Star House 2: Walkthrough

Star House 2

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I didn’t realize the game isn’t in English. I’ll try my best, but if anyone can help, please share in the comments section.

1. Turn left. Zoom in on the globe and turn to the back. There’s a scroll of paper in the hole. Open it to get a green gem and notice the clues on the scroll.





2. Take the wire from above this painting:




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    Thanks for starting a spot for game. My problem is when I flip over my globe it’s only showing a hole and nothing in it. Is there something I need to do before trying to get paper out? Thxs..

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    I hope someone is playing that can help more. There’s no help in English anywhere. Okay,
    There’s 4 stones: first one is inside paper in globe once u flip it, get wire from picture and go to white desk,the wire should open both drawers and there’s a stone in each of these, go to clock and on top is another box with stone. I don’t know how I got a handle.But, I kept tapping the red buttons on the eagle in the order of: Left,Right,Right,Left,Right and it opens. ( Ive got no ideal what the colored letters mean in boxes and paper). Then go to chest where globe is and keep tapping on the top left drawer and there’s a spot to put all stones. I don’t know what code is. I’ve spent hours on it. Guess I’ll have to copy the Japanese that pops up and try to get the Japanese alphabet from the web to try and figure what is said. Any help is appreciated. The companys Ethnix website is useless. Thanks….

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