Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake: Outfits/Costumes Guide

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake
By: Cartoon Network & SleepNinja Games

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This is a walkthrough where you can find out how to get ahold of each outfit for Niko in MAMBC.

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1. Monster Cap: This is your default outfit that you start with.

2. Niko’s PJs:
You can buy this in any shop for 15 gold coins. It doesn’t have any special powers.

3. Sneako-Niko Outfit:
This costume makes Niko look like a Ninja. You can buy it in any shop for 15 gold coins. It doesn’t have any special powers.

4. Finn Outfit:
There’s a house behind the little girl with her badger. It seems like it’s impossible to get to because of the two bushes blocking it, but one of them is just an illusion. Go through the right bush to get to the house. Inside, move the crate to get to the key, then take the Gaming System from the chest. Go to the shop and buy the Finn Outfit for 15 coins. It doesn’t appear to have any special powers, though. It just makes you look like the character from Adventure Time.






5. Heartroot Mask:
This costume gives you Poot’s powers, allowing you to grow mushrooms and stun Boogins. To get it, you first need to go to 1-H in Nogport Meadows and meet the monster there. S/he tells you about the tree that’s dying and needs Effervescent Dew (ie. water). You can buy this in the shop (I believe it has to be the Powder Peaks or Apricot Acres shop. Then give it to the monster and you’ll get Tree Beef. Go to the shop and now you’ll be able to purchase the Heartroot Mask for 30 gold coins.



6. Badger Suit:
The Badger Suit allows Niko to dig and tunnel through soft dirt, like Claude and Terrance. To get it, you need to find four Sticky Honey and bring them to Izzy and her badger named Belmont. You’ll find the honey in 2-1C, 3-5, 3-6, and the final jar of honey is in the treasure chest in Apricot Acres 3-13. When you give Belmont all four jars, he’ll cough up a Hairball. Now you can purchase the Badger Suit from any shop.




7. Gnome Outfit:
There’s a monster called Krackles in the Deadlands, level 4-K. He’ll ask you for something hot. Go back to town and talk to Hugo. He’ll give you a Sweat Pepper. Give the pepper to Krackles and he’ll give you Carl the Cranky Cricket. Next, go to fishermen and they’ll give you a Red Mushroom. Now you can buy the Gnome Outfit in and shop for 30 gold coins. It doubles all coins you collect.







8. Bubblefish Suit:
First, talk to Awky, the monster in Apricot Acres, 3A. He wants his rubber ducky. Next, get the shoe from the treasure chest in Apricot Acres, 3-11. Then find the two little girls in town and give them the shoe. They’ll give you the Rubber Ducky. Give it to Awky and he’ll give you the Smelly Jellyfish. Give the jellyfish to the fishermen and they’ll give you a Bubblefish Scale, which unlocks the Bubblefish Suit in the shop. It gives Niko the power to float in a bubble.







9. Unihorn Suit:
Find the three Snow Cones in he treasure chests in 2-1A, 3-12 & 4-12 and bring them the Midna in town. She’ll give you the Golden Horn. Now you can buy the Unihorn Suit in any shop for 30 gold coins. It allows Niko to charge and break through tree trunks, just like Groggnar.







10. Visage of Morvoth:
Once you collect all five wisps, give them to Atlus in the town (the guy with the long white beard at the entrance to the town). He’ll give you the Dark Essence. Now you can buy the Visage of Morvoth from any shop for 30 gold coins. It gives Niko the power to unleash a wave of darkness, decimating all foes in its path.



The wisps can be found in these locations:



In the town/village, behind the bakery:



Use Claude to dig under and get the wisp.




Use Niko’s Badger Suit to get to the dimensional tear, then use Poot to get the wisp.





4-E (Final level):
Use Prizzy the Unihorn to get to the wisp.



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  1. Madi

    I’m trying to get the heart root mask and I gave the dew to the monster and he gave me the tree beef but is not showing up in my inventory and the mask is not in the shop.

    1. Kaytee

      Maid did u figure this out? I’m having the same problem! I’m about to quit & delete game. So frustrating!!

    2. Confused

      The monster didn’t even give me tree beef. Why is that?

  2. csw

    he joined my team ani founed it in a chest in 1 2a

  3. loarraine

    You should take advantage of all the demonstration videos and also the walk gives you information that you wouldn’t figure out 4yourself…it really helped me alot..even when I beat tge game to the end..I still went back over all the boards and back and forth to the village..I got All the mask plus all customs even the 5wisps for the old guy in the village…it really takes more time then I throught..

  4. Orourke5

    We got all the suits, but for some reason there us no grickle cheese in the shop in apricot acres to get poe the wrestling belt… Can anyone help me get the cheese? Thanks!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The shops carry more items as you progress through the story. How far have you gotten?

      1. Orourke5

        We conpleted all of it, just going back to do the stars and get missing items… But we already defeated the boogin king. It is just strange. Helping my 4 year old son play 🙂

    2. Hi

      You have to give the gricklecheese to the redhead, and he’ll give you the belt

  5. The man 507

    To get the heart root do the bonus levels after u give the green guy the water and at the end open the chest and get the beef root!

  6. hunter

    I got all of them 🙂

  7. aIaU8198t

    I’m trying to get the badger suit but I can’t find my fourth jar of honey for izzy’s badger. Where are all the places you get the honey

  8. Mambc confused

    I didn’t get tree beef he just said he would join the quest. Now what do I do?

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