In Fear I Trust: Walkthrough

Episode 2: Last Desk

1. You’re now in the school. Use Retrospective Vision to get another audio recording.


2. Pick up the Microfilm from the bench.




3. Pick up the “Faculty Meeting Note” from near the coats.



(Ok, seriously. Use iFunbox. I was in episode 2, picked up some items, closed the game and came back in episode 1 again.)

4. Go through the left doorway and into the dining room.


5. Use Retrospective Vision and pick up another voice recording.


6. Pick up the “Page from piano guide” from one of the tables. Make sure to look at both the back and front of it.





7. Pick up the Pioneer Tie from a bench.



8. Pick up the Amulet from the table covered with food.





9. Pick up the Black Candle from one of the benches. Notice the bottom of it. Could be a clue?





10. Use Retrospective Vision on one of the murals and it changes. I’m not sure if this is relevant to anything.



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126 thoughts on “In Fear I Trust: Walkthrough

  1. Diane Johnson

    Piano puzzle – have you gone into the basement to get the music box top yet? I am thinking that has something to do with it- My problem is on my ipad even making the letters big from the back of the clue they are blurry and cant read them to solve the piano.

  2. Kelly

    The key for the basement is in the kitchen of the cafeteria. If anyone has figured out the piano or the puzzle in the drawing room would love the help!

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      Really? I could have sworn I saw somewhere that it was three. They did say they’re adding some free episodes to it, though. Hopefully they’ll fix the bugs before then, and hopefully it won’t make the app 5gb. There’s no way I’d fit that on my device.

  3. John

    In the kitchen also, having trouble with the wires puzzle. Tried every possible (only 64 total combinations) and none worked! Might be a bug, or I might have skipped a few of the combinations.

    1. Trina

      John, for the kitchen, pinch the screen while you are working on the wires. You will see arrows on all three pieces that move. Make sure all arrows are are like so for each > < then you will have to fix the water pressure. Again, pinch the screen and you will see the clue for which ones to press and how many times to complete it.

  4. Trina

    I’m having trouble in the art room. The puzzle has shapes but I am completely stuck on what exactly I am suppose to do. Anyone there yet?

    1. FearJade

      Te only two symbols you are to use are the circle and pentagram. click the circle and set it to the first coordinates on the top in the “map” you found with these drawings on (blueprints). the circle has the placements (25,25,20), pentagram (5,..,90). When finished click the enter btn.

    2. FearJade

      The only two symbols you are to use are the circle and pentagram. click the circle and set it to the first coordinates on the top of the “map” you found with these kindsof drawings on (blueprints). the circle has the placements (25,25,20), pentagram (5,..,90). When finished click the enter btn.

        1. Eric

          You don’ have to locate to any particular coordinates, however that was a very thorough idea. I simply drew a 5 pointed star and rotated up side down and placed a circle around it. That opened the tray for me.

  5. Eric

    Okay… I feel stupid!!!

    The safe in the classroom:

    Start the wheel turning “right” not left. Spin all the way around and stop at the first symbol (upside down triangle). There is no “tapping” or “pressing middle button” a few times. Follow th remainder of the symbols and the safe will open.

  6. Jason

    I can’t figure out the bookshelf on the teachers lounge. I don’t know how to solve it and what the clues mean. Has anybody solved that part yet?

    1. Eric

      Bookshel: Teachers lounge

      Match each color one at a time. Use the red book on red, then the blue book on red. Like a small game of memory. Mix-match a color an you have to start over.

  7. Jon

    I’m also stuck on the piano. On the ipad, I cannot read the code to play as they’re blurred. Ca anyone just tell me the sequence to play.

    1. Bdsmith

      The sequence is

      3. 2
      6. 4. 5. 1.

      Haven’t quite figured out how to activate the piano yet. I think I need the figurine for the music box on top but haven’t found it. It may be in the basement but I haven’t found the door to the basement yet. I have the key.

      Also, can you go up the stairs in the lobby area? (Classroom?). Every time I try it flashes whit an I end up facing back in the same room.


  8. Greg

    Piano code looks like “3. A#. D#. E. A. D.”

    Pinch out and the keys are numbered. So 3 should be a D#.

    At least I thought. Doesn’t do anything when I hit those keys.


    1. Hannah

      On the piano, I played: B. A#. D#. E. A. D. and it worked, I could then walk up the stairs. I agree the first letter doesn’t really look like a B, but that was the only letter I could think of that looked similar.

