Infinity Blade III (3) Ausar Rising Guide

Infinity Blade III (3)
By: Chair Entertainment

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This is a guide where you’ll be able to find helpful hints, tips, cheats and solutions for the Ausar Rising expansion of Infinity Blade 3. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

***New! If you got the +1000 Darkfire gem from the new Dragon, Pisci, you can fuse it with two capped +400 elemental gems or +750 indoor/outdoor gems to get +1500 Darkfire! Keep fusing to get +500 each time. You don’t need extra Darkfire gems!


***Two trials just appeared on the map for the holidays, probably to make up for all the data wipes. They’re now open, so make sure you don’t miss them! One gives 50,000 Battle Chips for only four parries and the other give 15,000,000 gold for only four blocks! Go get your Christmas presents!


20131221-104209.jpg ***

*Warning: A lot of people are reporting lost data after updating the game, so update at your own risk!*

– Fuse any three elemental defense gems to get a 5% Rare Defense gem (Rainbow Defense)! Then fuse three 5% RareDefense gems to get a 10% All Defense gem, 3 x 10% = 25%, 3 x 25% = 50%, and finally — 3 x 50% = 100% Rare a Defense gem (keep in mind, it only does 90% against Elemental (Rainbow Attack) titans.

The Original Infinity Blade:
To get the original Infinity Blade from IN1 & IB2, you need to have all six new infinity weapons (get the Infinity Edge from the store). Then go to the Seccian Desert with either Isa or Siris. Head towards the back to the vault. When you tap on the vault, a Titan will attack. Defeat him and go into the vault to get the original Infinity Blade, and thrust it triumphantly into the air like a Thundercat. You only need to find it once and you’ll get the Blade for both Siris and Isa.









The New Dragon, Pisci:
You first encounter Pisci at the Dark Citadel with Siris. But she also appears randomly like the original dragon. She starts with 500,000 HP and you’ll get a +1000 Darkfire gem when you defeat her.
She does hit harder than the original dragon, though. Longer battles also get very laggy, and I even got a glitch that gave me no choice but to force-quit and forfeit the battle. I had 2 Dragon Stays Longer gems equipped, and I recommend not doing so. The dragon shows up fairly often for me, so I think you’re better off with a short battle in which she flies off, than risking a long battle in which you may die or glitch. Also, keep in mind that Pisci has elemental defense (Rainbow Defense), so don’t bother with elemental attack gems.





Gem Master:
I highly recommend you get Isa’s skill, “Gem Master” for 250 Attack. You get much better gems from the results. For instance, I gave three Bright Attack gems around +100 each to the cutter and got a +400 capped gem! This would have had much weaker results in version 1.1.

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7 years ago

Dude, didn’t all your memory get deleted?

7 years ago

Sir, did u get the Parry All Gem already?
Know the formula, people are saying its 3 triangle, but all I get is On Parry Damage Titan

7 years ago

With the new update, the final act no longer appears for me even though I have completed all the other acts/ missions?

Is this a glitch or do you have to do all the deathless quests for the final act to appear this time around?

Reply to  Anna
7 years ago

I had the disappearing act 5 problem, but either they fixed it or i did something to reset the map. I did defeat the NEW dragon and noticed that act 5 reappeared, so maybe that is it, just try to defeat the new dragon. if not i’ll keep remembering what i did right before it fixed

David Schecher
7 years ago

I have finished all the quests an I don’t have the final act with the worker.
AppUnwrapper – how do you that the final act not shoing is a glish and a fix is in the works? I cannot find anything about it from chair or epic.


7 years ago

Do you know how to get your progress back, I completed the game but the stupid update wiped everything out! Is there a way I can get it back? Please help!

7 years ago

Is a +500 darkfire gem considered an elemental gem?

7 years ago

IB3: Ausar Rising has a money glitch. I have a “main” game in character slot 1. When I go to settings and create new character slot, watching intro and “training” with Raidriar and going back to character slot 1, it adds ~15 000 000 to cash to character slot 1. Tested 3 times

Reply to  JK
7 years ago

Really!? Holy Sh*t! I have to redownload IB3!

7 years ago

The above statement is true, I’ve tested it two times, but after “training” with raidriar I had to continue and finish his castle, then going back to the main game, close the app and relaunch it. It also gives 50000 chips, and once a katana from the ronin clashmob.

Reply to  Rafael
7 years ago

Just did it as JK said above, just finishing the raidriar “training” and it works that way as well.

Here is a how to guide:

Start a new game o a new slot,
Get over with all the intro until getting to the hideout,
Go back to your main game,
Close the app and relaunch it.

And that’s it, 15 million money, 50000 chips and a ronin katana for me (I guess this has to do with the recent clashmobs of the last days, if they were played).

7 years ago

How many times does this glitch works? I am so bored without being able to get act v working….

Reply to  Vin
7 years ago

I’ve done it successfully like 9 times, a couple of times it didn’t work, I’ve stopped for now but because my hand is already hurting of too much playing, but I guess it should still be working, after all, chair fix the glitches with the updates right?

7 years ago

Didn’t work for me at all.

7 years ago

I don’t know why the glitch only works sometimes. I wonder what’s going to happen to our chips and cash when they fix the glitch…:(

7 years ago

How do i find the dark citadel?

7 years ago

@Matt: the dark citadel is in the island at the center of the map, if it doesn’t appear as an option yet, you just have to play some more acts, it should appear before act IV or V.

