gems I had in them disappeared. I lost a “on parry damage Titan 800”, “on block damage Titan 800”, a 180 hp gem and a 200 magic gem. It was so frustrating because I spent a ton of that holiday clash mob money on building strong gems.

    1. Dale Ypil

      Hey Logan! How did you fix the quest requirement? I still cant get inside even though I have changed everything??? ANY HELP????

  79. Apjp


  80. Apjp

    JUST when my main profile had +500 lightning water and when I just forged a +400 dark gem. POO

  81. Apjp

    JUST when my main profile had +500 lightning water and when I just forged a +400 dark gem. POO

    1. Apjp

      why was that posted twice

    2. Apjp

      why was that posted twice

  82. Apjp

    whats happening to my computer?

  83. Apjp

    it just said duplicating comments detected… what am I doing?

  84. Apjp

    and I quote “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though youΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ve already said that!”

  85. Djar

    My game refuses to start – it goes into the loading mode (flashing sword) and then crashes.
    If I delete the game will all my data for the character be on the cloud? I have a lot of gems and upgraded gear I don’t want to lose

  86. Apjp

    Djar same thing is happening with me

  87. Apjp

    And for some odd reason the game made a new profile for me and will not let me go back to my main one, (before the infinity blade cycle began) i then synced my device to my computer but it still refuses to work.

  88. Toogreys

    Mine does the same thing! Loading with the flashing swords and then crashes. Even tried to cold reboot my iPad no luck! Afraid to delete and reinstall the game but not sure what else you can do?

    1. Toogreys

      I went ahead and tried to reinstall the app. Still won’t open. Now I have probably lost all my levels, weapons, gems all of it. Not sure trying to restore from backup is worth the hassle of setting up everything else on my iPad

  89. Commanderjets

    I have the same problem as diar and apjp it sux I need help

  90. Djar

    I’d like to add that I have done no glitching whatsoever …. Very frustrated

    1. apjp


    2. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, it’s a problem everyone’s having across the board. Hopefully we’ll get some word soon from Chair.

  91. apjp

    ok now the game just delieted my main profile…….. GLADLY i backed it up so im kinda fine….. i got in tho

  92. apjp

    ok its now in cycle mode again……….

    1. Apjp

      backing up doesn’t help at all

  93. Apjp

    yay after the game went in cycle mode it quit on me…… the sad thing is on christmas I couldnt use my iPad so I couldnt get ANYTHING so they need to have another giveaway thing like on my birthday or something

  94. Apjp

    Right now I’m just playing IB2

  95. Michael Janko

    Any news on the cycle mode?

  96. Toogreys

    Uninstalled and reinstalled. No luck still won’t open and crashes. Now I’m afraid I lost everything since I deleted and reinstalled the App. I may have the data stored on a backup but not sure what it will do to all my other apps.

  97. Apjp

    as long as you have an active game center, it will be automagically be saved in the cloud.

  98. Apjp

    Or it will save if your cloud data was set to on in settings

  99. Commanderjets

    So if cloud saving was on then if I uninstall then reinstall my app will it be the same? 🙂

    1. Toogreys

      I tried both the uninstall/reinstall of the app it wouldnt open kept crashing. I also tried to do a restore from a cloud backup dated 31 Dec 13. Still will not open!!!

    2. Apjp

      Yes, your character will be saved but everyone will still have this bug.

  100. Apjp

    Too grey, your going to want to restore it to the soonest day possible, because when u restored it to December 31st, all your data between the 31st and today will be

  101. Commanderjets

    Who doesn’t have this glitch/bug?

  102. Toogreys

    APJP Unfortunately the 31 December was the most recent iCloud backup of my iPad. I did have Cloud backup on within the App I think, but even so I can’t get the App to open even with the restore!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Everything’s working again. I had no loss, but I wasn’t connected to the cloud. So my local save is fine.

  103. Commanderjets

    Ya it’s working for me too 🙂 🙂 🙂 :):):):):):)

  104. Toogreys

    Yep I’m back up and running too! Also didn’t lose anything. Even after reinstalling. Believe it was because I had cloud backup on!

  105. Toogreys

    Yep I’m back up and running too! Also didn’t lose anything. Even after reinstalling. Believe it was because I had cloud backup on!