  9. Bdsmith

    Made it thru the kitchen puzzle and found the piano puzzle. I have the key to the basement but where is the basement door? I can see a door in the hallway off the classroom but there is a table in the way. Any help

    1. diane johnson

      the door is on the same hall as the classroom – did u pinch out? you will see them labled.. still cant play on my end .. keeps on going to the basement on the first level and can just walk around nothing works and I REFUSE to play lvl 1 again for the 3rd time!

      1. AppUnwrapper Post author

        Yeah, I’m using iFunbox to save to my PC every few minutes. Multiple files, in case one gets corrupted before I back it up (like just now). It’s a pain, but better than starting over constantly.

  10. tana

    Help! Im stuck on the piano puzzle and im reading the notes but when i use the retrovision there are numbers on the piano what do they mean ??

    1. Austin

      You play it just as the numbers show. The number at the top means the black key. The bottom numbers mean white. Play it in numerical order.

      1. Sisi

        I have done that 1 to 6 but nothing my came is broken! So one is from the far left 2 is black 3 is black and rest white to right ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. Sisi

            Ok I meant on the keyboard if I count from one to 6 one is far left ๐Ÿ˜‰ hope this worked one from right ๐Ÿ˜‰

          2. Sisi

            Yes I am usin RV my right is 125 and left 364 so I push on from far right 2 is black key number 2 from right push 3 that’s is black key from left push 4 that is counted from left 5 counted from right and 6 counted from left :/

  11. Mel

    Well I’ve supposedly finished the game. Weird but anyway heres what I figured out and didn’t complete in Episode 2:

    1. If the game takes you back to Episode 1 double click the home button on your iDevice and close the app by swiping up. This should close the whole game off. Go back into the app and hopefully it takes you back to your last autosave.

    2. In the Art Room I never completed the symbols and left it
    3. In the Literature Room I never found the other 2 books
    4. In the Teachers Room to unlock the door turn the red smudge on the dial to the right first so it unlocks and slides out all the rods, then turn the dial right around to the left side till it slides out all the left rods. I then put the photos and candles in line with the patterns to the circles and the table which then made me light the candle and showed me the trailer of whats to come in Episode 3.

    Sorry it aint much to go by but thanks to appUnwrapper I wouldnt have got far if it wasn’t for your walkthrough guide. Keep up the good work.

    I might replay this game again and see if I can complete every puzzle without a glitch. Pity it can’t save the stats of completion. next timeI’ll take a screenshot.

    Good luck to all playing the game ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      Ah, I forgot about the Art Room! Thanks! Luckily, I backed up a save with iFunbox before I entered the principal’s office, so I’ll go back and see what I missed.

      I’ll also post a step-by-step walkthrough for making manual backups with iFunbox, as the game can corrupt your save at any time. iFunbox kept me from having to start from the beginning another ten times.

  12. Vanders

    I believe the other book is in the art room. Need to unlock the puzzle as you go in on the wall to the left. It is at the back of the room but I can not figure out how to do this part.

    1. Vanders

      Done this now easy when figure it out and foolish when you look back and find someone said how to do it. Now just to do the book shelf bit

  13. Noor

    I am about to go crazy. I am stuck at the piano and I do have the figure in above. I keep playing the notes black first and then white and every other way, but nothing happens. HELP!

      1. AppUnwrapper Post author

        It’s very simple. Really, don’t overthink it. Press the keys directly above those numbers, in order from 1-6. The top ones are black keys, the bottom ones are white keys.

  14. mleigh63

    I have made it to the final puzzle, and have lined up all the dots on the desk puzzle using RV but then nothing happens. The design seems to look right, but I don’t get how I am supposed to light the candle can anyone help please?

      1. mleigh63

        I got it now, so I have completed one full play through without any crashes. I tried replaying level one and I am now stuck at the last door in level one and cannot work out how to set the lock to the numbers. When I got through the first time, I didn’t know about the numbers and I cracked it in about a minute just turning the wheel at random. Not so this time round. Do you turn the wheel the same way every time, or do you turn it left first, and then right? I don’t know how to ‘set’ it to the numbers, can someone explain it a bit more clearly? I am an old 50 year old woman, so speak slowly. lol ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. AppUnwrapper Post author

          Wow you got it the first time by accident? Impressive!

          Look at the numbers on the ground. It’s like a clock that starts at the top with 1 and ends with 8. The four sets of 3 numbers in the middle are the instructions. Those are the even numbers. If you switch to each of those three numbers and press the yellow button, at the end you’ll have 2, 4, 6, 8 all green. Now you just need to do the same with the odd numbers (if you can’t figure out the numbers on your own, I put them on the walkthrough).

          Hope that clears things up for you!


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