Bear, Star, Sun, and Moon: Walkthrough

Bear, Star, Sun, and Moon
By: Goro Sato

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1. Look at the cone shapes on the shelf. Notice the way they’re pointing. Then zoom in on the top left shelf with the spade on it to see the number 8 in a triangle.



2. Turn left. Lift up the pillow on the red sofa chair and take the moon piece. Place the moon piece in the painting above the chair and it will slide up.



3. Turn to the screen with the three bears. Turn them so they match the three cones/arrows you saw.


4. Turn right. Zoom in on the bear head on the wall. Tap on him to get the flashlight.


5. Look at the right side of the blue sofa chair for the 5 inside a circle clue. Then look under the small round table for the 5 inside a square.



6. Put the three clues together as 358 and use them to open this box and get the magnet.


7. Use the magnet on the clock to get the number 3 for the keypad by the door, then place it on the keypad.



8. Face the door again and tap on the right diamond to get a screwdriver handle.


9. Look at the dice on the shelf. They all have “3” on them. Multiply 3x3x3 until you get a 5-digit number, which would be 19683. Enter it into the keypad to get the batteries.


10. Zoom in on the flashlight and use the batteries on it. Now you can use the flashlight.


11. Look under the red chair for the screwdriver shaft. Zoom in on the screwdriver handle and use the shaft on it to combine the two. Now you have a working screwdriver!



12. Use the screwdriver to remove he screws on the sphere housing the TV cable. Take the cable and plug it into the wall outlet to get the TV working.




13. Now look at the blue arrow below the TV. Memorize the arrow and then go look at the colored triangles next to the bears. Write down the sequence of the direction the triangles are pointing. So for blue, it goes: Down, Up, Down, Up, Up, Up, Down, Up. Press the buttons on the TV in that order. You should hear a clicking noise and the left box will be open, giving you the magnifying glass.





14. Now do the same with the yellow arrow, the one on the right. You get the sequence Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Up. The right box opens and you get the star.



15. Place the star in the photo to the right and it will slide up, revealing some card suits.


16. The green arrow in the middle give you Down, Up, Up, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up. When you enter that into the TV, you get a math equation on the screen



17. If you use the magnifying glass on the part behind the moon photo, some numbers appear:


18. Use the clue from the magnifying glass with the eight suits on the shelves to figure out which order to press the suits behind the star photo.




19. Take the sun shape from the small drawer that just opened and use it on the middle photo to get a water machine and a mug.




20. Now to deal with the water puzzle. Thanks to Fabrizio Scidone for figuring this out! 8/30 means that the mug of water is 30 (oz?) and you need to empty 22 of it so only 8 is left. To do so, fill the 3 & 5, then press the button to empty. Then fill the 3 & 5 again and empty. That’s 16 so far. Fill the 3 and empty is two more times. Now there should be 8 left in the mug. Go back to the water machine and place the mug on it. Press the button and take the mug back. Look inside to find the key! Now use it to escape. Congratulations! You’re out!





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