Perils of Man: Chapter 1 – Adventure Game: Walkthrough Guide

21. Use the Fibonacci sequence to solve the puzzle. First, start with 0, then 1, then each number after is the two numbers before it combined. So it goes 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13.


22. A secret door opens to the cave. Go through.



23. There’s a generator down here. We’ll come back to it.

24. Go back outside and use the glass vial with the lightning to see that there’s a key inside.


25. Go back to the generator. Combine the balloons with the hanger, then use the hanger on the elevator switch. Now you can go in. Sadly, this is the end of Chapter 1. Come back for more when Chapter 2 is released!





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  1. mzinn

    Thanks, I would have not thought, based on size to use the lampshade in such a way.
    You Rock!

  2. mzinn

    I think you need to add that you pick up the clock hands outside for the clock puzzle. I may have missed that above but don’t remeber seeing it.

  3. Rachel fernandez

    When is chapter 2 coming out. I am stuck in the lab.

  4. Marika

    I’m stuck in the furnace room/ cistern areas of the theater in Chapter 2- will you have a walk through of Chapter 2 soon?!

    Thanks! (You have the best site for game walkthroughs & I’ve us d many of your walkthroughs for other games!)

  5. Silver

    Im stuck at the clock. The hands move, but nothing happens. I can see spaces at the bottom where numbers could go, but cannot get them to go there.

  6. CherBear

    I gave the mom the boots and walked out the room and have been waiting but she never calls out to me

  7. lujain

    we are waiting for chapter 2 walkthrough to be published

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