CastleAbra: A Dark Comic Fantasy: Walkthrough

CastleAbra: A Dark Comic Fantasy
By: CastleAbra Studios

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1. Tap on the door. Wizardo will appear, but then he’ll slam the door in your face. Open the door again and he’ll be gone. Now you can explore the hallway.

2. Tap the greenish area to the left. Pick up the empty tank.

3. Leave that room and tap the blueish area to the right. Tap on the mirror and Valentino will appear, offering help if you need.


4. Open the drawer and take the tuna can.


5. Leave that room and go upstairs to the right doorway. Pick up the red star.


6. Go through the doorway. Pick up the yellow star. The cat/sphinx won’t let you take its pipe right now, so we’ll come back later.


7. Leave and take the left doorway. Take the note from the door. If you try to continue a bat blocks your path.


8. Err…ok, this next part is a bit weird. Go back to the blue room and talk to Valentino. Talk to him about the bat and he’ll tell you to “fight fire with fire.” When you zoom back out, there will be a baseball bat in the room. Take it and use it on the bat to get past him.



9. Open the door just past the bat and enter. There’s a bird and a gramophone here. Open the little cabinet doors below the gramophone and get the plant feed.


10. Go back to the greenish room and give the plant feed to the plant. Now take the scales key from it.


11. Go back to where the bat was blocking your way. If you tap the arrow going right, you’ll see a vending machine and a coat of arms. There’s also a doorway. Look at the vending machine. We’ll come back later for the hammer. If you go through the doorway, you die, but no big deal.



12. Go back and use the key to unlock the door to the right. There’s a big monster here. Pull the lever to the left and leave.


13. Now the left door is open. Go inside and take the silver coin. Then a troll appears. He wants money in order to let you pass, but won’t accept the coin you just picked up.



14. Go back to the vending machine and use the silver coin to get the bucket and shovel.


15. Go back to the beach room with the monster. Use the bucket on the sand. A crab will come and take the bucket but you can still take the gold coin and shovel.


16. Give the gold coin to the troll and he’ll give you the grass key. A spider comes down if you try to move ahead.


17. Go all the way back to the main hallway. Use the grass key to unlock the door to your left and enter. Take the rope, the pump cap and the coin.


18. Use the empty tank on the bucket of water to fill it. Then combine the pump cap with the tank to close it up.


19. Explore the pens to see a chained harpy and unicorn. There’s also a bull blocking the doorway. We’ll come back to them later.




20. Go back to the vending machine and use the 10-cent coin you found to get the hammer.


21. Go back to the upper right door, right before you meet the cat. There’s a crack in the wall. Use the hammer on it and take the ninja star.


22. Go back to the spider and use the ninja star on its web to cut it down. It will drop the tree key. Take it. Now a hippo will block your way.




23. Go back to the room with the mirror and use the tree key to unlock the door. Head up the ladder to the treehouse. Wizardo is here. You need to distract him to take anything. Look out the window and he’ll start looking at the princess. Once you’re done looking at her, look again out the window to distract him and take each item, the hand pump, eye piece and funny books.



24. Combine the hand pump with the full water tank so you can now spray water at things.

25. Go back to this room and use the water sprayer on the face above the door. It’ll open and you can enter the garden.


26. A gnome blocks your path. If you punch him with your fist, he’ll run off. But he goes to get his big brother. When you continue along the path, his brother will stop you.



27. If you go back inside and talk to the plant, he’ll ask you to take him outside. So pick him up. There’s also a stone on the floor that was hiding behind him. Pick it up and go back out.



28. Place the plant outside. Also, shake the tree to get a pink fruit.



29. Go back and feed the fruit to the hippo. It will drop a moon key and now a bird will block your path.



30. Use the moon key to unlock the other left door in the main hallway. Go inside and take the shield off the wall.



31. Take the left door. Grab the yarn from the left statue.


32. Go through the archways to the back. Take the y-stick/slingshot and the red orb/eye.


33. Place the eye piece on the microscope and then use the letter with it. You need a 3-number combination to focus the microscope.



34. Place the red orb in the eye socket of the green fire monster/dragon.


35. Go back to the vending machine. Use the shield on yourself, then go through the door that the knight is guarding.


36. This is Wizardo’s bedroom! Take the 20-cent coin from the bed. If you open the curtain to the left, a frog jumps out and blocks you.


37. Go back to the vending machine and use the coin to get the Wiz-O Crackers.


38. Use the crackers on the bird/parrot to make it leave and drop the sun key. Now a cyclops blocks your way.


39. Use the sun key on the last locked door in the main hall to enter the sun room. If you try to go through the doorway past the statues, you’ll get killed by lasers.


40. Use the water sprayer to put out the fires above the statues. This shuts off the laser beams so you can go through the door.


41. Pick up the hook by the Croc god statue. Then go back to the room with the hole in the floor and place the hook in the small hole. Tie the rope to it so you can climb down.



42. Go down and take the blindfold from the gold statue.


43. Continue on and pick up the green star and the telescope.


44. Go back to the room with the microscope and window. Place the telescope in the stand by the window and watch the cutscene of Wizardo.


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  1. Ruthie

    Please do all castleabra game. I am stuck.

  2. Miranda

    How do you ” shake the tree” to get the pink fruit, and is the tree one if the ones opposite where you put the plant in the pot down next to the path?
    I’ve tried clicking on those trees and also using the fist but nothing happens:/

    1. Miranda

      Ha! I got it straight after I posted my question lol

  3. linda

    This game is no longer available for iPad – thankfully it was released for computers and I’m replaying it on my computer.
    Thanks for your awesome walkthrough. It’s a crazy game!

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