The Lost Diamonds: Walkthrough

The Lost Diamonds
By: Geoffrey Wilkie

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The following walkthrough came direct from the developer. Enjoy! 🙂


The Lost Diamonds Walkthrough.

Note: Some puzzles and most pick-ups can be solved in a different order to the following Walkthrough, the walkthrough is just provided in a logical sequence.

Also some steps are not required, they are just to provide clarity via the thought bubbles.

To use an inventory item, simply tap on it to select it then tap on the thing you want to use it on.

We opted for this interaction as drag and drop can be problematic on small screen devices. (Your finger covers the target object.)

Level 1 – Jamie Versus Wild

Fix your head wound.

Thought Bubble:- ΓÇ£A bleeding head wound is never a good thing.ΓÇ¥

1. Go to the ΓÇÿCliff SouthΓÇÖ location, and grab the wound dressing that is blowing around in an updraft.

2. Use the wound dressing on your bleeding head wound, ie. On the blood running down the screen.

3. Go to the ‘4 Tracks’ location, then go to the ‘Trail You Rode In On’ and get the bandage. ItΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s just above the 3d back arrow on the sandy trail.

4. Use the bandage on your bleeding head wound, the same as you did the wound dressing.

Find somewhere comfortable to spend the night.

Thought Bubble:- ΓÇ£I really should find somewhere to get out of the weather for the night.ΓÇ¥

5. From the ‘4 tracks’ or ‘Small Stream’ locations, go to ‘3 Damp Trails’, then to the ‘Twisted Vine’ location and look for a clearing.

Go to the ‘Clearing’ (Via. The center of ‘Twisted Vine’ location), and tap on the charcoal on the ground near the front left of the scene.

Step 5 above is not compulsory, but if you havenΓÇÖt placed any rocks in the fireplace, the hint system will enforce above to clarify why you are making a fireplace.

Collect 7 rocks and place them in charcoal.

Thought Bubble:- ΓÇ£I should make something to keep me warm throughout the night.ΓÇ¥

6. At the ‘Cliff South’ location, there are 3 rocks in total to pick up. Look carefully as they blend in somewhat. If you use the hints several times, it will show you where they are.

A) When you arrive at ‘Cliff South’, from ‘Cliff North’, one rock is at the bottom left of the screen, near or under the Jamie icon.

B) At ‘Cliff South’, facing ‘Cliff North’, 2 rocks in total, may be visible if you’re facing the right way. One on the left and one on the right, approx. at player icon height.

7. At the ‘4 Tracks’ location, facing the ‘Trail You Rode In On’, there is a rock sitting on the right hand side of the trail, about one third of the way up, get it

8. You can only carry 4 rocks at a time, so go back to the charcoal at the ΓÇÿclearingΓÇÖ and place your rocks in it.

9. At the ‘Cliff North’ location, pick up 3 rocks in total, each are about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way up the screen, at various angles.

10. Repeat step 8 with the 3 rocks you just picked up.

Get leaves and 4 pieces of timber to complete campfire.

11. At the ‘4 Tracks’ location, pickup some leaves, they are near the bottom of the screen, in most orientations.

12. At the ‘Clearing’, place the leaves in the charcoal.

13. At the ‘Trail You Rode In On’ location, there is a piece of wood about half way up the track, on the right hand side. Get it.

14. At the ‘4 Tracks’ location, there is a track leading back to the cliffs, with a tree fallen across it. Just before the fallen tree there is a piece of wood that you need to pickup.

15. At the ‘4 Tracks’ location, there is a large pile of leaves, with a piece of wood standing up in the center, grab the piece of wood.

16. At the ‘Cliff North’ location, look back towards the sandy track, there is a piece of wood, at the edge of the rock shelf, get it.

17. At the ‘Clearing’, place all of your wood into what is now shaping up to be a fireplace. (4 pieces of wood required)

Light the campfire.

Thought Bubble:- Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║Matches I don’t have, intelligence I do, I’ll just have to work out another way to light the fire.Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ

18. At the ‘3 Damp Trails’ location, turn around slowly, you should notice something shining on the ground. Pick it up, itΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s a piece of glass.

19. At the ‘Cliff North’ location, grab the piece of paper blowing around in the updraft.

20. From the ‘3 damp trails’ scene, make your way down the hill to the small stream.

At the ‘Small Stream’, find the ‘shaft of light’, and use your first aid instructions on it. Twice to be exact.

21. At the ‘Small Stream’, ‘Shaft Of Light Close-up’, use your piece of glass, on the shaft of light.

Get emergency blanket. (Washed down with the rain)

Thought Bubble:- ΓÇ£Rain . . . Forest, now I get it. I guess if anything, the rain will freshen the water down at the Waterfall.ΓÇ¥

22. At the ‘Waterfall’, pickup the first aid kit floating in the water and open it.

There is an emergency blanket under the left hand side flap in the First Aid Kit, take the emergency blanket.

Get and take aspirin.

