Spellbind: Walkthrough Guide Part 2


1. Go back to the crypt/tomb and use the sleeping spell on yourself (Luppe) to make dawn come. Make sure the little hole in the left wall is open so light can come through.


2. Go right to the puzzle you couldn’t touch before. It’s a mirror puzzle! You have to set the mirrors on the board so they’ll reflect the light to the top of the board. Press Start to see if your setup is working.



3. The light is now shining against the back wall. Tap it and a switch will open the door in the other room.



4. Go through and open the coffin. It’s empty? Use True Sight to get an orb.


5. Back at the library, pick up the key. Unlock the main door with it and go through to watch the ending. But there’s more! Have fun with the truly bizarre ending.


You’re a spider!


You have a choose your own adventure thing going on here, which you can replay as many times as you want to see how the choices affect you.

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Lilac _ fresh donna
5 years ago

cannot kill crab monster to save girl. I have knife + sleep potion. help, how do I save the lady?