Morphopolis: Walkthrough Guide

By: Daniel Walters

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Feel free to ask for help in the comments section if you don’t find what you’re looking for. I’m using pagination here, so click on the little numbers at the bottom to skip to another level of the game.

**NOTE: You need to open Morphopolis with your device in landscape mode or the game gets stuck in portrait mode. :/

Click on the number hiding in the credits to start the game.

Level 1:

Swipe your finger to move the caterpillar, as the tutorial instructs you.


Tap on the caterpillar and it will show you which items you need to collect.
Start collecting those items so your caterpillar can build a cocoon.


A flying insect (bee?) now comes along. Tap on it to see what you need to collect. Collect them and you will get a puzzle to solve. Swap the colored seeds/pollen around so all the shapes match.





There are two different types of items to collect for the caterpillar. Once you collect them all, it’ll start spinning a cocoon around itself. This is the end if level 1.




Click on the little number 2 below to continue to Level 2.

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