Ferris Mueller’s Day Off: Walkthrough

16. Go upstairs. Open the green door to the bathroom. Look inside the tub and take the rubber seal and duck toys. Look at the message on the wall and make note of the red gun. You can also look in the mirror if you’d like.





17. Leave that room and open the pink door to the children’s play room. Take a photo of the Blox on the floor and notice the lumpy teddy bear. Take a photo of the cards on the table. It’s a clue for the symbols puzzle (we’ll come back to that in a bit).





18. Leave the house and go back to the room with the stage. Solve the color puzzle using the wagon wheel and get the gardening scissors.



19. Go back to the Calamari Desert and use the gardening scissors to cut the three different colored flowers.


20. Go back to orange-roofed house next to the Rent-A-Mule. Go to the green door at the back. We’re going to solve the symbols puzzle using the cards we found in the children’s room. Ignore the elements and focus on the numbers and pictures. The trick here is to rhyme the pictures on the cards with the pictures in the puzzle. So 1 is an eel, which rhymes with “heel,” so 1 is the shoe. 2 is art, which rhymes with heart. 3 is the “Libra” sign, because it rhymes with “bra.” 4 is blank. And 5 is the bowl because it rhymes with owl. Once you solve it, the safe will open and reveal a mortar & pestle. Take the pestle and put each of the flowers into the mortar separately to turn them into baking powder.










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  1. Sarah

    For the cards puzzle, you do use the letters and so it is not just rhymes with. Owl does not rhyme with bowl!
    He + art = heart
    Li + bra = Libra
    B+owl = bowl
    H+eel = heel

  2. Kate

    I grabbed the 3 carrots from next to the tree – but theyΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗re not in my inventory- so I canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t purchase the mule.

  3. IprkAG

    At point 36 the gahe asked purchase. I do not think it is worth it so I pass.

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