Mystery of the Lost Temples: Walkthrough Guide

31. Go back the portal and turn left. Take the letter and the gas mask.


32. The door is locked with a combination lock involving some symbols that look familiar. Use the clue from the cave wall to unlock the door.



33. Go inside. Look around. Go through the left door and tap on each globe to get clues for your notebook. Also notice the crystal on the ceiling.




34. Use the whistle on the crystal to create a high-pitched sound, breaking a piece off. Collect the crystal.



35. Now that you have a rope, you can go down into the well at the yellow temple. So take the portal back and go to the well. Tie the rope/vine to the shackles and climb down. Pick up the dead flies.




36. You also have a gas mask now, so use it to protect yourself from the mushrooms’ poisonous gas so you can take them.



37. Now all we need for the moon statue is the spider, which we can lure with the dead flies. Remember the spider web? Go there and use the dead flies to lure a spider. Then use the red cloth to pick up the spider.



38. Go back to the moon statue and place the spider, mushrooms and crystal in the slots to get the Golden Moon.


39. Place the Golden Moon in the moon slot to activate the portal to the blue temple.



40. Go left. Pick up the letter and the small key.


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