Spellbind: Walkthrough Guide Part 1

11. Go back to the garden and use the knife to cut a black lotus flower.


12. Go back to the beach and fill the bottle with water:


13. Go to the cave and place the bottle of water on the fire. Add the yellow flower and the black lotus to the bottle to make a sleeping potion. Take it off the flame.


14. If you use the knife on the spider webs, the spider will pop out and scare you off.

15. Use the sleeping potion on Luppe (yourself) in the front of your inventory. This will teach you the sleeping spell. Now you can go back to the spider. Use the knife on the web, the sleeping spell on the spider, and then the knife on the web again. You saved the Princess!



16. Go back to the house and find this room. Use the scissors to cut open the chair to the left and get another page to use as a portal.


17. Use the sleeping spell on the dog in this room so you can get to the cupboard. Light the candle inside and another circle will light up on the door.



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  1. Lauren

    I appreciate the help!! Do you know how to make the dog move or get rid of the spider? I tried the sleeping potion on both and it didn’t work.

  2. Diane

    Well I found some other portals . On the book shelf towards the top there is a book to take. Also I found another portal that goes next to the first page .. A basement portal

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks…will continue with the walkthrough in a little bit.

  3. Emma

    Give the completed sleeping potion to the Luppe character in the inventory. You can then send the dog to sleep and open the cupboard. You can also send the giant spider to sleep and save the Princess.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ha, thanks! That’s not very intuitive. Wouldn’t have thought of giving it to myself first.

      1. Emma

        I didn’t think of it either, the book at the top middle of the bookcase has a dialogue on how spell casting etc works, and it was something in that which gave me the impression the caster had to drink a potion to be able to cast a spell :).

  4. Diane

    You need to have sight to get through the cave. sorry I forget where i got the purple flask from- but once you have it give it to Luppe = go back to the cave ( the one with the lantern emblem) use the sight. you will get the route through the maze. start with the top clue go it has arrows and the emblems from the first puzzle( the wine bottle puzzle) go left 4 up 3 there is a stone column with a game that cant be played yet. – you dont want to get lost so you go back to the beginning. then do the clue to the left : Right 2 then up 2 tap on the crystals to take them. again he goes back to the enterance, Go to the lower clue: Down 1 Left 3 Take the fireflies with your net. Tthen the last clue on the right: down 2 right 3 put the firefles in the lantern.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, I was trying to figure out a way to make the sight spell or the animate spell. But I’m not sure what I’m missing here…

  5. Diane

    arrgh cant remember where I got the sight spell or animate spell from,didnt start taking real notes untill after I had done alot of it. Have you looked in the trunk in the room with the K,Q,J pictures? there are 2 items in there. I know that once I went through the cave and put the crystals on the puzzle in there I got the levitate spell. anytime you get a flask you give it to Luppe – that is how I got Levitate and I think Sight. Once you have animate give it to the K,Q,J pictures.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hmm…is the trunk locked behind the dial puzzle? I haven’t figured out how to crack that yet. Or the one in the closet at the house. Can’t find the clues for the chair or flower dials.

      1. Jim

        Use the sight spell for revealing the clue for the chair in the room with the chairs and the fireplace.

        In the garden, use levitate to see the top of the boulder, then cast the sight spell to reveal the clue for the flower dial.

          1. Jim

            Hmmm, in thief there is a puzzle with four letters, type OPEN and a niche on the wall will open. Drink the potion and you will learn the sight spell.

            To find levitate, you will have to solve the puzzle in prisoner, the one with the grid and the five symbols.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Ah ok thanks! How did you get that? Did you just guess OPEN and it worked?

  6. Jim

    The sign above says: “at the beginning there is nothing”. That is something like zero or an O because we actually need a letter. That is the hardest part of the riddle. The rest is easy. What comes after O is P and what comes before O is N.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Well, that was fun. I hit a game-breaking glitch and can’t continue. Has anyone encountered this problem? (see the bottom of the walkthrough)

      1. Flora

        Same thing happened to me, and then it crashed on me. But once I restarted my iPad, I was able to play again and leave the cave.

        I finished every portal but the last one with the suits of armor. Also lit all the candles. Once you light them in the right order, a keyhole pops up. Now I don’t know what to do to get the key to open the door. It’s gotta be behind that hidden door in the armor portal. Has anyone finished the game?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I restarted the app several times and it’s still glitched. I think I may have to start over, which I really don’t want to do.

          1. Flora

            I know–restarting the app didn’t work for me either. But it loaded up again after I shut down & restarted my device.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          Do you remember how you got the Animate spell? I want to wake that lion already!

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Actually, I got it but I never found the wall arrow. Anyone know how to get that?

  7. Emma

    I hit the same glitch, can’t exit the cave. I just tried Flora’s advice (thanks!) but it inst working for me. It’s either start over or give it up I think. So annoying! I was quite enjoying it too, not too bad for a freebie …..