Thought Bubble:- ΓÇ£Wow, that emergency blanket sure is shiny.ΓÇ¥

23. At the ‘Cliff South’ location, look at the ‘Small Cave’, on the small ledge, next to the small tree.

Use the emergency blanket, on the ledge between the small tree and the ‘Small Cave’.

24. Go to the ΓÇÿSmall CaveΓÇÖ while it is illuminated by the emergency blanket and take the aspirin from inside the cave.

Go to Sleep.

Thought Bubble:- ΓÇ£IΓÇÖm too tired to think.ΓÇ¥

25. Retrieve the emergency blanket from the small ledge, who knows, it may just have another use!

26. At the place where you built the fire, use your emergency blanket in the center of the clearing.

Get drink bottle and water.

Thought Bubble:- ΓÇ£Boy am I thirsty, or is something else?ΓÇ¥

27. At the ‘Small Stream’, look for a drink bottle, that has washed down with the rain.

At the ‘Small Stream’, a drink bottle is down stream in a small pool, near some bright green ground cover, on the shore.

28. At the ‘Small Stream’ or the ‘Waterfall’, use the drink bottle on the water, to fill it.

Put the fire out.

Thought Bubble:- Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║One more thing to tend to, and I’m outta here!Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ

29. Squirt some water from your drink bottle on the center of the fire, rinse and repeat. ( Ie. Do it twice.)

Climb down tree roots.

Thought Bubble:- Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║It really is time I got my butt out of here! Now that things have dried out, it shouldn’t be a problem!Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ

30. At the ‘Twisted Vine’ location, use the right hand arrow to go to the, previously, ‘Slippery Roots’ location.

Use the tree roots to climb down, this will finish the level successfully

Level 2 – I Wish I Was A Mechanic

Pickup your bike.

Thought Bubble:- Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║I can’t believe I just used the thought bubble. I need to check out my Hamaya! (Slaps self on forehead.)”

31a. Pick your motorcycle up.

See if bike will start.

Thought Bubble:- “I wonder if she’ll start?”

31b. You need to see if the bike is going to start. If youΓÇÖve already turned the key off, at the ΓÇÿInstrument PanelΓÇÖ location, you need to turn the key back on.

At the Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£ΓöÉSitting On BikeΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ location, press the starter button, it’s the small grey button below the red button on the right side of the handlebar. Hints will give you a donut locator graphic to help. (eventually)

Check the battery terminals.

Thought Bubble:- “I should check the battery terminals out!”

32. You need to get access to the motorcycles battery. For this, you will need to find a hex key.

At the ‘Water Tanks’ scene, enter the small building, via the right hand entry and look for a hex key at the right hand end of the timber bench, hanging over the edge near the wall.

33. At the ‘Motorcycle Engine’ location, the hex screw is in the top right of the scene, below a white cover, use your hex key on it.

34. At the motorcycle battery, tap on the battery terminals, ie. Above the ΓÇÿ-ΓÇÿ and ΓÇÿ+ΓÇÖ symbols on the battery

Find Circuit diagram for booster battery.

Thought Bubble:- “I should have paid more attention in electrotechnology class, how on earth am I going to charge the battery on my Hamaya?”

35. On the wall above the timber bench in the Small building RHS, you’ll notice the bottom of a drawing, select it.

Now you can see the full drawing on the wall, select it, to commit it to memory.

Create Booster battery

Thought Bubble:- “I have the know-how, now all I need to do is assemble all of the bits and pieces. This will be a no-brainer!”

36a. Inside the ‘Small Buildings LHS Room’, a red piece of wire is hanging around a valve on the pipe-work, just down and left of center screen. Get it!

36b. At the ‘Small Buildings LHS Room’, a fluro tube fitting is at the top left side of the screen, select it, then grab the 2 pieces of red wire.

36c. Install 2 wires onto the motorcycle battery terminals. The terminals are on top of the battery above the (-) and (+) symbols.

37. Go to the Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£ΓöÉRock With Large Mouth’. Close up, and get the 4 D cell batteries poking out of the rubble.

38. Use one of your D cells on the exposed end of the left hand wire that you have already connected to the MC battery.

39. Use the ‘Empty Foil Pack’ on the bottom of the left most battery you installed.

40. At the ‘Motorcycle Battery’ location, place another D Cell on the exposed end of the foil, that you placed under the left most D Cell.

41. At the ‘Motorcycle Battery’ location, use the ‘Empty Foil Pack’ on the top of the ‘2nd from the left’ battery.

42. At the ‘Motorcycle Battery’ location, place another D Cell on the exposed end of the foil, that you placed on top of the 2nd battery.

43. At the ‘Motorcycle Battery’ location, use the ‘Empty Foil Pack’ on the bottom of the 3rd D Cell.

44. At the ‘Motorcycle Battery’ location, place the 4th and final D Cell on the exposed end of the foil, that you placed under the 3rd D Cell.

45. At the ‘Motorcycle Battery’ location, place the 3rd and final piece of wire, on the exposed end of the 4th D Cell.

46. At the ΓÇÿWater TanksΓÇÖ location, look at the large tank up on the high ground, then use the ladder at the left hand end.

