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By: CMA Megacorp

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This is a complete walkthrough for the game Kiwanuka, where you’ll be able to find help, solutions hints, tips and tricks.

Game mechanics: This is a puzzle game. It gets more challenging with each level, but the first few levels work as a tutorial. You need to create towers of people that work as bridges. To do so, tap and drag the wand’s lightning bolt upwards. There’s a circle around it that shows you where it will land if you push it. Once you have a line of people, push it to one side or the other. When the end hits something it can stick to, it will create a bridge that other people (including the wand bearer) can climb over. The goal in each level is to reach the person trapped inside the prism and free him/her (it’s a prism prison!). If the wand bearer falls in space with nothing to break the fall, everything will shatter and you have to start the level over. The same happens if the wand bearer touches any of the colored parts. If bridges touch the colored parts, they break. Keep this in mind while planning your solutions.

Level 1 (Refugee): This level is simple. Just use the wand (by dragging the lightning) to lead your people to the trapped person in the prism.

Level 2 (Try This): Here you learn how to make a bridge. Make one to cross the first gap, then another to cross the second.


Try This one tower challenge GameCenter Achievement (use only one tower): Make a really tall tower that can reach all the way over both gaps:



Level 3 (The Corner Turned): Make a tower that is long enough to link inside the C-shaped rock, but not long enough to hit the pink piece. Push the tower right to make a bridge and climb down to the prism.



Level 4 (Reverse Your Bank): Make a tower and then push it right so it forms a bridge under the pink platform to the left. Then drop down to the platform below it. Make another tower and push it left to link under the pink platform to the right of you. Then drop down and head to the prism.





Level 5 (Huge Hole): The tutorial help sign tells you what to do here. Just make a bridge across the gap, then double-tap the bridge when the wand-wielder is in the center, above the gap/hole.



Level 6 (Under Side): Form a tower long enough to hit the bottom platform when pushed right, then cross the bridge to it. Then go left to the edge of the platform and make a small bridge to cross to the smaller platform (make sure to avoid the pink piece).



Level 7 (Double Back): Go right to the edge. Make a tower long enough to hit the under part of this platform while avoiding the pink part. Then drop to the platform below. Go left to the very edge and make a long tower that will hit the vertical rock when pushed left. Cross that bridge and drop to the very bottom platform. Go right and make a small bridge to cross to the prism.







Level 8 (Gap Trap): First, make a long tower and use it to make a bridge to the small floating rock. Then let all the people drop below, avoiding the pink piece. Now, go to the right and make a small tower to use as a bridge to get to the prism.




Level 9 (Flux Capacity): Make a small tower and drop it to the right, so it makes a bridge to the left of the right pink piece. Then cross over the bridge and drop to the platform below. Then make a tower to the right of the pink piece that can hit the other side when you send it to the right. Cross that bridge so you’re on the other side, then make a bridge to the platform with the prism on it.





Level 10 (Doom Chasm): Make a tower that can create a bridge to the platform below you when pushed right. Then head left. Create a bridge to the first small platform, then to the second. Once on the second small platform, make a bridge to the small spot on the side of the pink piece (you might miss it at first). Cross over to it and then drop onto the prism.





Level 11 (Easy When Done): As per its name, this level appears much harder than it is. First make a tower that you can push right to make a bridge to the left side of the upside-down T-shape. From that spot, create a tower that can loop around (when pushed right) to just above the prism. Then cross that bridge and drop down.




Easy When Done GameCenter one tower challenge achievement (use only one tower): This solution is very easily missed. Make a tower and push it right to latch on inside the little C-shape. Then start crossing the bridge and break the bridge when you’re above the platform with the prism on it and you’ll fall to it.




Level 12 (Paris): First, make a small tower and push it right, so it loops around and stops on the other side of the piece you’re standing on. Cross the bridge and drop down to the platform below. Then make another tower that’s long enough to loop around and reach the underside of this platform. Push it left and make sure it doesn’t hit any blue parts. Then go right and make a tower/bridge to reach the prism.






Level 13 (The Jungle): You need to cross over to each small platform by forming a bridge to the bottom of the blue-covered ones, dropping down to the platform below, and repeat until you get to the prism. Make sure to avoid the blue bits!







Level 14 (Box of Delights): First, make a bridge across the gap. Then, as they’re crossing, double tap so they all fall through the gap. Head right to the edge and build a tower that is long enough to loop around to the underside of this platform when it’s pushed right. Make sure to avoid the blue part! Then have them cross and drop down to the lowest platform. Head left and build a tower and can reach the prism.






Level 15 (Truffle Shuffle): This level adds a new element, a moving platform. This means you need to time things a bit here. First, go to the edge and make a tower as tall as you can without touching the rock above you. When the moving platform lowers, push the tower onto the top of it. It will stop moving, so you can climb on. Then build a bridge to the part above the platform to the right of you and drop down onto it. Continue right, to the lowest level. Remove all the bridges so the platform starts moving again, then time it and run under it to the prism.




