Oquonie: The Nastazie Biblioteca: Walkthrough Guide

By: David Mondou-Labbe

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This is a walkthrough guide for the new Oquonie DLC content update called The Nastazie Biblioteca.

If you haven’t played Oquonie before, first play through the original game and become a fish. If you need help, try my Oquonie Walkthrough Guide.

Once you’re a fish, find the fluffy creature and he’ll teleport you to this new guy, who’ll turn you back into a dinosaur.



Next, turn into a humanoid.


Go through the newly-opened door and collect the bird/chicken token.



Become a bird/chicken:



Go through the newly-opened door and collect the rabbit token:



Become a rabbit:



Now, find all three tokens for the new guy. Not sure what he is. Maybe a dog? You’ll turn into a cat, though.





Head through the newly-opened door and there’s a new obelisk here.


The obelisk teleports you back to the beginning.


Enter the bird/chicken’s domain and find the newly-opened door. You can now speak to this alien.



The end! (For now?)

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  1. Lik

    Hi, I’m in front of the alien 😀 Just wondering, is there any chance this LO KI VA means something? Like that we should have 3 tokens, 1 with its name (but what is it really?) starting with letters “Lo”, etc?
    I’m just sad the game is finished, I loved it!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I asked the developer and he said this is the end. 🙁

      1. Lik

        Ok, thanks! 🙂

  2. Walker

    Hey there! Nice walk-through guide! Thank you.
    But I found what the alien said: “Lo Ki Va” means “We Kill You”… Yeah, that’s right, that means it. Think by yourself, it’s just aliens accent sound a little bit weird, but who knew they speak English: VeKiLo… Aliens pronunciation, reminds me a Chinese one.
    Take care guys, wish you the best 😉

    1. Keegan

      Actually, “Lo Ki Va” can be turned into “Lo Que Va”. The developers seem to have wanted to keep it simple by only using two letters for each ‘word’. “Lo Que Va” is Spanish for “So Far”. Also, I don’t believe that this is the ending point. After the cats appear, you collect cat tokens to become the catfish. The last cat token you get is in the rabbit’s main area. At the spot that you get the last cat token, there is a closed curtain covering an opening. Once you become the catfish, the curtain disappears. However, the catfish cannot fit through. So, at this ‘ending point’ in the game, that particular opening has yet to be explored.

  3. popcultist

    hey, how did you get the door to the chichen’s world to open? the door is closed for me. i’m currently in the neutral ground

    1. BSoD

      Be the chicken, and then the door of the alien is open now.

  4. Passionful

    I canΓÇÖt enter last birdΓÇÖs domein while im cat(maybe a dog?)
    ItΓÇÖs a glitch??

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