Violett: Walkthrough

By: Forever Entertainment S.A.

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Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Tracey

    Turtle room – door won’t open after solving puzzle.

    1. Revital

      I’m not sure if you still need help but just in case… Apparently in order for the door to open you had to operate a switch a few room ago. If you remember the termite room, there was another room where the striped clothes were hanging , further down there is a switch you need to operate so that the door in the tower opens. All you need to do is go back a few rooms back and operate it.

  2. Revital

    I have a problem with the finale… I watched the video walkthrough and saw that Violett can move around, up and down to avoid being attacked but on my iPad i can’t see how to move, my only options are to grow the protective plant and attack, naturally I get killed all the time. Any help. I hate getting this far and being unable to finish the game. BTW this part really sucked the game for me, I’m more of an adventure puzzle gamer and not avfighting gamer , can’t see why they had to include this war scene in an all adventure puzzle game…

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