On top of the large tank, you can see a torch. Grab it!

47. Grab the lantern battery from inside the torch, then take the battery from the top of the tank.

48. Place the Lantern battery on one of the 2 exposed wires at the motorcycle battery.

Get polarity correct

Thought Bubble:- Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║Music to a Sparkies ear, is what I want to really hear!” (If not taped up, get this clue)

Thought Bubble:- “I hate it when the batteries in the remote are the wrong way around, don’t you!” (If taped up you wonΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t here sparks, so get this clue)

49. Use your memory bubble, to help with the correct polarities, of the D Cells in your dodgy circuit. (Select center of battery to flip polarity)

You need to flip the polarities, on batteries 1 and 3 only, from the original configuration.

The final battery polarities, at the top of the D cells, from left to right, are, – + – +. When you get it right, the bare connections will spark.

Tape circuit terminals.

Thought Bubble:- Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║As an electrician, I’d make a pretty good butcher!”

50. In the RHS small room, there is a roll of tape on the left hand end of the timber shelf, get it.

51. At the ‘Motorcycle Battery’ location, use the electrical tape on all 12 connections.

Try Booster Battery First time. (before charging)

Thought Bubble:- “Will it start, or won’t it start? That is the question!”

52. From ΓÇÖSitting On BikeΓÇÖ location, retry the starter button, with key turned on.

Crank the motor, by hand (sort of)

Thought Bubble:- Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║I need to crank the motor!”

53. In the LHS small room, there is a small utility knife lying horizontal on a pipe, just to the right of center.

54. In the RHS small room, use your utility knife on the shade-cloth. (The shade cloth is on the floor)

55. From the ‘Instrument Panel’ location, on the motorcycle, use the ignition key, so that it is in the on position.

It should already be on if you havenΓÇÖt touched it.

56. At the ‘Motorcycle Engine’ location, select 3rd gear or higher.

The gear lever is near the bottom of the ‘Motorcycle Engine’ location and has a rubber grip on the end of it.

Tap above the gear lever grip (black rubber) to select a lower gear, and below the grip, to select a higher gear, 3rd gear or higher is required.

57. At the ΓÇÿRear WheelΓÇÖ location, use your shade-cloth on the tyre of the motorcycle.

58. Use your utility knife on the shade-cloth that is wrapped around the rear wheel.

If the key is on, and the engine is in 3rd gear or higher, and the battery booster circuit is correct, the motor will start.

Otherwise, you will need to re-use the grippy shade-cloth on the rear tyre, after correcting above!

Get Helmet.

Thought Bubble:- “Always remember your protection, that’s what Mum used to say.”

59. At the motorbikes location, there is a fallen tree that requires closer investigation.

The fallen tree goes up to a small ledge that requires closer investigation.

Grab the helmet on the small ledge, at the end of the fallen tree.

Start Bike Finally.

Thought Bubble:- “Brrrmmm Brrrrmmmmm (I love making motorcycle sounds.)”

60. At the location where you are sitting on the motorcycle, hit the starter button.

The starter button is the small grey button below the red button on the right side of the handlebar. Press it!

Level 3 – Off Road Legend Extraordinaire

This is a skill level, so there are no specific hints, just generalised.

– If you can’t handle this section, after every 5 attempts, you are given the option to bypass it, and try the next. Don’t be too hasty bypassing, as it will cost you points, and cause ‘dummy spitters remorse’.

– Remember where you get stuck, so you can avoid that area next time. Rivers are unavoidable, you have to cross them via logs.

– To cause a re-start, simply run into something and remain still, ie. don’t steer from side to side, as the game may think you’re still moving.

61. – Practice makes perfect! Tilt steering seems to be easier on a small device. Touch steering on an Ipad, it’s up to you. The steering control setting can be changed in the options menu.

62. – Stay out of the slippery rocks on the left hand border of the track. There are no Nav Hints for this level.

63. – Riding logs is an essential skill, for completing this level. It’s surprising how far you can get with a bit of practice.

Level 4 – IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m Lost, Let Alone The Diamonds

General hints.

– This level may appear to be random trails leading everywhere, but it is logically solvable. (In the mind of a deranged psycho game designer! mmmmwwwaaa ha ha ha ha ha).

– Be patient, it will all make sense, eventually, look for the clues they are there. NOTE: The Nav hint trail junction names are NOT connected to the in game puzzles solution.

– If you can’t work out the solution from the in game clues, you could always draw a map, but this would spoil some of the puzzle solving fun.

Find your trusty drink bottle.

Thought Bubble:- “All that water in the tanks, and no way to USE it!”

64. From ‘Tanks North’, go to ‘Tanks East’ continue straight down to ‘3 Way Junction 2’ and have a good look on the ground for your water bottle.

Get star post and fill water bottle.

Thought Bubble:- “All that water in the tanks, and no way to GET to it!”