About the glitch: is truth, it only works sometimes, I just found out there is no need to restart a new game each time, just start a new one once, get the training finished, going back to the main game, close the app from multitasking and open it again, and that’s it for one time, then get back to the second game already made, get back again to the main game, close the app, relaunch it, and that’s it for a second time, then just repeat the process.

7 years ago

Worked for me twice… But now it’s not working.

Rod P
7 years ago

I guess that was a temporary glitch, tried 4 times, didn’t work.

Is this working for anyone?

7 years ago

The glitch still works… I had to keep trying about 12 times unsuccessfully and now it works…. Got 400000 chips…. Ones the glitch works keep repeating the step till you have enough chips n $.

Rafael : I dint have to close and reopen either. Just keep changing between slots…

Rod P
7 years ago

That’s awesome. So, just to double check… It hasn’t worked for me yet – but I should be able to once I try a few times by just:

Switch to new game
Then switch straight back to original game
Close off multi tasking

And repeat, until it works?

Do I have to wait until she finished walking or can you just close it/switch straight away?

Rod P
7 years ago

I’ve done that about 20 times now, still nothing. Am I doing it wrong? Is there a pre-requirement?

7 years ago

Oh my god. Just tried the glitch you guys said, IT WORKS!! Thank you guys so much 🙂


7 years ago

Hurray!!!!! IT WORKS!!!!!! I have the current IB3 1.2 and it works!!!

Rod P
Reply to  OS
7 years ago

It doesn’t work for me at all – sorry to be a pain but can you telle whether the way I did was any different than the way you did:

Open game > click cog icon > options > character slots > create new character > watch intro > fight and win two battles > fight the worker etc > watch isa being revived etc > goes back to the hideout > wait until isa arrives at the hideout and you are able to make selections at the hideout > cog icon > options > character slots > click play on your original game > wait until isa arrives at the hideout > press home button > close game from multitask > open game again

Any of the above different than what you did?


Ps: I already have the katana and already increased its level – I wonder if that makes any difference.

7 years ago

@Rod P:

That sounds pretty much how is done, for me is working most of the time, but not every time, like 9 out of 10.

What I also do is check the items, not for the items themselves but for the money and chips, so in a nutshell:

.Launch app, and with the original game/slot already playing
.Wait for siris/isa to arrive to the hideout (you can speed it up, I always do)
.Check items, for the money as I said, then change to the second game/slot
.Create a second game/slot if you haven’t yet or just change to that game/slot if you already did
.Wait for siris/isa to arrive to the hideout (you can speed it up, I always do)
.Check items, for the money as I said, then change back to the original game/slot
.Wait for siris/isa to arrive to the hideout (you can speed it up, I always do)
.Check items, for the money as I said, then close the options
.Close the app from multitasking
.Launch the app again
.Wait for siris/isa to arrive to the hideout (you can speed it up, I always do)
.Check items, for the added money and chips

If it worked, with the app already open this time you can start the process again

PS. not sure if it has anything to do, but I bet it does, you must have played the clashmobs at christmas when they gave away 15000000 money and 50000 chips (also for the katana) in order to get them, or else the glitch will not give you what you didn’t get before, I can tell cause in the second game is working as well, but just gives me some chips from the “training” with raidriar each time I open it.

Rod P
Reply to  Rafael
7 years ago

Thanks for the reply Rafael. I definitely did play the clashmob.

I’ll try again now – the only difference between yours and mine is that I didn’t go to items – I’ll try that.

Also, perhaps I need to be at the same level as of when I played the clashmob? Eg: I need to be at act IV or something. I’ve been trying with act I.

I’m back to level IV so let’s see how it goes 🙂 I’ll keep you posted.

Reply to  Rafael
7 years ago

The only thing I did when I couldn’t get it to work was i created a new game in slot 3 as well and followed Rafael’s guide.

Hey rafael: did you try getting the chips without closing the app? It works for me.

7 years ago

@Rod P: for me it works whatever the act I’m playing at the moment, I hope can get it done this time.

@Vin: yeah, I’ve tried it without closing the app, and sometimes it works, and sometimes just doesn’t, it seems random, and also sometimes I don’t get the 15000000 money and 50000 chips, but just some really small amount of money and chips and still a katana.

BTW. the extra katanas are a good way to amount more money with the glitch, just get the katana to level 10 and each one sells for almost half a million.


7 years ago

@ rafael. Are you stuck without act five as well? Does starting all over again help… I am getting really bored with all these $ n chips and nothing to play for….

7 years ago

I had the disappearing act 5 problem, but either they fixed it or i did something to reset the map. I did defeat the NEW dragon and noticed that act 5 reappeared, so maybe that is it, just try to defeat the new dragon. if not i’ll keep remembering what i did right before it fixed. Then again the might have just fixed it

7 years ago

Oh btw I added a character to my third character slot, got to act 5 playing it then lost purposefully to radriar to grind money some more and then randomly went back to my first slot and THEN defeated the dragon. It got fixed by replacing my third character slot with my first (the one with the act 5 missing) it seems to be an EXACT copy of my first slot except there was only 1 act option, (act 5) I clicked it and it played the finishing cutscenes and whatnot 🙂 then eh game started up again like nothing ever happened!!! Amazing right)(this is still the third character slot, but I lost all memory in that slot and now it is the copy of my first slot)