Ferris Mueller’s Day Off: Walkthrough

21. Go back to the General Store. Ask to see the box so you can open it. You need the clue from the book with the 9 on it, but you need to turn it upside-down (I’ve done so below). Take the golden carrot and the drink recipe from inside the box.





22. Go back to the Saloon and give the Red Charge Recipe to the bartender. He’ll post it up behind the bar so you can see what you need. Give him the ingredients you have so far (gun powder and blue baking powder).




23. Leave the saloon and enter the hotel. Go to the front desk and read the Guest Register. Ring the bell to call the front desk manager. Talk to him as much as you’d like.





24. Talk to the jester sitting in the lobby. He’s sad and needs a joke. Give him your “Tearable Pun” and he’ll give you a puzzle piece (or “strange wooden shape”) in exchange.



25. Go upstairs. Head into the only unlocked room, #51. Dial room service on the telephone (123#) and order a coffee, fully caffeinated with 5 sugars (the first choice). Choose to pay for it with a voucher. Then use the code from the voucher the sheriff gave you and press #.





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  1. Sarah

    For the cards puzzle, you do use the letters and so it is not just rhymes with. Owl does not rhyme with bowl!
    He + art = heart
    Li + bra = Libra
    B+owl = bowl
    H+eel = heel

  2. Kate

    I grabbed the 3 carrots from next to the tree – but theyΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗re not in my inventory- so I canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t purchase the mule.

  3. IprkAG

    At point 36 the gahe asked purchase. I do not think it is worth it so I pass.

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