65. At the ‘Tanks West’ location, look for a black metal post at the right hand end of the broken fence.

66. At ‘Tank Side South’, use your star post as a javelin, aiming above the bung to allow for gravity. Keep adjusting your aim until you knock the bung out.

67. At the water tank that is now leaking (‘Tank Side South’), fill your drink bottle with water.

Was some trail signs.

Thought Bubble:- ΓÇ£ThereΓÇÖs nothing like a good wash after a hard day in the dusty outback.ΓÇ¥

68. It’s time to put the drink bottle with water, to use, on a dusty trail sign.

69. Keep washing signs with your drink bottle, you can use the washed signs as a way of knowing where you’ve been.

Refill your drink bottle when it gets Empty, back at the leaking tank, and keep washing signs.

Get ΓÇ£Trust No OneΓÇ¥ Clue.

Thought Bubble:- ΓÇ£I guess the writing is on the wall, this time.ΓÇ¥

70. At ‘Tank Side North’. Tap on each word and the number several times, finally when you tap on TRUST last, it will give an important clue.

Keep washing trail signs.

Thought Bubble:- ΓÇ£Cleanliness is next to godliness, or something like that?ΓÇ¥

71. Keep cleaning the signs. Try to work out the connection between the signs and the clue, ‘TRUST NO ONE’.

72. Keep washing signs. Each letter in ‘TRUST NO ONE’, is the first letter of the trails you must follow in sequence, to get out of the forest.

73. After you have washed 14 signs, if you keep getting hints, eventually Arrows will be displayed to guide you out of the forest.

Thought Bubble:- “TRUST NO ONE? What could it mean? Maybe I’ll get it, if I do some more cleaning.” (This keeps displaying until 18 signs are washed.)

Follow trail signs or arrows to the end of the level.

Thought Bubble:- “T… R… U… S… T… N… O… O… N… E… Aaaahhhhhhaaaa, I get it!”

74. TRUST NO ONE = From ‘Tanks North’, go down the Troppo trail to the left of the Troppo sign, then Rotten, Ugg-Boot, Sanger, Tucker, Nipper, Ocker, Oz, Nuddy, Esky.

Spoiler Alert, The next clue will be arrows to follow.

75. If youΓÇÖve requested enough hints, Follow the Arrows!

Level 5 – Working Class Man

General Hints.

– Your getting close now, when you’ve completed farmer Bobs, jobs, the adventure really gets exciting!

– Remember, the descriptions of the areas in the game, have vital clues in them, especially in the cluttered areas inside the shed and small workshop.

– You can bypass two of the mini games, if it’s too difficult for you. (Try the hints first to make sure you are using the correct method, before spitting the dummy.)

Find the Job list.

Thought Bubble:- “Farmer Bobs note was pretty clear, I need to find his JOB list.”

76. From where the level starts, go to the ‘Small Workshop’, then go outside to the ‘General YardΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗, then go to the Dunny, This will result in you getting a Job list, and a lighter.

Find Fly Gun and key to meat room and kill 10 wasps. (If this is too difficult for some, you are given the option to bypass after being chased out of meat room twice.)

Thought Bubble :-“I will need to use some Hi-Tech fire power, to bag me some wasps.”

77. Look for a key in the small workshop.

The Key is on a Tool Board in the Small Workshop.

The tool board in the ‘Small Workshop’, is on the left of the open walkway to the ‘Main Shed’.

The key is hanging at the bottom right corner of the tool board, Get it!

78. The ‘Small Workshop’ has other goodies that you need to find.

After entering the ‘Small Workshop’, from the ‘Main Shed’, the fly gun is almost straight ahead, to the left of the three torches. (The fly gun has a red handle and blue projectile.)

79. From the ‘General Yard’, go to the ‘3 Doors’ location, then go to the RHS door and use Key 2 at the ‘Meat Room Padlock’ location.

Thought Bubble:- “I hate insects, especially the stinging variety!” (After first wasp is killed this displays until you get all 10)

80. You need to kill 10 wasps, in the Meat Room.

Use your fly-gun on the wasps in the meat-room. Each wasp follows a certain pattern, so you should learn the pattern, and strike when the wasp is flying towards you, or stationary, for an easier shot.

Don’t worry after 20 wasp stings, you will be given the option to bypass the wasps, if you are digitally allergic to wasps!

Find Air Rifle, Pellets and kill 10 rats. (If this is too difficult, you can bypass at beginning or after so many misses.)

Thought Bubble:- “10 Rats! I will need more than a trap then.”

81. Get Key 1.

In the ‘Main Shed’ scene, there is a First Aid Cabinet with a key in it, near the large timber sliding doors.

Use the latch on the ‘First Aid Cabinet’ about half way down on the right hand side, to open it, look for a key! Near the bottom of the cabinet.

82. Open Large Metal Box.

Look for a large metal cabinet in the ‘Main Shed’ where the level started.

After looking at the rusty fixture, you will be on the ‘Metal Box Padlock’ scene, use your ‘key 1’ on the padlock.

