Monument Valley: Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 3 (III): Hidden Temple: In which Ida has an unexpected meeting.

You’re introduced to a new mechanism here. The pieces with the three dots on them can be slid back and forth or up and down. Ida can also stand on them when being moved, unlike the rotating pieces.

First, slide the bottom-most piece towards Ida. Climb up the ladder and onto that piece.


Then slide the piece with Ida on it to the other side:


Climb up the ladder and onto the sliding piece above, then slide it over to the other side.



Go through the doorway/tunnel to come out at the doorway above it:


Make sure the sliding piece at the top is slid down and move Ida onto it.


Slide the piece back up. Walk Ida over to the button to access the bridge and head towards the exit.



Talk to the old man and a tower will rise up behind him that you have to climb. Get to this first part and the bottom will fall away:


If you try to go around this way, the blocks crumble.


Stand on this spot and then slide the left-most dotted piece to make the piece you’re standing on rise up.



Walk off and climb up the ladders to this point:



Slide the right dotted piece up so the piece near you will slide down. Climb on top and make it slide back up.



Make the two pieces meet so you can climb onto the other one. Then make that rise up so you can reach the button and get to the top.




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5 years ago

This is the best game I have played in two years. The movements and situations are fantastic. It’s interesting keeps you thinking alert and interest I truly am looking forward to more of your games. I am very impressed. Thanks for a nice day. Sk

5 years ago

Thank you!!! ?

5 years ago

I am stuck on chapter 4 and and cannot find hind any help. It says chapter 1-4 but when I scroll down there is nothing that even looks like the water one

David Hughes
Reply to  Ken
4 years ago

Same I can’t pass that level either

4 years ago

I got stuck at i think lvl 4 with the totem.
I cant seem to get across ?

4 years ago

I can’t pass level 6 in the last part and nothing will tell me how to do it

4 years ago

On level 4 whenever I try to play level 4 it has a blue background and just a bird and you can’t move I have tried it on my phone many times but still dissent work

Reply to  Adara
4 years ago

I’m too! Seem it’s an error! Hope it will be fixed soon!