  106. Shaun


    You mentioned that we could make our darkfire +1000 gem stronger by fusing it with any 2 +400 elemental attack gems; is there any upper limit to how many times we can add +500 to the darkfire gem? For instance, is it possible to keep fusing until it becomes a darkfire +10000 attack gem?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The cap seems to be 128,000+, so you’ve got quite a long way to go 😉

  107. Pimentel07

    Hello Again Appunwrapper.
    Still no luck with the original Infinity Blade at the vault. I tryed with both, Isa and Siris, no luck.
    Anybody outhere have any idea how to make it work? I had the same problem with the starting infinity blade cycle, but today it worked again whithout any light about the reasons.
    Thanks to everybody for your help

  108. Shaun

    Thanks for the swift response AppUnwrapper. Wow 128,000+ translates into 255 fusions, has any one actually gotten close to that number yet? And also, in the higher awakenings, is it true that most titans have rainbow defense? If that’s the case, then won’t the darkfire gem be of not much use even if it adds +128,000 attack? Just trying to justify if it’s worth the time to make it that godly haha

  109. David

    Thanks AppUnwrapper and everyone else for all the useful hints and tips on this site.

    I can’t upgrade any weapon beyond level 10, even though there is a Goal to reach level 15.
    Has anyone experienced this and found a way round it?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to deadest Deathless mode once (all the way through the Worker of Secrets) to be able to upgrade to lvl 15. You need to defeat the Deathless Worker 5 times to be able to upgrade your ideas to level 20. But beware — there’s a lot of risk involved in Deathless mode.

      1. David

        Thanks, I was hoping to upgrade my weapons before I attempted that, but here goes…..

  110. Apjp

    Ok my other profile is still gone and im going to try to restore my iPad again… i realllllyyyy need it to be saved because I have probably played this game more than all of you (Im Almost lvl 230)

  111. apjpisrealllymad

    any ideas how to fix?

  112. Chau Mien

    Well, I found a way to cheat the game 🙂 But you need a jailbroken device to pull this off.

    There’s a tweak called GamePlayer on the insanelyi repository (search it up) that actually works like the Cheat Engine program in the PC.

    Basically, you input the amount of gold or chips you have and then you either buy or sell something so that your value changes. Then you input the amount of gold or chips again, and GamePlayer will allow you to change that valur as you please!

    This only works with gold and battle chips in IB3 (the game detects that you are cheating the skill points and will put it back depending on your level and weapons mastered).

  113. alex

    I am at lv239 now and slowly getting bored without the possibility to access Act V and go on … does anyone know if this is a bug or a feature? Clashmob, Arena and Deathless extras are working, so it seems that right now this may be the end of the ongoing gameplay?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m sure they plan to fix it. I just think they want to fix a lot more than that before they release the update. That’s probably why they’re so quiet. I hear you, though. Both my characters are over lvl 250 and it is getting boring not having any bosses to fight. No dragon, either.

      1. chank

        Maybe you could try some +Titan level gems in the meantime? I have +200 and +100 gems…that would probably keep me entertained for a while.

  114. Commanderjets

    I seriously doubt they would take away an act on purpose, although it is still a possibility… I have the same problem, it has something to do with skipping the ending and credits, if you ever get act 5 back again do not skip them. I’m currently working on a way to get it back involving the “when gods collide” act glitch thing… That’s what happened to me and I did get it fixed, until I skipped the ending again cuz I didn’t know they were connected at the time

  115. Apjp

    Chau Mien, I have heard of this and used it in previous games. This will only usually work if you do not have a wifi connection and/or not on the server. As in this does not work with games that use servers.
    But, this does work.

  116. brye

    my character is gone and already created new one because of the deathless bug. the 3rd time i finished it and got to act 4 the quest did not continue anymore 3rd titan to the last. everytime i open my ib3 its in the same position and when i continue the quest everytime she she fires gun bow it freezes and have to restart over and over again.

  117. chank

    Can someone explain exactly how Isa’s “Master Looter” skill works? It say you get all rewards in that area – is that just gold, gold and ingredients, normal chests, all chests (even locked one) only locked chests that you have skill to open (small and medium for Isa if she has the skill). Any help with this would be appreciated.

