Sounds from Outer Space: Walkthrough

Sounds from Outer Space (Planet Groove)
By: Mark Quick (9th Impact & ToonTaun)

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1. Open the trash can and look inside to get the fuse.


2. The lights go on. Head through the door. You’ll trip on something. Go back and you’ll get a briefcase, which will act as your inventory.


3. There was a notepad in the briefcase that will work as your journal.


4. Go back to before you tripped on the briefcase. For some reason there’s now a note on the beam that wasn’t there before.



5. Find the recreation room and take the pink screwdriver.



6. Go back to where you found the briefcase and zoom in on the fuse box next to the light switch. You need to use the screwdriver to unscrew the screws. There’s a trick to them, though. Notice the letters on the screwdriver, SN, made up of eight dashes. Now spell those letters out using the screws, going from the upper left-hand corner and going clockwise. The photo below should help.






7. Place the fuse into the fuse box and turn on the lights.



8. Go to the boiler room and eat all the chocolates. Lift up the tray to get a strange key. And…that seems to be it for now?





If you’re looking for a more complete adventure game, you might like Hellraid: The Escape.

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  1. Phyllis

    So stuck on this game. Please tell me how in the heck to get the fuse into the @#$%&*! fuse box! I’m playing on a Nook HD plus. Any help you can give will be GREATLY APPRECIATED.
    BTW, game is SFOS

  2. Phyllis

    Sorry I’m an idiot. Got it, thanks 4 the help!

  3. ashlie

    Well i still dont have it im stuck on the fuse box…Help Please

  4. Ted

    The pic actually shows the correct combination!! I got it – awesome game, I love how they don’t simplify this to cater to the lowest common denominator like most apps.

  5. Sheogorath

    Now spell those letters out using the screws, going from the upper left-hand corner and going clockwise. The photo below should help.
    Thanks for the above ‘solution’, shame it doesn’t actually help. You wanna go a bit more step by step?

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