83. Get the Air Rifle.

Inside the large metal cabinet in the ‘Main Shed’, is a ‘Safe’, get the air rifle, on your left, and while your at it, make an appointment with an optometrist, how could you miss that 🙂

84. Get pellets for air rifle from meat room.

In the ‘Meat Room’, there is a stainless steel table, on it you will find a small can of air rifle pellets, next to the box of jar lids.

Thought Bubble:- “Did you know, rats can keep themselves floating for 3 days. True story, but nothing to do with this.” (After first rat killed, this displays until you have all 10)

85. Kill 10 Rats.

From the ‘Main Shed’ scene go to ‘Shed Doors’, then to the ‘Shearing Shed’. Use the air rifle on the rats, you need to get 10 of them.

86. Get gate padlock key, the Rats dislodged.

In the ‘Shearing Shed’ there is an old kayak in the rafters. One end of the kayak is supported by a shelf unit, you will see a key at the right hand end of the shelf, in this unit. Get the key.

Open gun safe get 22 magnum, get 22 ammo from small workshop.

Thought Bubble:- Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║It’s time to get cracking. A safe that is.”

87. Unlock gate.

Go to the ‘Road In’ location, then go to the ‘Gate’ location and look at the padlocks in the center of the two gates. ie. At the right hand end of the shiny gate.

Use Key 3 on the LH ‘gate’ padlock, then RUN AWAY!

88. Get 22 ammo.

On the shelf below the window, in the ‘Small Workshop’, there are some plastic containers with handles, like small buckets, check them out.

89. Get combination for safe.

At the bottom of the meat poster, inside the ‘Meat Room’, there is a small slip of paper poking out, get it.

90. Unlock gun safe with code sheet.

You have a safe to crack. You know, the one in the large metal cabinet where you got the air rifle. 0 is a part of the combination. If you here a spring sound, you made an error and need to start again!

With the code sheet selected, touch the dial of the safe near the center and don’t let go. Drag left or right, the further you drag the faster it turns. You can let go of the knob mid code, but you must remember where you’re up to.

The top outer marker with the arrow, is the one to use.

Rotate the dial clockwise going past 0 twice, then reverse direction exactly on zero the 3rd time, as you here the click. Don’t forget the code sheet shows you the combination.

After entering the 0, You must go counterclockwise, past 85 once then reverse direction exactly on 85 the second time.

Go CW to 72 and reverse dir. This is only 13 graduations from the last combo so be careful.

You must now go CCW to exactly 29 once.

Then CW to 56 2 times, stoping the second time (it will stop automatically if the combination was entered correctly), now go CCW until the safe goes clunk. Woo Hoo you did it.

NOTE: If you go just one graduation past the current codes reversal point, or reverse direction too early by ANY amount, you cannot correct the error, you will here a spring sound to let you know that you need to start from scratch, ie. the CW 3 0’s.

91. Turn handle on gun-safe.

Now that you’ve entered the combination, tap on the handle below the dial, to open the safe.

92. Get 22 rifle

From the inner sanctum of the gun-safe, get the 22 magnum rifle. It’s the one on the right.

Shoot wild boar, to get past.

Thought Bubble:- “Pork roast anyone?”

93. Shoot the wild boar 4 times

“Go to the now open ‘Gate’ scene, and shoot the wild boar 4 times with your 22 magnum, aim for the middle of the animal, it’s easier to hit that way.Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ

Shoot 16 rabbits. (This section can be bypassed, if you have pet rabbits or its too difficult. Either first shot or every 35 misses.)

Thought Bubble:- “Sorry Bugs, it’s either you or the sheep!”

94. Shoot 16 rabbits. (DonΓÇÖt worry you can bypass this totally if you wish.)

Go through the gate where the wild boar was, down to the ‘River Crossing’, go up the road that is exiting on your side of the river, to ‘Rabbit Ridge’.

At ‘Rabbit Ridge’, you need to shoot 16 rabbits with your 22 magnum. They are tough little bunnies requiring more than 1 shot to deck them.

Each rabbit follows its own trail, look for a place where it stops, and get ready to shoot, next time it comes around. If it doesn’t stop, aim slightly in front or at its nose. Good Luck.

Get 3 trout for the farmer.

Thought Bubble:- “It’s possibly time to make a big splash!” (Rather than allude to rabbit fridging, go straight on to trout fishing)

95. Put rabbits in fridge.

The ‘Meat Room’ fridge has a door, use it, then select your rabbits and place them inside the fridge.

96. Get tyre lever.

In the ‘Shearing Shed’ you will find a well worn grey/black motorcycle tail-bag. It’s sitting on something covered with an old sheet, with a brown lounge behind it.

97. Get dynamite.

From the ‘Meat Room’, access the ‘Meat Hanging Room’, and use the tyre lever on the lid of the crate of dynamite, after you open it grab a bunch of dynamite.

98. Get Fishing Spot.

From inside the ‘Main Shed’, look for the empty wool bale and inspect the bottom half of it near a red mark, the xΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s are fish locations.