  118. Kelvin

    Help, I was playing the Deathless Quest to fight Lelindre for the second time. I got to the part when I came outside and was stalked by a Kunochai. When Isa turned around a shoot her, the screen went black. I turned the game off from multitask only to find myself stuck in the same place. Anyone knows how to fix this? My Act 5 also disappeared. Thanks a bunch 🙂

  119. alex

    Thanks for the reply AppUnwrapper,
    i guess it doesn’t hurt just to go on and have fun anyway 😉 Good to read that this seems to be a common thing, so nothing is really brokenΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼┬¼ stab/slash on!

    @chank: Yeah, i am running around with 2 Titan Level 500s and it’s good fun 😉 The Master Looter skill seems to collect all ingredients/gold in the whole area – just not the chests.

    @Kelvin: I always get the “black out” in the dark citadel on the first balcony to the right – especially when i fast forward into the place. Just ending the task and starting usually gets me back thereΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼┬¼ no for me it’s not a big deal.

  120. Kelvin

    Thanks for reply Alex, but I’m stuck there. I tried starting the game but I’m just stuck there.

  121. alex

    Kelvin, i had a case once, when the game would loop the starting logo a few times and then pop back to the OS… i tried quite some times, then let go for a day or so … on the next try then it started again. Maybe i switched the phone off in the meantime, i was just happy that it came up again. Hopefully this will happen to you, too.

    1. Kelvin

      Hey Alex, Thanks for your help,man. I’ll just wait and see how it goes. Pretty sad that the good glitch ain’t working and the bad ones seem so persistent.

  122. Apjp

    whatever. i had to restart my game. I refinished the game at lvl 12 with both characters. now both of my characters have maxed armor at lvl 29 😛 with no money spent. my only trouble is to upgrade all of them to 15 again… anyone here have ultimate magic spells? when i was at lvl 230 I had super gem store, chip booster, and almost potion master. but I couldn’t quite get high archimage (I wanna see what it does)

  123. Apjp

    I found a new glitch (maybe its just for me) After my account got wiped (unfair) there is this glitch where I am leveling up every other Titan or so. That means I’m getting basically 1 skill point for every enemy I fight, so if I fight 200 more titans I have unlocked Ultimate Magic Spells!!!!! and I’m glad its so few 😉 also, Im having the act five disappearing glitch after It didn’t disappear for the last 6 times I beat the game, and both of my characters are around lvl 38. Can everyone tell me what weapon they usually use for siris, what level it is and how many damage it does? and to app unwrapper, can you upgrade the “On Slash, Get 2000 Health”? It sells for 300k but I’m not sure if It can be further upgraded… Currently I am using Halfstar, it does 1920 damage with 120 fire damage at lvl 6. I have equipped a On Slash, Get 2000 Health gem. Thanks for reading this


  124. Apjp

    Oh, and if you have jailbreaked your device you can download a hack from iModGame, that gives you 60? mill money and 16000 chips. Sadly on my jailbreaked device it says “there is not enough room” even though I have almost 3 gbs…..

  125. Atem

    I got the rarest gem possible “Great Parry All Attack”. Apparently it is better than the Perfect Parry Gem. I did not even try hard for it. I gave Ausar the Super Gem Store Ability and then I fused 3 “On Perfect Parry Damage” Gems. They were not even that high, 400+, 200+, 100+. Thats it!

  126. Atem

    I got the rarest gem possible “Great Parry All Attack”. Apparently it is better than the Perfect Parry Gem. I did not even try hard for it. I gave Ausar the Super Gem Store Ability and then I fused 3 “On Perfect Parry Damage” Gems. They were not even that high, 400+, 200+, 100+. That’s it!

  127. Emir

    Is the InfyBlade found in The Stockpile the same stenght as the one that can be bought ,when upgraded to max lvl ?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yes. Everything’s the same. It just looks different.

  128. Emir

    And about the dragon, i can’t find him anymore, i killed the first one, then another came, with 500k, and after killing him i haven’t found another one for a long long while. Is that normal, our should he respawn again ?

    1. Atem

      Keep Looking around the side quests (Treasure Quests). The Dragon always appears in areas with large openings. Try “What’s yours is mine” and “Tomb of Ruins”

  129. Emir

    Will try that now, thanks for the advice
    Also, i wonder if i am the only one who finds the Stockpile Infinity Blade much better looking than Siris’ IB3 one, gonna level that one up a lot and use

  130. Clayton

    IB3 has given me loads of issues. First time it quit and wouldn’t restart, it kept self quitting. So I had to delete the game and start again. Lost everything! Second time I reached act V the tower of the worker appeared, but not the game icon that allows you to play it and thus progress. I don’t want to reset my characters or the game. Any help?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ok, the walkthrough got a big makeover. It’s much tighter now and, as you can see, includes a lot more photos. Please let me know if you have any other problems!

