Godfire: Rise of Prometheus: Walkthrough Guide

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus
By: Vivid Games

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This walkthrough will get you through the Normal difficulty mode in Godfire. Follow the tutorial. The first few puzzles/mini games are easy, but follow the walkthrough for the solutions if you need them:

Act 1 (Forsaken Tomb):

Make sure you pick up the perk called Ariadne’s Thread from one of the chests early on in this level. If you equip it, it will tell you when there are hidden treasures nearby.





To defeat the Cyclops boss, you want to watch his moves and roll/Evade his attacks. When he hits the ground with his weapon, you want to Block to avoid taking damage. When he sort of slumps over a bit, it means he’s tired and you can attack. But make sure to get out of the way before he wakes up again. Repeat this process until he dies. When you defeat him, you’ll have access to the item One Eyed King in the armory. But to use it, you’ll need to pay to identify/unlock it.



Act 2 (Bridge of the Damned):



As with the Cyclops, you want to watch the Minotaur and roll/Evade his attacks. He charges at you, so evade those. But when he hits the ground, you want to Block those attacks. Just like the Cyclops, wait until he gets tired, then run in and hack at him until he starts moving again. Play it smart, take your time, and you should be able to take him down in no time. When you defeat him, you’ll have access to the item Torment in the armory. But to use it, you’ll need to pay to identify/unlock it.



Act 3 (Gorgon’s Crucible):

Make sure to pick up the Hellfire Sword from the chest in the very beginning of this level. It starts with +10 Attack:


After opening each door, the elevator will rise and purple (spider?) eggs will drop from the sky. You need to evade these, because they will harm you. When you see a purple ring on the ground, move away from that spot! On each floor, you’ll have to fight hordes of enemies.


There are two possible puzzles you can get for the first door:



The second and third doors are easy, but you’ll have to fight a big horde of enemies in between:



After you open all three doors, you’ll face a spider-like a boss called Lamia that’s uglier and meaner than the first two you fought. You need to first dodge its strikes, then attack when it’s tired. After you do this 2-3 times, it will start dropping more purple eggs that you need to dodge. Repeat this process until Lamia dies. After you kill her, you’ll find the perk called “Lamia Undone,” which needs to be unlocked with gold in order to use.




When you defeat Lamia, you’ll get the Phoenix Armor.


Act 4 (Trojan Horses):

This level has no boss at the end, but plenty of jars/vases and treasure chests full of gold to help you upgrade some equipment. There are three mini games or puzzles, as well. Because there’s no boss, this is a good level to replay if you want to gain a bit of experience for a later boss.




Act 5 (Fields of Sky):

Make sure to explore this area carefully, as it’s easy to miss treasures. The first door is opened by another simple puzzle:


Past that door, you’ll meet a Cyclops mini-boss just like the one you fought in Act 1. Only this time, you have to fight his minions as well, all while evading and blocking his attacks. Luckily, there is friendly fire in the game, so the minions are hurt by the Cyclops’ attacks as well. Also, stay away from the spikes because they harm you. This was a long battle, but doable. At the end of it, you’ll get 1/3 parts of the Chiron’s Blast fragments.




Make sure to open all the treasure chests and get the Spear of Achilles:




The main boss at the end of the act is Helios. He’s actually a lot easier than I expected. Just hold your swords up the whole time to defend. You’ll deflect most if his attacks back at him. Then, when he slumps over a bit, go at him. He does have a few attacks that you can’t deflect, but they didn’t do much damage with my fully upgraded Phoenix armor. It was a long battle because of his high health, but otherwise easy.


Act 6 (City of Acropolis):

There are a lot of hidden chests here, so keep an eye out for them. There are a few easy puzzles. Make sure you get the Mauler’s Bite, which needs to be identified/unlocked with 1000 gold before you can use it.





Eventually there will be a big door with two locks on it. After you defeat all the minions and get through, there will be another Minotaur to fight. When you defeat him, you’ll get the Dragonfire Armor, which is expensive to upgrade but has high defense.





Act 7 (Defiled Temple):

Make sure to unlock all treasure chests here and get the Raging Fiend, which again must be identified/unlocked with 1000 gold.





The boss of this level is Scylla, and she’s mean. It’s a bit harder to evade her attacks because she hits the ground and then swipes sideways. She also doesn’t stay stunned for too long. But you want to attack her when her pincer is stuck in the ground. Evade when you see one of her pincers glowing red, because it means she’s about to attack with that one. When you take off a third of her HP, some minions will appear. The second round is harder than the first, because she does a chopping attack from one side to the other, making it hard to evade. But the window to attack her on this round is a bit longer than in the first. In the final round, she screams and pushes you backwards. Pay attention to her eyes. Stay back while they’re red, and then when her eyes change to green, head in and start attacking. Take her down to complete the Normal campaign.



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