99. Kill trout 1

X marks the spot, throw your dynamite in the river, so it ‘Lands’ where the x’s are on the map of the river. (the map on the wool bale)

At the ‘River Crossing’, throw your dynamite so it lands almost on the opposite shore. Adjust the position if unsuccessful and allow for gravity.

100. Pick Up dead trout 1.

When you kill a trout, it can’t swim to you, it’s dead, pick-up the trout you killed.

101. Kill trout 2, and pick it up.

At the ‘Up-stream 1’ location, throw your dynamite so it ‘Lands’ in the small backwater equivalent to the 2nd cross on the wool bale map. Pick-up the trout after you kill it.

102. Kill trout 3, and pick it up.

At the ‘Up-stream 2’ location, throw your dynamite so it ‘Lands’ just off the under water bank, towards the end willow of the group, equivalent to the 3rd cross on the wool bale map. Pick-up the dead trout.

(After a timer mick could do a ΓÇ£peeeuuuwwweee these trout are starting to stink, IΓÇÖd better un-load them.ΓÇ¥ (This would be wasted though, as they would surely know to do this after rabbits))

Fridge the trout and rabbits if you havenΓÇÖt already.

Thought Bubble:- “Peeeeee-yew, something’s getting a bit on the nose!” (This will keep displaying until rabbits fridged as well)

103. Put Trout in Fridge.

Put the trout in the fridge in the ‘Meat Room’, the same as you did with the rabbits.

Get the final note, and kayak out of the level.

Thought Bubble:- “I wonder if Bob is back from town?”

104. Get other note / map.

In the ‘Main Shed’, you will notice a new note on the floor. It’s in front of the right hand large timber sliding door. Get it!

Thought Bubble:- “Down by the river, down by the river (Singing) I’m showing my age now!”

105. Use the Kayak at the river.

The last note said, that farmer Bob has left his kayak down at the river for you to use, go down to the river and use it.

Level 6 – Waterfall . . . What Waterfaaaaaaaallll?

General Hints

– Don’t forget, the kayak has a rear end, that is affected by collisions and water turbulence also.

– The level will re-start from the last progress point, when you are completely stationary for a second or two.

– Trial and error is your friend (and the map!). However, after every 5 failed attempts, you can bypass the current section, if you like. Don’t be too hasty bypassing, as it will cost you points, and cause ‘dummy spitters remorse’.

Navigate out of the first slow flowing sandbar section.

Thought Bubble:- “Collision avoidance would appear to be a good strategy!”

106. – Navigate out of level start sandbars

To progress through this level, you should remember where the impassable obstacles are and go a different way next time.

Turn around the end of the first sandbank on your left, at level start. Now when the sandbank on your right ends, turn around the end of that to the right. Continue downstream with the riverbank on your left. Stay close to the sandbank on your right, when a log protrudes from it, go around the log and continue downstream. Clear as mud hey?

Take the waterfalls in the correct order.

Thought Bubble:- “It’s as easy as 3, 2, 1, according to the map!”

107. – Navigate down triple, triple falls.

At the top tier of triple falls, take the 3rd waterfall that you come to. Keep away from the water turbulence of the first two waterfalls.

Try to point your kayak straight down the waterfalls, so that it doesn’t get caught up. Except of course for dead end waterfalls, you’re screwed anyway!

You can push some logs out of the way, with the kayak.

On the second tier of triple falls, you need to take the middle waterfall of the 3, however first you must rotate the central log 180 degrees, this will move the log that is blocking the middle waterfall.

On the 3rd tier of triple falls, you need to go past each waterfall entry in a counterclockwise direction, until you reach the 3rd one. Nudge the log that is blocking the 3rd waterfall, to the right. Circle around it first, and nudge from the left hand side. Then go down the waterfall.

Navigate down the rapids.

Thought Bubble:- “Ahhh (sigh), Kayaking is so relaxing. NOT!”

108. – Rapids Stage One.

The rapids section is fast, and the steering moves you from side to side swiftly. Remember the rear of your kayak when negotiating obstacles, smaller steering inputs will help you keep the rear in line.

From the beginning of the rapids section, go right, left, right, middle, right jump, left jump, right then central small jump. Good Luck.

Thought Bubble:- “Just about there, I think. Wherever there is!”

109. – Rapids Stage Two.

In the rapids stage 2, it’s even more important to not hit stuff with the rear of your kayak, so finish steering before the next obstacle to give the rear a chance to pull in.

From rapids stage 2 start, go Left of Large rock, left of next small rock, between small rock on left and large rock on right, between two large rocks, left of large rock, right of small rock, between 2 large rocks, between small rock and large rock, between 2 large rocks, keep the next 2 large rocks on your left, and take the final jump on the right. Phew, or you could do a dummy spit, if you canΓÇÖt get it!

Solve the mystery maze area.

Thought Bubble:- “Rocks, Log, Log, Whaaat?”

110. – Mystery maze Rock Switch 1.