  131. The MACK

    The glitch with no act V happens because u skip the cutscene at the end of the game, do not skip it and act V will always pop up I just restarted since I havnt had the game for very long. On 4th play through act v is up and I’m just farming it as of now.

  132. apjp

    I recently got the great parry all gem and the on whatever switch class, which is completely useless if not all of your weapons are completely upgraded, and its completely useless because when u switch, there is a small lag of where you can get attacked. Im currently upgrading my half star to 10, and am not being bored w/out act V.

  133. Admiral

    I’m bored!

  134. Admiral

    Yes I have, and defeated the worker.
    I’ve upgraded all my infinity weapons, king and queen armours, vile and vybrix sets to 10 ( some to 11).
    Currently working on upgrading the yhurle set to 10 as well.
    Have forged all the rare attack gems except ice.
    Have farmed up to 50million.
    Have unlocked all the available skills for both Siris and Isa.
    All these without exploiting any glitch!

    And I’m now bored.

    Is there any timeline for fixing the missing Act V? Or releasing more content?

  135. apjp

    Yeah before i attempt deathless mode act 2, 3, 4, and 5 im going to level up Isa to about 60, then upgrade her master stick to 10. I really need the remove gems for free skill, because right now when i change characters to use i spent about 400k.. Thats not a lot because with my Titan lvl 500+ gem i can get it back easily when i attack anything. Any tips on leveling up fast? And what does the great parry all attack item even do? I think its completely useless as it does not give any noticeable advantage…. Except for great parrying everything. I recently forged 3 gems (no idea what they were) and i got a lightning +385 gem without gem boost or anything like that. Are their combinations that can get other gems like that?

  136. Admiral

    What I did was to use, master, upgrade, then use again all weapons, especially the weak ones which are quicker to master. Try not to go into any fight without an un-mastered weapon – cause XP from that fight will be wasted.

  137. apjp

    So does that mean i should upgrade all my low level items that i already mastered?

  138. Admiral

    Yes you should.
    I’ve acquired all the available weapons from store and and merchant and I’ve been upgrading and re-mastering every item. I have a few items left on level 5 , the ones I like were at 11 (king & queen armour, vile set, vybrix set, the infinity weapons) and I was working on the yhurle set before I got bored.

  139. apjp

    Ive beat deathless mode 5 times, but i can’t get lvl 15 weapons. is this an error?

    1. Samuel

      I think what it means is if you beat the deathless mode 5 times you can be allowed to upgrade weapons beyond lvl 15 up to 20. But you still need to pay and wait (or using BC) to do.

  140. Kelvin

    I updated my IB3 to 1.2.1, Act 5 is still nowhere to be found. But at least I’m no longer stuck in the House of Kor so I got that going on for me, which is nice.

  141. Kelvin

    I updated my IB3 and Act 5 is still nowhere to be found. But I’m no longer stuck in the house of Kor so I got that going on for me, which is nice.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Also, be careful using the option to lower Deathless levels bc some people have reported that it causes Deathless mode to disappear from the map.

  142. Apjp

    is it an error that deathless mode isnt working for me?

    1. Anna


  143. Anna

    Why does the Rare Defense Gem +100% still not completely block damage?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It was originally supposed to block only 90% from elemental titans, but it was bigger before and blocked all but 1 hp/sec. They fixed it in this update, but it means your Darkfire can damage titans as well.

  144. Al Hoon

    Have I found a glitch?

    It worked for me once, but I don’t think I’ll have the means to replicate it, since the IB3 app in my Mac was accidentally updated.
    (And also it didn’t “work” so much as “happened” to me, since I wasn’t looking for it.)

