Instantion: Chamber 1 Level 4 Walkthrough & Solution

By: Finjitzu Software

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Chamber 1, Level 4:

This is a tricky one. Head towards the gap. Throw a seed on each of the two buttons. Then run and jump from platform to platform. When you jump, the clones will jump, too, so the temporary platforms break up mid-jump. As long as a clone lands on a button, though, it will reform. It’s actually pretty cool.





Jump across the gap and past the next save point for an even trickier puzzle.


First, walk to the edge of this platform. Then throw a seed up onto the high platform in front of you to create a clone.


Walk into the gap and into the button to let the clone drop. This will also open the door that’s blocking the clone from going left.


Run left until the clone hits the step (you will stay in place).


Throw a seed onto the platform you started on to create another clone.


Jump and move left just enough to get Clone 2 onto the second button. Don’t let Clone 3 hit the pink laser or he’ll vanish. You should drop down to the bottom level now.


Now you need to get Clone 3 to run right onto the button to open the door blocking your way to the exit. Then just run right and complete the level.



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