Spellbind: Walkthrough Guide Part 2

By: Dimitrios Vasiliou (Spider Key Games)

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Part 2:

Looking for Part 1 of the walkthrough?


1. Use true sight to see some drawings on the wall. These will be added to your journal.



2. Use the wine bottle clues you got in the beginning of the game to decipher the symbols and figure out how many times to turn in each direction. Start with 1 down, 2 left. You should see green water and some fireflies. Use the net to catch the fireflies, then go back the beginning.


3. Next turn right 2, up 2. You’ll see a room of crystals. Take a piece off of each color for your inventory.


4. The next set of symbols takes you 2 down, 3 right to the chasm. Use the fireflies to light the lantern. Go back to the cave entrance.



5. The last set takes you 4 left, 3 up to a puzzle.


6. Use the fireflies with the firefly piece and the purple crystal with the crystal piece to activate the puzzle.

7. Solve the puzzle (it’s a map) to get the Levitate spell. Then go to the chasm and use Levitate to complete the Prisoner section.



Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough.

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  1. Lilac _ fresh donna

    cannot kill crab monster to save girl. I have knife + sleep potion. help, how do I save the lady?

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