Level 16 (Deeply Messed): This level requires even more timing. You need to build bridges and cross them before the blue triangles come back around and hit them. It may take a few tries before you get it. I recommend getting the wand’s lightning in place for the tower to form while the blue triangles are still rotating. Then lift your finger off the screen when you’re ready to build the tower. That way you don’t waste any time, as you need to get the timing perfect for it to work.




Level 17 (Free Freedom): First, you need to make a tower tall enough to reach the moving rock as it heads close to you. You want to push the bridge onto it when it’s above the gap between the two blue pieces. Then cross it and drop into the gap onto the platform below. Move to the right, then build a tower long enough to loop around and hit the underside of the platform you started on. Make sure you don’t hit any of the blue pieces or the moving rock. Then cross the bridge and drop down to the lowest platform and head to the prism.





Level 18 (Kane Lane): This level is a bit longer. First, make a tower to the left of the L-shaped rock. The plan is to push it left so it loops around to the other side of the L. Cross the bridge so you’re on the L rock. Now make a bridge to the platform to your right. Cross it and then make another tower that will loops around to its underside when you push it left. Cross over and drop down to the platform below it. Go right. You need to build a tower/bridge to get back up to the platform above you, only this time you’ll be on the right side of it. Then make a tall tower than can squeeze through that small gap between the bottom two platforms, landing on the underside of the top one. Cross and drop down to get to the prism.











Level 19 (Big Bad Wolf): This is similar to the first moving platform you saw. You need to make a bridge and push it onto the moving platform when it’s lowered. Then climb on top of it and then jump off to the platform on the right. Remove the bridge so the moving platform will start moving again. Then carefully run under the moving platform to the prism below.




Level 20 (Maximum City): You basically need to keep looping around from left to right, to left to right, hooking around the legs of the structure. Then build a tall tower to reach the prism.











Level 21 (Magic Panic): It looks daunting at first, but this level is fairly straightforward. First, move right. Make a tall tower that you can push right to loop around the part as shown below. Cross the bridge and drop down the the platform connected to the orange part. Then make a small tower and push it left to link under this same platform. Cross and fall the the platform below. Then make one last tower to climb up to the prism.







Level 22 (The Big Drop): This is an easy one. Just make a small bridge that loops around and links underneath this platform. Cross it and drop to the prism.



Level 23 (Ecuador Has Honor): This is a really tricky one because it involves dropping several times mid-bridge, and the timing has to be perfect or you’ll die. First, move to the left so your bridge has some space. Make a tall tower that you push right to land on the grey part of the vertical rock. Start crossing, but double-tap to break the bridge when you’re right above the gap. It’s a tricky bit. Once you’re down there, go right and make another tower that will connect to the all-grey vertical rock. Once again, you need to drop mid-bridge into the gap. If you time it poorly, you’ll die. Once you’ve made it through the second gap, make a tower that can loop around to the prism and cross over.







Level 24 (Rotate to Live): Another tough one. This level has multiple rotating orange platforms that you need to maneuver around. So be quick and get the timing right. It’s all about making and crossing one bridge. Make a tower that can reach the little grey floating rock, then drop down to the prism, avoiding the orange parts. It may be possible to get on top of the small floating rock and then wait till it’s safe to drop down, but I did it without that.


Level 25 (Wheel of Fear): This is pretty challenging.Stand on the left edge and make a tower as tall as you can without touching the wheel. When the grey platform gets within reach, push the bridge left onto it. Climb onto the platform, then jump off onto the prism.




Level 26 (Evade Vegas): This one’s easy after all we’ve been through. Just make a tower long enough to loop around and attach under the platform to the right of you (when you push it left). Make sure you’ll be able to avoid the orange part when you drop down from the bridge. Then just make a short bridge to the platform with the prism on it.





Level 27 (Alive): More moving triangles. First, make a small tower and push it over the edge so it links to the central underside of this platform. You need to cross the bridge and drop at the exact moment that all the holes are lined up so you can fall through.




Level 28 (Super Good): First, make a tower tall enough to reach the underside of the platform to the right of you. Wait for the moving orange/yellow pieces to start heading inwards, then push the bridge left. You need to cross quickly, before the moving pieces head back out and hit you or the bridge. You should drop onto the platform below. Go to the right edge here. You need to make a short bridge when the yellow pieces move in again, and get over to the right platform. Now make a tower that can loop around (when pushed left) to the other side of this upside-down T. Avoid the moving orange bits. Once there, the rest is straightforward. Just make a bridge to each of the next two platforms and go up to the prism.











Level 29 (Tesla Wrestler): This one’s a bit insane. You have to go left past THREE sets of moving balls/suns! Eek! For the first one, you can make the tower and then just wait for the perfect moment to push it down and cross. For the others, you need to get the lightning in place, but release your finger at the precise moment. I find it helpful to wait until the sphere directly above you starts to move to the right. Be careful not to just walk off a cliff!







Level 30 (Protest is Truth): The last level looks harder than it is. You actually have a fair amount of time to get this right. First, make a tall tower that you can push right to make a bridge to the floating rock. Then wait until all the triangles move so you have room to drop down. Cross the bridge and drop to the prism. Congratulations! You completed the game!



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