The Lost Kingdom (The Magic Castle – Mystery Adventure): Walkthrough

11. Now go back to the God of Air statue and go left, then continue left until you come to a gate. There’s a lock here with some runes on it, but one is missing. Place the rune stone in the slot and then play the Simon Says game, repeating the sequence. You need to complete three in a row without making any mistakes for the gate to unlock. Then go through.






12. Go up the stairs to the dragon, the God of Fire. Pick up the glass shard from the floor. Also, notice that when you tap on the mountains in the background, some of them sparkle. Pay attention to the height of the different mountains. You’ll need it soon.





13. Go back to the God of Air scene and head straight again. Use the rusty key to unlock the gate and go through.



14. You can scare away the raven and notice it was pecking at something. We’ll come back to that later.



15. Go to the castle and notice the puzzle on the door.


16. Remember the sparkling mountains? You need to press the buttons based in their heights, like so. The door will open.



17. Go through. Notice the colored wheel on the dragon banner.



18. Go through the left door to the dungeon. Pick up the torture rack handle and notice the rat. We’ll come back to it later.


19. Go back and through the right door. Pick up the mirror shard and handkerchief. There’s a puzzle in the back that we can’t solve yet.



20. Go back a couple of screens to the gate. There’s a door here with a puzzle on it that says “Virtue Shines Forth,” like on the dragon banner. Match the colors to the colors on the banner and go inside.


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