Infinity Blade III (3) Blade Masters Guide

Infinity Blade III (3) Blade Masters Guide
By: Chair Entertainment Group, LLC

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The Blade Masters update adds lots of new content. This guide is a work in progress, so please bear with me.

For the new treasure maps, see our Treasure Maps Guide.

The Collector:

The Collector can be found in a new area on the map, the Crevasse. You risk your own weapon when you fight him in order to win his.




The first time I beat him, he was level 100 and I got the Lost Axe of Galath:


The second time I met him, he was level 500 in the Seccian Desert and I got the Blade of Eradoom, a light weapon for Isa.



The third time I met the Collector was at the Pinnacle Monastery with Isa. He was level 1000 and gave me The Subtle Knife (Philip Pullman anyone?).



The fourth time I met the Collector was at the Broken Tower with Isa. He was level 2500 and I got the Orci, a dual weapon for Siris.



The fifth time I met the Collector was at Larioth with Siris. He was level 10,000, and I got the Spear of Teth, a heavy weapon for Isa.




The sixth time I met the Collector with Isa at the Broken Tower and I got the Dragoor Blade from him, a light weapon for Siris.




The Kingdom Come update adds more weapons from the Collector. The seventh time I met him was with Siris at the Vault of Tears. He was level 12,500 and gave me Torren’s Legacy, a heavy weapon for Siris.




The eighth time I encountered the Collector was with Isa in Larioth. He was level 15,000 and gave me a light sword for Isa called Balak.

After you win the Balak, you can win rare gems from him.

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  1. Lara

    Woot items can now be upgraded past level 20 and more items can be upgraded at once.

    Does anyone know what the new “Hidden Achievement” is? It appeared on the Game Center list after the update.

  2. Bep

    How do you get the dual and heavy solar weapons?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I believe by defeating Ryth with Siris/Isa, but it may be bugged and not always give that reward.

      1. Bep

        Oh. I got the heavy solar weapon when Isa defeated Ryth, but when Siris defeated Ryth I just got cash.

  3. Kill

    How did you get Siris to meet Ryth?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I believe you can find him at the Ark (Act V) and possibly the Crevasse as well.

      1. Kill

        Go to the very first stage, you will find him as the second enemy with solar weapon equipped. I got the ‘Dragon Blade’ from him.

  4. Kill

    Thanks! I am playing it with my Solar-Trans equipped

  5. Kill

    Unfortunately I don’t see Ryth at the Ark (Act V) 🙁

    1. Bep

      He doesn’t always show up in Act V (even if you have a solar weapon) equipped.

  6. Doomeranger

    I died fighting the Collector and lost my Solar trans with the rare darkfire gem. Will I have to fight him as he uses my weapon?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Oh good question. Not sure, as I haven’t lost to him yet. I imagine you’ll find out when you see him. Let us know what happens!

      1. Titanus

        Actually, when you lost, he will get your weapon, the next time we fight, i defeat him, i got my infinity cleaver but i cannot use it, so i got two infinity cleaver now, btw im 12, finding the collector

        1. Doomeranger

          I meet him again and he wields my solar tran. Holy s***! That was a tough fight.
          When I have it back, it functions normally with the gem still attached.
          I did not have the problem that you encounter, Titanus 🙂

    2. Grigoran

      I died fighting the collector and lost my solar trans weapon as well. Fortunately, it was actually very easy to get it back! Because he uses the weapons damage, and has no strength of his own, I put a 100% rainbow defense gem, so he would only hit me for 10 damage each time! Try it out, and I hope this helps others.

  7. VoidXerior

    Hi AppUnwrapper, I have always liked reading your IB3 walkthroughs and update guides but there is one thing I’m not exactly sure of since the Soul Hunter update. You have mentioned in that guide that cash and chips will be capped at 50,000,000 and 16,000 after the update but I have seen in many pictures and videos posted after the update with way more than the cash/chip cap. Does this mean we can now use gamesaves to obtain cash/chips without a cap or is there still some valid cash/chip glitches as of the current update? Thanks.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m pretty sure they removed the cap since then. Especially with chips, since they gave out 50,000 at one point.

      1. master

        how do i get a lot of money?

  8. The Dragon

    Hi guys, I just wanted to know what stats the dragoor blade has in IB3 because it is my fav weapon in IB2 and I wondered if it was worth winning lol that is probably a dumb question

  9. VoidXerior

    The last time I checked the collector’s inventory when I fought him the Dragoor Blade was at level 8. It definitely has extremely high stats and worth betting your weapon on to win it.

  10. VoidXerior

    Somehow after the ausar rising and blade masters update the dragon just doesn’t appear for me. I have played in many areas the dragon is likely to appear such as the stronghold of larioth, the metius observatory and the area in front of the ark but it never comes out. Anyone has this similar bug or knows a specific pattern in which the dragon will appear? Thanks.

  11. Brayden glade

    After the blademasters update I encountered a rather odd glitch. I was in the plains of karath with isa and I had to fight the dragon but when I went to go fight him the dragon was invisible and right now I am stuck trying to fight an invisible dragon and I don’t know how to fix it

  12. The Dragon

    Yea actually now that you mention it, I haven’t seen the dragon since the update ether

  13. The Dragon

    also I was wondering about the collector because I turned down his first challenge, does that mean I can never get the weapon he had in that fight? If so, I don’t really care, I just really want that dragoor blade and the others don’t matter to me lol

  14. Aiden

    You will be able to fight him again also his other weapons are better than all the others in the store when upgraded.

  15. Aiden

    I got the dragoor, it has 720 damage and 1260 fire damage, a star gem slot, and a light gem slot, and is lvl 9.

