Monument Valley: Walkthrough Guide

Monument Valley
By: ustwo

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This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide for the game Monument Valley by ustwo, with hints, tips, tricks and solutions for anyone who needs help with the game. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section.

This is for Chapters 1-4. Click here for Chapter 5.

Click here for all other chapters.

Looking for Monument Valley 2?

Chapter/Level 1:

Turn the dial to rotate this corner piece like so to get across:


You can also watch this video walkthrough for Chapters 1-3:

Chapter 2 (II): The Garden: In which Ida embarks on a quest for forgiveness.

First, rotate the piece so you can get to the first button:


Then go back to the start and rotate it like so to get to the second button:



And last, rotate it like so to get to the top. Ida will take a shape out of her hat and you complete the chapter.


Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough or click here.

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  1. Kelly

    This is the best game I have played in two years. The movements and situations are fantastic. It’s interesting keeps you thinking alert and interest I truly am looking forward to more of your games. I am very impressed. Thanks for a nice day. Sk

  2. Sherree

    Thank you!!! ?

  3. Ken

    I am stuck on chapter 4 and and cannot find hind any help. It says chapter 1-4 but when I scroll down there is nothing that even looks like the water one

    1. David Hughes

      Same I can’t pass that level either

  4. Alice

    I got stuck at i think lvl 4 with the totem.
    I cant seem to get across ?

  5. Catlyn

    I can’t pass level 6 in the last part and nothing will tell me how to do it

  6. Adara

    On level 4 whenever I try to play level 4 it has a blue background and just a bird and you can’t move I have tried it on my phone many times but still dissent work

    1. Tamy

      I’m too! Seem it’s an error! Hope it will be fixed soon!

  7. Denise

    I am currently re playing this game but the levels are not the same. I have played it many times through Windows but I am playing with Chrome book and it does not work properly and the level numbers are no good in Chrome. I know I’ll have to refer to your walkthroughs at some point. Any comments would be well used. Incidentally Im currently well over 60.

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