    The guys at Chair meant it as a gift for the players that the first time you update to 1.2.1 you get double whatever you had upgraded on a round gem beyond basic rare, as long as you had that gem equipped on Siris (maybe Isa too?) right before updating.
    For example: Basic rare for Health is 60. I had a 130 health equipped on Siris (60 + 70). When first I opened the game after updating, the gem had 60+70+70 = 200.
    Same for other round gems.
    I was angry I had forgotten to equip all of my rare gems before updating, so I tried to make the game “forget” I had just updated by restoring my phone from backup. In short, I made a mess, got an error. I was glad I had backed up with ifunbox, but when I opened my 1.2.1 the game remembered it wasn’t our 1st time (dang it!) and gave me nothing. It sucked. Then suddenly (due to the incorrect version that made the error in my computer), my iTunes on iphone said I should update for 1.2.1 (it had not recognized I already had it!!!). So I equipped all gems, and voil╬ô├╢┬úΓö£├¡, I got the bonus I wanted for the gems I had not equipped before, AND a second bonus for the ones I already had equipped before. This is the system, it did work, and I hope it gets perfected by the community’s regulars.

    It would boil down to this:

    1- To be safe, make sure cloud saving is OFF for now (actually, I still can’t make my cloud work, not even with 1.2.1)
    2- DON’T update the 1.2 you have on your computer’s iTunes.
    3- Equip all rare gems, shut game down.
    4- Update in your phone, using the phone’s iTunes update. Open game, get the bonus.
    5- Make sure you buy or sell something cheap, just to be certain that the changes are saved. If you want, close the game and open it again, just to be positive that you got your bonus. Shut game down.
    6- Using ifunbox, extract the three folders in infinityblade3/documents to a safe folder in your computer. Those are your savegame data.
    7- Delete your game from your iphone. Hold the icon, make it shake, kill it (keep your achievements!), make sure it’s gone, restart the phone just to make sure.
    8- Install the 1.2 game from your computer.
    9- Don’t run it. Open the new (and empty) infinityblade3/documents folder, and paste your save info there.
    10- Now run the game, make sure game center knows you’re there, showing the “welcome, XXXX” dropdown.
    11- Now close the game, go to your phone’s iTunes, refresh updates, and infinity blade should be there again, asking to be updated.
    At least, that’s what happened to me.
    12- Update it, then run it. You should receive your bonus again.
    13- Now rinse and repeat steps 5 to 12 until you are bored out of your mind, lose your job, die of old age or simply max out round gem stats.


    1. AppUnwrapper

      Wait… I thought all rare gems got a boost with the new update, not just those equipped?

      1. Al Hoon

        They all get a boost when you upgrade them. Upgrade is better now at each fuse.
        But I only got the free boost from the game’s upgrade to 1.2.1 in the gems I had equipped. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. This is only the backstory to how I learned you can get this free boost more than once. Just equip them to be on the safe side if you want to try the glitch.

          1. Al Hoon

            You’re welcome! If you try it, please tell me how it went.

      2. Al Hoon

        If you already got the free bonus once, you would start from step 6. What you need is a plain 1.2 (non-upgraded) IB3 on your computer’s iTunes.

  145. DrJazz

    RE: *New! If you got the +1000 Darkfire gem from the new Dragon, Pisci, you can fuse it with two capped +400 elemental gems or +750 indoor/outdoor gems to get +1500 Darkfire! Keep fusing to get +500 each time. You donΓÇÖt need extra Darkfire gems!

    Do the two capped or 750 indoor/outdoor have to be the same color ???

    I don’t want to loose my darkfire gem

  146. Kelvin

    I think I finally figured out the switch character glitch. For it to work, you must be able to join Clashmob in the first place. And to my understanding, to be able to join Clashmob, you cannot extract your save file or use someone else’s save file with iFunbox or Diskaid. The glitch money and battle chips (BC) will vary with the Clashmob challenges.I have been completed the 5000BC Clashmob and still able to exploit the 5000 BC and 50000 gold for a while. I’m at 122000 BC.So if you can you do the challenges, try the character switching trick and treat yourself to a lot more BC.

    1. Samuel

      What it said is very true. Throughout the last few months, I found out that the BC and money gained from Clash Mob will somehow be added to the character if I switch to other character slot then come back, then immediately exit and delete the memory. Then click the IB3 icon again. I’ll see consistently (EVERY TIME) the increase of BC and money corresponding to what I earned in last few days. I think the amount and no. of BC will last for a few days. That’s ok for Clash Mob will start everyday and you somehow will be entitled to some BC and money. It works for gems, potions and items so long as they are rewarded from Clash Mob plays.

      1. Rod P

        Do you know if the glitch still works after the update? The money and GC glitch that is.