  16. VoidXerior

    Must I enable cloud saving or log in to Facebook for clashmob or trials to work? Cuz every single time I’m connected to wifi it always fails when I try to connect to the infinity blade servers and I can’t play a single clashmob or aegis trial.

  17. Scott

    Can someone hellp. I have not found the way to activate the door on the right for act I.

  18. The Dragon

    Yes actually neither have I, and thanks for the help on the collector I have found him again with the same weapon

  19. The Dragon

    Oh and the dragon is back for me, I guess I just had to wait for a while because he is showing up as much as ever again now 😉

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Did you have to beat Galath again for him to appear? I like leaving everything on the map open, so I don’t defeat him that often.

    2. Titanus

      The dragon also doesn’t appear to me, so im waiting, finishing other missions

  20. VoidXerior

    Yea I haven’t seen the dragon in a long time. Try playing the metius observatory again and again. Should you not see the dragon just return to the hideout and retry.

    1. rokusrakas

      I also haven’t seen any of the two dragons ever since ive defeated them. Ive finished the game multiple times now but still no dragons. does this mean they’re not suppose to reappear after defeating them or its just a bug?

  21. The Dragon

    When u get to a really high awakening, does all the enemies get rainbow defence?

  22. The Dragon

    And also it was wondering, I got a rare fire+500 gem from the first dragon, and I have upgraded it to a rare fire+1700, I was wondering what is the highest stat I can upgrade it to?

    1. Doomeranger

      Dont know but mine is upgraded to 3500 already. You dont have to worry the cap, but worry about time and gems and gold to upgrade instead lol

  23. Solar

    I defeated Rythe in Act 5 with Siris (obviously) and just got $200,000. I want to get the dual solar trans but now he never appears in Act 5. I did however get the heavy solar trans when I beat him with Isa. How can I either get the dual solar trans or find rythe again?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s a bug they’re aware of, so you may not get it until they patch it.

  24. Djar

    I am unable to upgrade past level 15 still
    Ideas why?

      1. Djar

        7 I think

      2. Djar

        Ah… More deathless for me then..

        1. Man's

          Hi Appunwrapper, I have the same issue as Djar, I cannot upgrade up to level 15. Have you got an idea how many deathless mode to complete to unlock this feature?
          Thanks for your website, very usefull.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            You need to defeat Deathless Galath once to get the ability to upgrade to level 15. So one full playthrough of Deathless mode. Then 5 times to upgrade to level 20.

  25. The Dragon

    No no no!!! IB3 just keeps on crashing at the start, any ideas? Because I have updated my iPad and switched off all other apps plz help!

    1. Doomeranger

      Upgrade to what ios ver? Have u tried deleting the game and install again? I had problem with the game once and the Chair support guys was quite helpful.

      1. The Dragon

        I deleted and reinstalled once but I had to start the whole game again and I don’t want to go through that again

  26. AHMAD

    all of my items are at level 20,is there any possibility to upgrade my item upper than 20???
    any help?

  27. VoidXerior

    Dear Appunwrapper, there is this really important question I have to ask. My solar trans LX is currently level 7, and I have equipped it before entering Act 5, but Ryth never appears for me. Does your Solar trans weapon have to be at its original level for him to appear? Thanks.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I don’t think that should make any difference…I met him with mine upgraded.

      1. VoidXerior

        Thanks for your advice. I’ll try again a few times to see if it works.

  28. Solar

    Does anybody know if the new update patched up the dual solar trans glitch? I know for many ppl only got 200,000 instead of the dual weapons.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      They said it did. 🙂 I have to make room before I can update, though.

  29. VoidXerior

    Most likely, although you should restart your device after installing the update and have your iOS version to the latest to prevent bugs and glitches.

  30. M Watts

    I’m curious to whether anyone has found the 2 new helmets for Siris, one looks like Ryth’s helmet, the other looks like an Italo-Corinthian helmet with the low jaw protecting sides and high neck allowing mobility

  31. Ballisticmachine

    If you lost the deathless quest there is a way to get your items without deaf eating the Titan that killed you but must be done every time the lost items are unequiped

    1. Fox

      I had the same issue with the game crashing at start. Just shut down your device and turn it back on and it will work again. Also, I have the same issue with the two dragons never spawning after I killed them. Does going back tons of awakenings cause that? Because that’s what I did. Plz help!

  32. The Dragon

    What is it?

  33. The master

    I have been playing for awhile now and the only way to get your items back without killing him in deathless mode is to die in deathless mode(I did mine on purpose)and buy them back from the shop.Also, Can anyone add me on game center I can’t seem to get the solar trans dual weapon for sirispls equip it and go into customize mode and upload it so I can buy it. Gamecenter name: Nick Ewe

  34. aextra

    Haven’t seen the collector in a while. Sitting on deathless 7 and game play 3 to keep the map open but still nothing? What’s up with that?

  35. Michael

    I’m stuck on act ||| it’s so annoying there way more powerful than me

  36. jasson a

    I already defeated ryth in infinity blade 3, would I be able to fight him again?

    1. Xenetos

      I believe you get to fight him once with each character each time you beat Act V.

  37. Don

    Are there any more glitches on the newest version of ib3? It’s v1.4

  38. Qwerty(::)

    Hi found something weird in deathless mode when you fight the boss did you notice that they are lower lvl then the titans

  39. mish

    Hi There!

    I need a little help with finding Ryth with Isa. I am trying to challenge him for the erd time by equipping a solar trans waepon, but as I arrive to the final treassure chest in Larioth there is no option to fight… How is it possible?

    Thans for the answers!!

    ΓÇô M

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