Breaking News: Infinity Blade III (3) 1.2.1 Update Coming!

From ChAIR:

“Version 1.2.1 will deliver the best Infinity Blade III experience yet.

As you may know, weΓÇÖve been working on an update to address a few technical issues some players experienced as a result of the recent Ausar Rising update. We are happy to confirm that the update has approved by iTunes and will be available for players on Monday, February 3.

We are so appreciative for the patience and understanding of all of you awaiting this update. Our goal was to remove anything that might be blocking players from enjoying Infinity Blade III and to further improve and enhance game play. Rather than rush out an update that could potentially introduce new issues, we took the time necessary to ensure we released the very best Infinity Blade III experience.

In appreciation for your patience and support, we are running a special, limited-time reward Trial (accessible via the World Map) beginning Monday and running for one week. This Trial is our Thank You to players and will reward participants with 5,000 Chips! This reward will be available from February 3-February 9, so be sure to join in and claim your reward!

HereΓÇÖs a brief look at what fixes are included in this update (ver. 1.2.1):

-Fixed an issue where Act V would not appear if a player had skipped the end cut-scene in a previous playthrough.

-DragonΓÇÖs damage no longer scales based on number of times someone has beaten the Worker of Secrets. This had made the second Dragon nearly impossible to kill for some very high-level players.

-Post-battle rewards sometimes incorrectly displayed the amount of Chips won (though correct amount was given to player). This has been fixed.

-Fixed an issue where clicking on a gem equipped to Deathless Loot caused the gem to disappear.

-Made change to prevent players from losing equipped gems from items lost in Deathless Mode when tapping the Gem Bag tab.

-Solved a very rare issue where a small number of players could not progress in House of Kor level in Deathless Mode.

-Added option to lower Deathless Mode level, similar to going back to previous Awakening in normal gameplay.

-Resolved an issue where a player with a Rare Darkfire Gem equipped would cast Nullify on an enemy who had Full Elemental Defense and would not inflict extra damage.

-Made fix that affected a small number of users where clicking on a treasure chest in the Dark Citadel caused the game to crash.

-Improved the look of the Options menu for easier navigation.

-Added a customer service button to the Options menu so we can better support our amazing players!

-Altered the ΓÇ£Clear User DataΓÇ¥ button to better stress the severity of this action. (You really do not want to press this button unless you are done playing IB3 and plan to remove the app from your device.)

-Removed items from the Store which were blacked out but impossible to attain (such as the reward for the 47 Ronin Special ClashMob).

-Two weapons (Brinstar and Arjona) used Infinity weapon sound effects. This has been corrected.

-Plus other minor bug fixes and adjustments to improve the overall gameplay experience of Infinity Blade III.
Our goal at ChAIR is to deliver amazing game experiences and weΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗re so pleased that millions have enjoyed the Infinity Blade series. We cannot always anticipate issues that players might encounter and we are so grateful for those who take the time to report issues and help identify ways we can improve our games Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£Γöñ and our customer service! As a result, we have launched a new customer care initiative. WeΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ll have more details on this soon.”

So, to summarize:

Act 5 will be back.
Deathless boss levels can be lowered.
The dragon is no longer connected to boss levels.
Gems will be secured to deathless loot, so you can buy them back with your weapons.
And more!

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  1. Ravindra sharma

    You guys really respect the feeling of all the IB players…

  2. brye

    what’s new? so the updates will be for the fix only?
    is it possible to have an extra storage/inventory?

  3. James

    Act 5 is still disappearing. I’m pissed.

  4. budi

    act V still disappeared!
    rare defense gem 100% only block some parts of elemental titan attack.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Good news is if you don’t want to update yet, you can still get the trial for 5000 BCs.

  5. Anna

    I updated and ACT V is still gone….

  6. Jon

    Act V still isn’t appearing

  7. Rod P

    Anyone able to tell me whether the money and chips glitch stills works after this update?

    1. sskingv1

      read my comment below

    2. Vin

      This glitch still works

  8. Vin

    I am also interested in Rod P answer…

  9. Matt

    Can anyone tell me if I can combine a rare dark fire gem with two 500 damage gems. I have a fire and two +500 damage dark fires I want to use to boost my +30k dark fire.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’ll work the same way as rare elemental gems — it will increase it by 500.

      1. Matt

        Awesome. Can I combine a +500 and +400 with the dark fire and still get the 500 boost? Or does it have to be 2 of the same?

  10. sskingv1

    I believe I have found a glitch with the 5000bc trial given for update 1.2.1 .I switched to my second character slot to see if I could get the 5000bc for both my characters found that I could switch back and forth and receive 5000bc for each slot on average of every other switch.Eventually my lower leval slot mirrored my higher slot giving two high leval slots exactly the same.I continued switching back and forth and now have 200,000bc for each slot…

  11. enrique

    se puede acceder al nivel superior de 10 superando las 11 peleas en modo inmortal, por si no lo sabian

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