After the rapids, you need to take the right hand stream, keep turning right until you find a group of rocks in the water. Collide with these rocks (ONCE), taking care not to get caught on them.

111. – Mystery maze Trunk Switch 1.

From the waterfall at the end of the rapids, take the left hand stream. Keeping the cliffs on your left, follow them all the way around to where the rocks lowered into the water, look for a tree trunk sticking up out of the water, and collide with it (ONCE).

112. – Mystery maze Trunk Switch 2.

Enter the log maze where the log lowered into the water, after you collided with tree trunk switch one, and look for another tree trunk switch, it’s below a small overhanging rock. Collide with this 2nd trunk switch.

113. – Negotiate Log Maze.

In the Log maze, try to find where the log sunk after you hit the second tree trunk switch. Go through that sunken log opening and follow the path made with logs, around to the next progress point.

Thought Bubble:- “Spiky plants here I come!”

114. – DonΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t Hit the Bogus Rock Switch.

DonΓÇÖt collide with the rock group switch after the log maze (first group on the right after progress point), this will block your way.

If you accidentally trigger this switch, you need to trigger it a second time, to un-block your way.

115. – Follow the cycad plants through the rocky maze, to Rainbow Falls.

To find your way through the rocky maze, follow the cycad plants. Cycads are the small spiky plants, they will lead the way to Rainbow Falls.

Build a rainbow, then exit level.

Thought Bubble:- “Rainbow Falls? Where’s the rainbow.”

116. – Build a RainBow.

Activate the coloured trunk switches, in the correct sequence to build a rainbow. You must build the rainbow without hitting a bogus switch, getting stuck, or hitting a coloured switch out of sequence. Good luck with that!

The correct sequence to activate the switches is Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.

REMINDER PHRASE – Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain. Remember the rear of your kayak can hit switches also so be careful.

The more you fail the easier it gets, be patient and keep trying. Each time you hit a bogus switch, mid sequence, it will disappear for ever, to make the puzzle easier next time.

Thought Bubble:- “Gurgler, here I come!”

117. – Go to end of Rainbow.

Is there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Go and find out, go to the end of the rainbow under the waterfall.

Level 7 – Lotsa Diamonds

General Hints

– Awesome, you made it to the last level. When you leave the caves entrance, you can also swipe up and down a little, however, it’s not really necessary to complete the game.

– You will need to think like, Indiana Jones, Crocodile Dundee, Arnie, John McClane, or plain old Jamie Blonde, if you expect to find the lost diamonds!

– To go down a tunnel, tap in the center of the tunnel in the distance, not on the immediate floor. You may need some form of illumination, in some tunnels.

Find the lighter, light some torches, and get a plank.

Thought Bubble:- “I really need to brighten this place up a bit!”

118. – Get the lighter.

From the ‘Cave Entrance’, turn around, and walk straight into the dark cave. Walk all the way to the end of the dimly lit tunnel to ‘Intersection Three Safe’.

At ‘Intersection Three Safe’, wait for the croc to walk past and step into the path that it walked along, ie. ‘Intersection Three Danger’. Turn around so you are facing back down the main tunnel, look up and you will see a shiny object, grab it.

119. – Light first Torch, at intersection 1.

Go to ‘Intersection One’, and use the lighter. First select the lighter, then tap on the central lighter to light it. Have a look around, you should find an old timber torch.

With your lighter selected and burning light the torch.

120. – Light Torch in Bat Cave.

From ‘Intersection One’, walk down the dark tunnel where there is a torch at the entrance, use your lighter to look around, and light any torches you find.

From the ‘Bat Cave Entrance’, walk into the ‘Bat Cave’. Use your lighter to light the torch in the center of the ‘Bat Cave’.

Thought Bubble:- “To the Bat Cave. I’ve always wanted to say that for some reason.”

121. – Get the plank in the bat cave.

At the ‘Bat Cave’, look at the base of the cave wall, opposite the brown glowing fungi, for a plank of wood, it’s behind a large boulder. Get it!

Thought Bubble:- “I really need to brighten this place up a bit More!”

122. – Light intersection Two Torch.

In the main cave tunnel, go to ‘Intersection Two’. Light the torch in the side tunnel.

123. – Light intersection Four Torch.

Go down the side tunnel at ‘Intersection Two’, and light the torch at ‘Intersection FourΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗.

124. – Light the Torch At the timber door to the Store room.

Go down the side tunnel at ‘Intersection Four’, and light the torch at the Timber Door Way.

Get the blow gun bits and pieces.

Thought Bubble:- Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║Open sesame, comes to mind, but I don’t think it’s going to help!”

125. – Open Store Room.

At the ‘Timber Door’, use your plank of wood on it, 4 times to open it.

Thought Bubble:- “Time to do some scrounging.”

126. – Enter Store Room and light candle.

Light your lighter, and enter the Store Room, via the timber door way, once inside, use your lighter to light the ‘glow in the dark’ candle.

127. – Get the spikes from the store room.