        1. Samuel

          Yes, it works still till now. I’m in 1.2.1

      2. Rod P

        Does the GC and gold glitch still works after the update?

  147. Admiral

    That Glitch has never worked for me, despite all the addition characters slots I’ve used!

    1. Kelvin

      Can you play Clashmob? If you can’t then probably the glitch won’t be working for you. As for me, I made 220000 Battle Chips XD

    2. Samuel

      Make sure you’re on WIFI when you try to exploit the glitch. It works for my iPad 4 every time.

  148. Admiral

    Yes I play clashmobs and I’m on IPad air with wi-fi.

    1. Toogreys

      The glitch works for me! 185,456 BC’s and counting. As mentioned you have to participate in the clash mobs and be on wifi. I am on an iPad 2 The procedure I use is fairly simple but takes patients.
      FIRST if I have any characters created other than my main character I deleat them. Then I close the grame and double click the home button and clear the game from memory.
      SECOND I restart the game, go into settings and create a character in one of the open slots, usually the second since my main game/character is in the first slot. I go thru the entire tutorial at regular speed… If you fast forward sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. I think it depends on where you fast forward. Wait until they are at the hideout but don’t wait too long.
      THIRD go to settings and change back to your main character. Go in and see if your BC amount has changed, probably not in most cases. If not exit the game double click the home button and clear it from memory then restart the game. Once it restarts go in and check your BC. I usually end up with around 5,000 BC each time. This works about 90 to 95 % of the time. The key is removing the game from memory after you deleate the new character and after you go back to your main character to collect the BC and gold. Not sure how much gold I receive, wasn’t tracking but at least 2 or 300,000 YOU NEED TO CLEAR FROM MEMORY EACH TIME. I tried to just delete the character with out clearing the memory and didn’t do so well. I hope this helps!

  149. Admiral

    Followed the steps and the new character I created in slot two ended up with 5000BC! But my main character in slot one remained unchanged.

    1. Toogreys

      Strange.. Did you go immediately to your main character as soon as they arrive at the hideout without doing anything else that would cause the game to do a save? Only other thing I can think of is to check your settings. I have cloud sharing enabled.

  150. Atem

    When exactly are you suppose to go back to the original character slot, before or after the bubble appears on the hideout map? Also do you then immediately delete the character slot after switching and wipe off memory?

  151. Toogreys

    Its been awhile since I have tried so not sure it still works. I would wait until i get back to the hideout and the as soon as the cross weapons showed up I would go into setting and change characters to the main character. Once I get back to the hide out I would go in and check my amounts to see if they changed. If not then I would click out of the game, clear memomery and them come back in and check amounts again. Either it worked or it didn’t. I only deleated and cleared from memory the new character just before I attemped the process again. Hope it helps. Let us know if it still works!

  152. Toogreys

    Just ran thru the glitch process I explained previously 3 times. First two times nothing. Third time only 35 BC’s. As mentioned else where here I believe this has to do with the clash mobs and which ones you have won. The last one I joined I think I won 35 BC’s. So I think the key is to win a large pot of gold and/or BC’s in a Mob Clash and thne employ the glitch

  153. Pruthweish

    I have finished the game once.when do we get ausar rising quest.i updated the game

  154. Pruthweish

    The quest where u get to battle nimmoch and when will we get to face the soulless ausar the vile?

  155. Pruthweish

    I beat the first dragon once but didn’t get a fire +500 gem.instead I got a map

    1. Evan

      Use the map then u will get ur item

  156. PIETRO

    Buon giorno!Vorrei sapere anche io come posso sbloccare l’abilita di padroneggiare oggetti,oltre liv. 10.

  157. Michael

    I just got a glitch were I I did a deathless quest with is a and lost but when I went to the hideout and I had to by everything I had equipped on my siris and my isa any help for fix?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      When you lose a deathless quest, you have to win those items back.

  158. Michael

    Isa* buy*

  159. Tom

    I am trying to get the original infinity sword. What are the 6 new infinity weapons and how do I gather them? I only count 4 plus the one I have to buy. That is 5, so what is the sixth?

    Thanks! And I hav learned some great tips from you guys so thanks!

    1. TheVileWorker

      The infinity edge for Isa.

  160. Evan

    Does the glitch still work

  161. Harry Calvin Georgia.

    can someone tell me how to find Soulless Ausar?

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