Instantion: Chamber 2 Level 12 Walkthrough & Solution

By: Finjitzu Software

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Chamber 2, Level 12:

Walk just a bit past the white (moving) platform and throw a seed onto the right edge of the button.


Now throw another seed onto the button above that one, also at the right edge.


Now both lasers should be off, so you should head onto the white platform, but only to the edge, so the clones don’t walk off their buttons.


Throw a seed onto the button right above you so the platform will rise. Make sure the clone starts closer to the right, because you need to walk left a bit soon.


Now the second you’re clear of the lasers, move left a bit so you don’t hit the platform above you (it’ll kill you). Once the moving platform comes to a complete stop, cross onto the next platform and continue to the next checkpoint (first retrieve all your seeds if you want to prevent any deaths).





This next part involves more lasers. First, walk to the edge and throw a seed onto the button in front of you.


Now that the laser is blocked, drop down to the key. But make sure the clone stays on the button.


Now you want to throw a seed as close to the switch as possible, making sure the trajectory causes the seed to hit the key above your head. That way it will take the key close to the switch.


Now recall Clone 2 or it will walk into the laser and die. Then walk Clone 3 a bit to the right. Then press 1 to go back to the checkpoint. The key will stay where Clone 3 was. Jump across the platforms to land on top of the laser. Then throw a seed onto the button to the right.



Make sure the clone stays on the button as you drop off the laser to the bottom level. Pick up the key and toggle the switch to open the door. Then head towards the exit.




Continue to Level 13.

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