In the ‘Store Room’, you will notice a wooden crate with a smaller timber box on top of it. Open the small box, and take the spikes.

128. – Get the Hollow Tube from the Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£ΓöÉIntersection OneΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗.

At ‘Intersection One’, look for a hollow tube. Use the lighter for extra illumination.

The hollow tubing is leaning against the left hand support post, when looking back towards the stream.

Get at least 3 bats, and feed them to croc.

Thought Bubble:- “I wonder if it’s possible to console the wild beast?”

129. – Shoot at least 3 bats with spikes.

Use the spikes or hollow tube, on the bats in the Bat Cave, don’t forget to account for gravity and speed.

If you’re having trouble shooting the bats, aim in an area where they cluster, or where they hover momentarily.

Don’t forget to pick up the bats you kill. You need a total of 3 dead bats.

130. – Feed 3 bats to the crocodile.

Go to ‘Intersection Three Safe’ and feed the crocodile 3 dead bats. First select the dead bat, then tap on the crocs head.

Ride the croc and pick a mushroom.

Thought Bubble:- “I can’t believe I’m even considering this crazy idea!”

131. – Now the crocodile is your friend, you need to go for a ride on his back.

Tap on the crocs main body, behind its head, not its tail, and you can go for a ride.

Thought Bubble:- “Yeeee Haaaa, this is fun, however I don’t think I’m here to enjoy myself!”

132. – Get Blue Mushie, whilst riding Croc.

When the croc stops to lunge at the blue mushroom, you need to get it yourself, by tapping on it with the Jamie icon selected.

Thought Bubble:- “Yeeee Ouuch! I’m getting a bit saddle sore now.”

133. – Dismount the Croc after got Blue Mushie.

In the area, where you mounted the crock, tap the Jamie icon, down the main cave tunnel, to dismount the croc.

Feed mushroom to croc.

Thought Bubble:- “Crocodiles eat bats . . . Who would have thought?”

134. – Feed Blue Mushroom to Crocodile.

With the blue mushroom selected, tap it on the crocodiles head as it comes past ΓÇÿIntersection Three SafeΓÇÖ.

Thought Bubble:- “Might catch a few Zeds, after that rodeo ride.” (While waiting for croc to fall asleep.)

Enter crocs den, get plank, and open Lava Door using remote torch switch.

Thought Bubble:- “Geez that Croc is making a racket, down in his den.” (Crock now asleep.)

135. – Wait for crock to fall asleep and enter his Den.

You need to wait for the crocodile to fall asleep, before entering his den.

Once the crocodile is asleep, you can enter his den from ‘Intersection Two or Intersection Three Danger’.

136. – Get plank from crocks den.

At ‘Crocodile Den East’, look for a plank of wood, your lighter may help.

137. – Use Boulder door switch, Once.

At ‘Crocodile Den WestΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗, there is a short object that looks like an old flammable torch, use it, it’s actually a lever switch.

Cross lava to block puzzle area.

Thought Bubble:- “If it’s the last thing I do today, I’m going to have a sauna.”

138. – Get Plank from Store Room.

At the ‘Store Room’ (Turn Right before the newly exposed Lava), get the plank of wood, itΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s leaning against a crate.

139. – Cross the Lava to Rock Platform One.

At the ‘Lava Start’ location, use a plank, on the nearest clump of rock, out in the lava, to form a bridge.

Cross the plank bridge by taping on the rock island, you just made the bridge to.

Repeat this procedure several times to cross to ΓÇÿRock Platform OneΓÇÖ.

Complete the block puzzle and find the diamonds!

Thought Bubble:- “I can smell success! Or is it the sulfur fumes from the Lava? Or am I just scared?”

140. – Do Block puzzle.

Use the Jamie icon on the strange square shapes out in the lava, So you have an overhead view.

You need to manipulate the blocks, to form a continuous path across the lava. Tap on the large left hand rock platform if you want to exit the puzzle. NOTE: The puzzle will exit automatically once complete.

Counting from when the row of blocks start to rotate clockwise. The top rows correct rotation is 1 increment CW, ie. 90 degrees from the reverse point.

Counting from when the row of blocks start to rotate clockwise. The 2nd row downs correct rotation is 3 increments CW, ie. 270 degrees from reverse point.

Counting from when the row of blocks start to rotate clockwise. The 3rd row downs correct rotation is 3 increments CW, ie. 270 degrees from reverse point.

Counting from when the row of blocks start to rotate clockwise. The bottom rows correct rotation is 2 increments CW, ie. 180 degrees from reverse point.

141. – Cross last bit of Lava, then complete game.

After completing the Block puzzle, if you have no planks left, you need to go back via the block path you just made, and get the last plank you placed.

After getting a plank, re-cross the completed block puzzle.

Place a plank across the last gap, to the tunnel you havenΓÇÖt been down yet.

What are you waiting for, tap inside the tunnel that you haven’t been down yet.

Tap on Exit button, to log the game completion.

Awesome Job, You Found The Lost Diamonds.

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