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Oh I just heard back from the developer. Told me I can solve the puzzles in the cave with what I have and it should send me back to the house. Let me try that!

  8. David

    How did you figure out where to place the items in the puzzle, with the 6 by 8 grid in the Prisoner section? I cannot find any clues in my journal, and there are just too many possibilities to try brute force, by guessing. I would prefer to complete this puzzle without using the skip option.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m not sure. I skipped it bc I was sick of being stuck in the cave. The rocks in the crypt look like they might be related to it but I can’t zoom in on them or do anything at all with them. I couldn’t see anything else that might give a clue to the cave puzzle. Will report back if I find anything, though.

  9. Diane

    After you go out the window .. See the arrow going to the left? Go there !

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ah, I tried going off the ledge but not in that direction. Thanks!

  10. Diane

    Also in the cave levitate across the chasm

  11. Diane

    Also in the cave levitate across the chasm
    . One of the last candles is in the room with the wine . Take that candle and put it on the candle holder by the door . I think that’s the last candle . You need to light them in the order of the clue book 1 is the table candle, 2 is the bookshelf, 3the kitchen, 4the storeroom, 5the lion, 6 the safe 7 the candle by the door , 8 the pillar in the garden. It gives the key hole in the door. Now that is where I am stuck, can’t do anything in the room with the armor .. This has to be the way out but can’t find the key or solve that room.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ah crap. That’s not the right order. I don’t have patience for this.

  12. Jim

    The grid in prisoner puzzle is a map. So each of the items represent a room in the cave, the scroll is the initial one, the lantern is the chasm room, the firefly is the lake room, the crystal is the crystal room and the boulder-like symbols is actually the boulder where the puzzle lies on. So if you place properly the initial room, the scroll item, so that the grid may contain all the other items, you only have to place the other items using the directions for each room.

    The scroll item goes to (5,4) so using the directions you can easily find the other positions.

    Diane, you are close to completion, you only have to complete the 4 happenings to find the key. In thief, in the room with the window, you can see that it is still nighttime when you click on the window. Somehow you have to “wait” and the only way to do this is use sleep on Luppe. Remember to open the lid on the wall when Luppe wakes up.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I thought it was a map, but didn’t see how to know where the scroll would go, other than maybe somewhere in the middle. How did you get (5,4) for the starting position?

  13. David

    Thank you, Jim, and now I am kicking myself for not realizing that the grid is a map.

  14. Jim

    If you try to put it anywhere else but (5, 4), you won’t be able to place all the other rooms using the distances – directions. Some of them will fall off the grid.

  15. Jim

    So (5, 4) is the only viable option.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ah ok. Makes sense.
      Well..now for the candles (sigh).

  16. Diane

    Thank you Jim!! Can’t tell you what combinations I had tried in that room! Finished it!! Happy to have helped out in some way! Now onto another game.. Hmm any recommendations?

  17. Diane

    That’s gotta be thre right order.. Look back at the pictures you posted? The first candle you unlocked was the safe candle.. 6 on the order. Start with candle 1 if you light a candle in the wrong order by mistake you will, have to go back light them all and go back to the door and have them all blow out again.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I went back through my photos and figured it out. Posted the right order.

  18. Diane

    Mine was completely different… Might have to do with what order you as the player lights the candle! Oh boy!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Wow really? That means anyone who didn’t take photos while playing is going to have loads of fun with that puzzle lol.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      That puzzle also needs a reset button for when you make a mistake.

  19. Jim

    The order is different because the puzzle on the door in the room with the wine has many solutions.

  20. Jim

    I played it a couple of times so I finally figured it out. The order of the candles is the one that is depicted on the journal clue.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ah ok. That makes sense. I’ll make a note in the walkthrough. I still posted photos for each circle on the door, so that should help people out.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah that I realized, but didn’t know everyone could have a different order.

  21. David

    I just completed the game, and to say that the ending was interesting and unexpected is an understatement.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, was not expecting that. Actually, closed down the game during the whole spider thing and now I’m back at the beginning of that. So I guess you can see what each of the three choices does. Weird ending.

  22. Jim

    Actually, there are more than these 3 choices. Every happening, savior, thief, prisoner and detective are seen from another point of view, you have to make a choice in each one and then an ending is shown. I haven’t checked it out yet but maybe there are more than one endings.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, I was gonna delete the app after finishing but then left it on in case I want to try the other options.

  23. G.

    Your walkthrough after saving the princess says to find a room in the house – the room with the dog and the chair. I can’t seem to find this room – any info would be appreciated.

  24. G.

    Nevermind! Just after I posted I realized I never checked the garden. Thanks!

  25. tim myers


  26. emily

    Where is the blue candle thats supposed to go on the table?

    1. Bhiffy

      You need to use true sight on the table

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