God of Light: Walkthrough for Stone Plateau (Tree) – World 2 (with Fireflies)

God of Light
By: Playmous

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This is a walkthrough guide for the iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod game “God of Light” by Playmous where you can find help, hints, tips, tricks and solutions. Click on an image to enlarge it. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section.

Looking for the first section of the walkthrough, Celestial Tree?

Looking for the Azure Tree walkthrough?

Stone Plateau/Tree:

Source of Life (Level) 1:
You’re now introduced to a new kind of mirror, one that teleports. Tap on it to move it out of the way and get the firefly.


Then solve the puzzle:


You can also watch this video I made for levels 1-3:

Source of Life 2:
Get the firefly:

Then solve the puzzle:


Source of Life 3:
Get the firefly:

Then teleport the appropriate mirrors to solve the puzzle:


Source of Life 4:
Get the firefly:

This level introduces you to prisms, which split light into two beams.


You can also watch this video I made for levels 4-5:

Source of Life 5:
First get the firefly:

Then solve the puzzle:


Source of Life 6:
Get the firefly:

Then solve the puzzle:


You can also watch this video I made for level 6 (and the firefly for level 7):

Source of Life 7:
First, get the firefly:

Then solve the puzzle:


You can also watch this video I made for level 7:

Source of Life 8:
First, get the firefly:

Then solve the puzzle:


You can also watch this video I made for levels 8-10:

Source of Life 9:
There’s a new button introduced that you need to keep lit up in order for the gate to stay open.
Get the firefly:

Now solve the puzzle:


Source of Life 10:
Pick up the firefly (near the bottom):

Then solve the puzzle:


Source of Life 11:
Get the firefly near the center of the stage:

Then solve the puzzle:


You can also watch this video for levels 11-12.

Source of Life 12:
Get the firefly:

This level introduces accumulators which can hold a charge for a brief moment.


Use the accumulator to solve the puzzle:


Source of Life 13:
Use the accumulators to open the gates, the. Use Shiny’s light directly to light up the main piece. Remember, you need to be quick because the accumulators only hold a charge on their own for a brief time.
Get the firefly:

Then solve the puzzle:


You can also watch my video for level 13 here:

Source of Life 14:
This one is tricky. You need to use the first accumulator to open the gate, then use Shiny to light up all the teleporting mirrors. Also, get the firefly:

One you have access to all the mirrors at the bottom, you need to teleport them to the top so you can access the second accumulator.

Then you need to work fast so you can teleport all the mirrors back to the bottom, open the gate and collect all the stars before the accumulators lose their charge.


You can also watch my video for level 14 here:

Source of Life 15:
This is another tricky one. First, get the firefly in the upper left corner:

Then solve the puzzle:


You can also watch my video for levels 15-16 here:

Source of Life 16:
Here you’re introduced to the collector, which merges two beams into one.
Get the firefly:

Then solve the puzzle:


Source of Life 17:
First, get the firefly:

Then solve the puzzle:


You can also see my video for levels 17-18 here:

Source of Life 18:
First, get the firefly:

Then solve the puzzle:


Source of Life 19:
Get the firefly:

Then solve the puzzle:


You can also see my video for level 19 here:

Source of Life 20:
Get the firefly:

Then solve the puzzle:


You can also watch my video for levels 20-21:

Source of Life 21:
You can now use lenses to intensify lens beams to burn through obstacles. Use this one to burn through the obstacle blocking the Source of Life:

Now get the firefly:

Then complete the puzzle:


Source of Life 22:
In this level, the lens can teleport. First, use it to burn through the first obstacle.

Then get the firefly:

Then teleport the lens to burn through the second obstacle:

Then light up the button to open the gate:

Then teleport the lens again to burn through the final obstacle and light up the Source of Life:



You can also watch my video for level 22:

Source of Life 23:
Get the firefly:

Burn through the obstacles to light up the button and open the gate:

Then solve the puzzle:


You can also watch my video for level 23 here:

Source of Life 24:
First, get the firefly:

Then burn through all the obstacles:


Then solve the puzzle:


You can also watch my video for level 24 here:

Source of Life 25:
This one’s tricky. First light up the permanent button to open one of the gates:

Then get the firefly:

Now use the lens to burn through the obstacles:


Now you need to use the accumulator to hold the gate open while the main beam hits the stars and Source of Life to complete the puzzle:


You can also watch my video for level 25 here:

Congratulations! You completed the second area, the Stone Tree!


Celestial Tree Walkthrough

Azure Tree Walkthrough

Ice Tree Walkthrough

Space Tree Walkthrough

See all my video walkthroughs for God of Light here. More being added!

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  1. GodofLight's Follower

    Hi, how do you unlock Stone Tree? I completed the first part with 25 fireflies, but the Stone Tree need around 40-50 fireflies. How do you get them?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      They seem to have added new fireflies to those levels after the update? I thought that was just a glitch. I already had the levels unlocked before the update.

      Have you seen more than one firefly in a level?

      1. GodofLight's Follower

        Sadly, no. I playing the latest version, one level only have 1 firefly. And first stage of the area does not have firefly which make a total of 24 fireflies. Another one I got from seeing advertisement video.

        I really hope they do something about it, I can’t go to area 2 unless I use real life money to buy the area. =(

        1. AppUnwrapper

          That’s really strange. Have you tried emailing the developer? This problem is something new with the update and they might not be aware of the problem.

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