How to get Flappy Bird back if you deleted it.

So, you’re obsessed with Flappy Bird, huh? Bummed that the developer, Dong Nguyen, removed it from the App Store? Well, if you ever downloaded it before, you’re in luck! Here’s how to get it back onto your iPhone or other iDevice (or even a friend’s!):

First, open up the App Store on your device. Tap on the “updates” tab in the lower right-hand corner.


Next, tap “Purchased” near the top.
Then, search for “Flappy” or “Flappy Bird” in the search box. Tap the little cloud icon and Flappy Bird is back on your phone!






**Note: If you want to download it onto a friend’s iDevice, just sign in on their phone to your Apple ID and download it. But make sure you log out after so they don’t have access to your account.**

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  1. Ciara

    On my iPod touch, (4th gen, iOS 6.1.5) it won’t let me get into my purchase history. It says loading in the middle of the screen for like 3 seconds then just goes blank. Somebody please help me!!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I can’t remember if the feature was available in iOS 6. You may need to update I iOS 7.

      1. Ciara

        It is because I’ve been on it before but this time it won’t let me I’m confused.

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