Battleheart Legacy: Monk Guide & Skills Tree

Battleheart Legacy
By: Mika Mobile, Inc.

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This is how to unlock the Monk class. You meet the Monk in the Capital City Center tavern. She will only take you on as a student if you unequip your weapons. Do do this, you need to equip a fist weapon, such as gloves. She’ll test your skills by challenging you to a fight. If she’s satisfied with your skills, she’ll agree to train you, but at the Academy. **WARNING: The Monk trainer is currently bugged. Don’t use any skills on her that cause damage over time, because she’ll just keep taking damage and try to attack you, instead of going to the Academy.** Monk skills require Strength and Dexterity.


The first Monk skill is 1000 Palms, an active skill that requires unarmed/fist weapons.


The second Monk skill is a passive one called Thundering Blows.


The third Monk skill is an active one called Karma Kick:


The fourth Monk skill is an active one called Wind Walk:


The fifth Monk skill is a passive skill called Dragon Style:


The sixth Monks skill is an active one called Spirit Trance:


The seventh Monk skill is a passive skill called Evasion:


The eighth Monk skill is an active skill called Ki Shot:


The ninth Monk skill a passive skill called Concussion:


The tenth Monk skill is an active one called Pressure Point:


The eleventh Monk skill is an active one called Empty Body:


The twelfth Monk skill is a passive one called Counter Strike:


The thirteenth (and final!) Monk skill is an active once called Ki Blast:


See all our Battleheart Legacy guides in one handy place.

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  1. gollywog

    Monk + Ninja + Paladin = pwnage

  2. Andersen

    Anyone knows what stat the ki attacks scale with?

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