Monument Valley: Walkthrough Guide Chapter 7 (VII) The Rookery

Now you’re in a new tower. Here you have a new challenge, with a pulley/chain that drops when you let go. You also have a crow that wants to undo your work. If you step on the button and then step off, he will step on his button, making your work futile. So here’s what you do:

First, have Ida step on the button.


If you step off, the crow will step on his button. But notice that if you pull down the dotted sliding piece at the bottom, a wall rises to block the crow. So keep Ida on the button. Pull the sliding piece down. Then tap the doorway so Ida will run to it before the crow has a chance to undo it. You must move fast.



Now go through the other door at the top.


Talk to the guy here and then tap on the doorway to go through.



This is another monument where you rotate your whole perspective to climb higher and higher. Keep climbing and rotating until you get to the first button, which will extend a long staircase from the top.








Climb to the top of the staircase that you currently have access to. Then rotate so you can reach the red staircase.




Now climb the staircase and step on the button so it will lift you to the top to complete the chapter.



Continue to the Chapter 8 walkthrough.

Click here for all other chapters.

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4 years ago

I’ve finished “The rookery”, Ida is outside of a door on a narrow ledge, a set of steps leed to a U-shaped walk with a blue figure asking if she has lost her way(??). I can’t find a way to proceed. What am I missing?

Reply to  Wayne
4 years ago

I’m stuck in the same exact spot.

Reply to  Wayne
4 years ago

@Wayne I figured it out.

here’s the second half of the guide that explains how to beat the weird triangle penguin thing: