Battleheart Legacy: Battlemage Guide & Skills Tree

Battleheart Legacy
By: Mika Mobile, Inc.

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This is how to unlock the Battlemage class.In order to train as a Battlemage, you first need to go to the Capital City Center and find the Royal Guard’s mercenary liaison. Offer to hunt down the Hedge Wizard for a bounty. Then head to the Desert Outpost, Fugitive Hideout. Go all the way to the end and you’ll meet a Battlemage. He kills the Hedge Wizard, so you can’t. Ask him to train you, but he’ll refuse. You have to find him again in a random encounter called “Ambush Attack.” I got it near the Mage Academy. Offer to help him out, and when all the enemies are dead, you can now ask him to train you. Then you’ll be able to find him at the Academy. Battlemages require Intelligence and Strength.





The first Battlemage skill is an active skill called Flame Weapon:


The second Battlemage skill is an active skill called Mana Strike:


The third Battlemage skill is a passive one called Arcane Potency:


The fourth Battlemage skill is an active one called Arctic Weapon:


The fifth Battlemage skill is an active one called Ghost Hand:


The sixth Battlemage skill is a passive one called Time Warp:
(Thanks to Emuchu for the rest.)


The seventh Battlemage skill is an active one called Thundering Weapon:


The eighth Battlemage skill a passive one called Spell Eater:


The ninth Battlemage skill is an active one called Backlash:


The tenth Battlemage skill is a passive one called Elemental Warding:


The eleventh Battlemage skill is a passive one called Twin Disciples:


The twelfth Battlemage skill is an active one called Silence:


The thirteenth (and final!) Battlemage skill is an active one called Aegis:


See all our Battleheart Legacy guides in one handy place.

See our step-by-step walkthrough for quests by levels and locations.

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  1. Vaelyr

    Hi, how long did it take you to get the random encounter? Taken me 2 hours so far (still haven’t got it) and racked up 15 points to spend on skills. Not sure why it’s taking so long, as my 1st account got it right off the bat. I really want this skill branch! Thanks

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I got it pretty quickly with both my characters. Are you running around the area near the Mage Tower? That’s where I got it both times. You did clear the first part of it, right? You spoke to the Battlemage and tried to get him to train you?

      1. Alex Wolf

        I have this same problem. I, like him, got it on my first try on my other account, but when I created a new one for the sole purpose of becoming a battlemage, he did not appear despite completing the mission and walking around the camp for a long period of time, facing many random encounters.

        1. Nish

          If I had to guess, the encounter probably requires a certain number of skill points spent. Try putting points your points into STR and INT and then walk around.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Hmm… My Mage had no STR and my rogue had no INT, but he showed up on both…

  2. Bill Wagner

    What if I killed the battlemage. Anyway to still get these moves?

    1. Daajfr

      I dont think so.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Nope. 🙁 Not if your game is saved that way. You’d have to start over.

  3. pixelmonmaster

    So on my newest account im a ranger/battlemage/mage and on my best acc (lv 16 I started playing 4 days ago) im a warrior/babarian/witch/necromancer

    1. Anonymous

      How are you a Mage and Ranger?

  4. JW

    Did you guys ever get the random encounter after hours of searching, or is this a bug that if you don’t get it quickly then you never do?

    I made sure to go back to the Capital and close out the dialog at the contract desk also, but still am not getting the random encounter, and have been all over the map. (I focused a lot around the mage tower and around Dunham, but feel like I’ve been everywhere with no luck.)

  5. Battleheart legacy gamer

    Lol I got the random encounter on 2 account for this for the first encounter I got XD

    1. Anonymous

      That always happens unless you have a glitch. I got it right away too (._.()

  6. dattapro

    This is one good game. I completed it 4times now. Each time i tried something new. I killed sone of the masters. Undortunately the spells got blocked. So better dont kill them. If for fun then hell ya kill them. Lol

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